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Title: Fascist State BMA want to ban all smoking in cars, but can't admit PTSD exists.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on November 16, 2011, 06:52:56 am

"Smoking in cars should be banned to protect children and other passengers from the effects of passive smoking, the British Medical Association (BMA) urged on Wednesday.

The concentration of toxins in a smoke-filled car is 23 times that of a bar, according to the BMA. Children are most at risk from secondhand smoke in vehicles, the organisation said, as their immune systems are less well developed and they and are less able to refuse to travel in a car with a smoker. Old people and people with respiratory difficulties are also at high risk.

"Every year in England there are over 80,000 deaths that are caused by smoking. This figure increases to a shocking 6m worldwide," Vivienne Nathanson, director of professional activities at the BMA said in a statement on Wednesday

UK's BMA are balloting all UK regional Governments to impose a total ban on smoking in private vehicles, even when you're on your own in that vehicle ..... infact primarily that, because many people won't smoke with family members already in a car .. It's another step of EURO legislation imposed by Federal Fortress Europe by the intermediary of the Medical organisation who until a couple years ago couldn't even admit the existance of PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, not even in soldiers returned from both Gulf Wars.

Welcome to your Future. Soon, they will be fitting smoke detectors in your front room, all rigged up to a quick-alert system, just as they do for vulnerable people who can't look after themselves....

Yesterday there was a synchronised BBC Radio England and Radio Scotland attack on motorists driving short distances to work instead of getting 'on their bike'. The very next day this news release follows.

Full Spectrum Dominance is on the way. And the Robotised, centrally computer controlled car. Like in the Sci-Fi movies, because these people can't help themselves ...