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Title: Madonna 'Strikes a Pose' in Self-Pleasuring Act as Baphomet (Satan) at Superbowl
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on February 08, 2012, 11:20:04 am
Madonna at Mid-Game festivities, - SuperBowl 2012.


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You might ask yourself, is she just taking the Mick out of a Nation hooked on Gladiatorial war-mongering, and slyly suggesting that 'They' (the crowd) are all witnessing her personal take on their addiction to Satan inspired Values, of this modern world system? Or does she know full-well that 80% of that forcibly fluoridated (via water supply) American Audience have a reduced resistance or resilience against Gullibility and suggestion and have absolutely NO IDEA even, what it is she is trying to represent or actually symbolising?

  In which most likely case she is openly (as many powerful, influential folk do) celebrating the power of the dark side, in her daily life and re-assuring those who do understand the symbolism, that she is more and more invested with this 'Harmless' Imagery and token Satanic Role-Playing, as if it can be of no harm to her younger audience ....!!!!

How Ignorant and stupid of the Big Music Company and Record Label which promote this crud!

Whilst I wonder - if she has some servant to wipe her Arse.