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Title: The 'Day of Judgement'! Might it be a Biblical metaphor for timeline correction?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on February 06, 2012, 01:32:59 pm
For those of you who can't compromise to believing in Global Gaia Socialism or Babylonian Capitalism as your personal/community Saviour or redeemer I have this 'thought experience'.

The Revelation of the Bible predicts that's millions of people will die at Armaggeddon. But is this really what will happen? That only feeds into a synopsis for Globalists to promote WWIII scenarios. What hope is there really for a ridding of these truly wicked people from life?

We are on a timeline, right. Time is linear, it can be compared to a straight line, unless distorted by some super giant blackhole or so-forth. We don't have that scenario. So, what do we have?

Could the Garden of Eden myth or metaphor mean a corruption or deviation from that timeline. And if the broken timeline should be corrected bringing us back to the point where the deviation took place, what will happen? At the point of intersection with the point of origin where things went wrong all the symptoms of that timeline corruption or deviation will disappear in an instant.

What does the Bible says: It says "The Heavens will dissappear with a hissing noise".
More exactly, to quote:

"But Jehovah's Day will come as a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a hissing sound, but the elements being intensely hot will be disolved, and earth and the works in it will be discovered"
2 Peter 3:10.

Just a couple books before Revelation, at the end of the book.

All very scientific sounding but without any clear, straight-forward rational or normal scientific comparison that we now of.

In the Bible, 'The Heavens' in Hebrew is considered to mean not only the religious capricious bigots of this Babylonian Belief system but of course it could apply equally to any alternate false belief system like Gaia, AGW/CC etc. This Gaia and AGW/CC fake doctrine of mass hypnotic deception has become a cult religion or Babylonian (confusion) belief system with myriads of violent zealous adhererents and postulates, calling for the eradication of God's wonderous hight of creation - mankind. Because they have it in their genetics to behave this way to one-another and when under a little pressure or encouragement are glad to perform like monkeys for their trainers, they are wicked, because it is their compulsion to behave this way. It's their base animal instict.

What would happen if the atoms of their bodies ceased to exist over the space of a few seconds or maybe minutes ... however timeline corrections interact. Would there be a 'Hissing Sound'?(See 'Temporal Mechanics')

Maybe you'll all just go 'POP'.

Neat, eh!? I don't really like thrillers; or bloodshed in the streets.

Let's play out with the fairest goodbye of all ... (

"Bye-bye everyone, Bye-Bye" Harry H Corbett & Sooty.

Title: Re: The 'Day of Judgement'! Might it be a Biblical metaphor for timeline correction?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on February 08, 2012, 06:10:42 am
This would and 'can' explain why an estimated 80++% of our human population have absolutely no concept of importance of life, since they know compulsively and instinctively that they are 'doomed-to-oblivion', - and they know this by genetic inheritence, a sort of unconscious awareness.

Hence the need for a World Government to postulate that 80++% of the World's populus are ready for eradication like a virus would ideally be. But that's all no more than predatory Chest Thumping antics; for these people, if this theory of Timeline correction were anywhere near accurate, would mean that wicked and evil people, indeed Genetically Predisposed predatory types will just disappear in the twinkling of a superior being's eye.

I can hardly hold my anticipation down.