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Title: Establishment Agencies, Government found Co-opting Lexicon of the Truth-Movement
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on March 05, 2012, 10:20:15 am
IMHO, here's another example of the Mainstream using occasional references to the lexicon of modern Politique whilst focussing the broad strokes of the subject towards a Chinese Style Revolution in Culture, away from what we are used to. By using the stereotype that all fat or diabetic people are that way because of thier unhealthy lifestyle the program expounds on a return to growing your own.

However, we know that in the States, not only are Taxes being slammed on those that do grow organic back yards, but that these are also being labelled as 'potential terrorists', because of their attempt to act independantly outside of Federal Controlled 'Black Propaganda' Paradigms.

 In the BBC's "Food Programme" this week, the subject is How the Middle-Classes, whether those arising in China or those formerly existant in the West have been behind fueling National BAD DIET tendencies. - I'll provide a downloadable rip later on.

Industrialisation is presented ultimately IMO as the inevitable destructor of traditional Ways of food preparation and sourcing. Always an element of truth expanded out to the ridiculous. It is well known that it is the 'better-off' or 'well-to-do' in Britain who have fuelled the Organic and Natural/Traditional Food movements during the last couple decades. So why the change in tack.

Are they preparing us for further regulation and mandatory CHINESE styleised Dietary controls to go along with a push towards a compromise with Population Matters' (http://' type Extremists, who want a '1-child family' CHINESE STYLE control political Paradigm to push Westwards, 'Sooner rather than Later'.?
'Sheila Dillon and author Michael Pollan on the shifting sands of our global diet.'

There may be truth in it for sure, but doesn't this programme pave the way to incrementally accustomising the listerners to the emergence inevitably and finally of a FEUDALISTIC SOCIETY with more and more people opting to become, as I ONCE DID, MISTAKENLY, - A VOLUNTARY PEASANT!?

But what will come with this Globalisation of ALL CULTURE? All actual alternatives not rendered into state mandated control Paradigms will be viewed in a dim light. In a few years, wanting to cook a pot-noodle will probably be considered a radical alternate activity, indicitive of people who insist on working long-hours instead of sitting around the communal lunchen table talking about the 'Great Guru, our Leader, and his/her Teachings'

Simplistic No!? You said it first, not me. I only suggested it.