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Title: Let's all drink to the Death of A Clown. Wayne's World Author & Blogger Suicides
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on December 28, 2011, 07:23:07 am
Survival is about how to overcome all problems associated with the supposed coming totally tyranny. If your job is staff writer, or journalist, which by your low-level compulsions you are driven to pursue; then turning a leary-eye to the misfortunes of your fellow man, and transcending your own anxieties for the future, may not be such an easy task, as one well known 'All American' Saturday-Night-Live script-writer and 'political' blogger proved this last Friday.

Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL) writer Joe Bodolai was found dead Monday afternoon in a cheap Los Angeles Hotel room, and police have thus far ruled the death to be suicide after finding a bottle of Gatorade and a bottle of anti-freeze close to his body.

Bodolai, 63, wrote for SNL from 1981 to 1982 and co-wrote the first draft of the 1992 comedy “Wayne's World” with Mike Meyers. Bodolai also enjoyed a lucrative career as a producer for the Canadian sketch comedy show “Kids in the Hall” as well as for “Comics,” a stand-up comedy venue for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, Three days before his body was discovered… Bodolai laid out his life story, his regrets and his successes in a lengthy post on his blog…”


The article goes on to say that in addition to admitting to a long bout with alcoholism, Bodolai also expressed “an inability to cope with the doom-and-gloom vision of the future he saw for the coming year, including war with Iran and fascism and martial law in America.”

A variety of news outlets have covered the story; including TMZ, the Huffington Post and the Wall Street Journal. Only the Mail has touched on the conspiratorial aspects of Bodolai’s final post, but none have mentioned that Bodolai also had strong words against the state of Israel, made it clear that he did not buy the government’s version of 9-11, and was a fan of Mike Rivero’s “What Really” (One of the few links he provides on his blog)

In a December 23 post on his blog “Say It Ain’t So, Joe,” Bodolai has a piece titled “If this were your last day alive what would you do?”

Under the heading “Things I Think Will Happen Next Year” he writes, “More wars for Israel, our rulers. Probably Syria soon.”

Bodolai follows that up with another prediction: “War with Iran (!) for Israel may trigger WW3 conflict with Russia.”

From his blog:

Things I Think Will Happen Next Year
Sales of Mayan Calendars up  for 2012, drop for 2013.
Martial Law in the USA, first probably in Louisiana
Depression greater than that of the 30’S
More wars for Israel, our rulers. Probably Syria soon.
War with Iran (!) for Israel may trigger WW3 conflict with Russia
World Supply of Band Names will run out
Americans will go along with this, but resisters will be FEMA camped.
America the one I loved, the one my dad fought for on Omaha Beach on D-DAY, the man who helped take out the machine guns on the cliff, won’t be alive to see young men wearing uniforms and BE the enemy he fought.
Fascism will be America. It already is. Simple definition: When government rules over corporations, that’s socialism. When corporations use government that, my friends, is fascism.
Foreign troops may likely be used in popular insurrections.
Snooki will have another “book”.

Stuff I Would Like to Have Seen In My Life
Truth about 9-11. THREE buildings went down that day. Building 7 wasn’t even hit.
Indians winning a World Series (OK, not so bad since my Jays won two in a row!)
Browns winning a Super Bowl
Truth about the JFK murder
Young people mobilizing for change instead of watching E!
USA not being Israel’s puppet bully.
An American awards show being half as good as mine. Or, basically, getting a chance here. I can run a show. I can create a show.
All those new girls I like naked liking me as much as I liked them
Living in Paris or New York again

Title: Re: Let's all drink to the Death of A Clown. Wayne's World Author & Blogger Suicides
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on December 28, 2011, 10:35:26 am
So, if I were a Government statistition, how might I regard this interesting report? I have no idea, because the mindset of people working in government is cynicism², Yes, Cynicism Squared.

But clearly those with alcohol weakened minds, are the first to go admit that they are willing to take themselves over the abyss, rather than have the boggey-man of 2012 do it all for him, in a FEMA camp for instance.

A Cynical Establishment won't do anything to prevent the apocalyptic scenario being painted. And there are those who manipulate every situation to their advantage. So, put the two phenomena together and however you look at it, you have a dire need for some actual 'Good-News'.

In other words; there are many false prophets about to emerge from the Woodwork, just as they did in the '70's.

And yes, what you are going to HAVE TO DO, no matter what happens, "Next", is Grow-up and stop racing out of the start-gate like a psychotic horse heading round a series of bends knowing full well that it's next stop, if it continues the course, is to enter a burning stable, at the far end of the race-course. The stable was ignited when the horse was already racing, I suspose, in this example.

You have to develop a 'skills-set' that helps you understand that humans have to evolve beyond the phase of being affeared, perpetually of others with a strong predisposition for predation, on others. You need to develop a skillset that allows you to see beyond the cooked-up immediate disaster, which is usually orchestrated by criminals, alcoholics, and powerfully hypnotic characters.... To have a vision, and to stick to it, and stop allowing yourself to become the victim of mere fools and idiots.