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Title: The Scientific World Commune needs to unite against 'Team Loser' & AGW/CC Fraud.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on February 07, 2012, 03:07:58 pm

Most people who back AGW/CC from the tax-payers side of the fence are those who have already made some public self-sacrificial gesture such as Vasectomy in the Male or Tubal Ligation in the woman.

They hate their flesh and their pains, and low intellect and frequently ZERO % Scientific Knowledge means that they will gladly tow the coat-tails of any lying psychopath in a white coat who suggests that all human life is, because of some observed behaviour, nowt more than a bacterium.

Well, you, we, scientists and scientific minds need to get together and stay together. Don't associate with 'Team Loser'; keep your credetentials clean, and remember 'Time is Opportunity'.

But remember, the stoolpigeon Public have had their brains sanitised by the Nations' favourites such as 'Britains' Got Talent' and 'X-Factor'.  In the average public mind now, they get to judge eachother on the behaviour gleaned from watching the judges pick winners and losers from these 'Reality Shows'. (I don't have a tv by the way).

You have to understand that politicians know they can pull the wool over, when 80++% of the British Public are apparently Genetically Pre-destined to gormless stupidity and hopeless haughty unpleasantness. We scientists, and scientific and analytical minds have to realize these realities and take the war seriously. In any army the majority of combatants are mindless peon self-sacrificers who gallantly take up the sword for any pointless cause.