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Title: All Boarding for 'The NEO-GULAG'S RED COWS'. Aftermath of Putin self-appointment
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on March 05, 2012, 04:30:18 pm
For those of you neither young nor old enough to remember the Gulag Archipelago, or who haven't yet embarked on a read of Solzhenitsyn's aptly Named Gulag Trilogy:


The 'RED COWS'   were the railstock converted freight-cars converted to transport Political prisoners from the Butyriki (Moscow Central Prison) on their 1st leg of the arduous multi-thousand Km Journey venturing through the Frozen Russian Steppe, out to Siberia ...


The "Red Cow" comes from the fact that these Prisoner Transports were in actuality converted cattle wagon rolling-stock. Red in color. Appropriately disguising the 58's (Political Prisoners) and others from the curiosity of natives as they trundled endlessly on, traversing Russian Towns and Villages throughout day and night.


I can think of a couple of Red Cows of a 'different colour', and which have not wheels but are in fact Bi-Peds; but that's another story.

Meanwhile back here in the Future, and all is being fulfilled exactly as I'd expect in a Political world run by Militarist Mobsters, and Paranoid Lunatics on what the see as an endless march to a place where they will be forever recorded in the Archives of History and a Record of 21C National Sacrifices, in the name of a fanciful 'Brave New World Order'.

We need a new name for the NWO now. It's been in use for 50 Years anyway.