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Title: Bombardier Bemoan Loss of Thames-Link contract to Siemens.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on August 02, 2011, 02:46:59 am
Bombardier, the Canadian centric firm, manufacturer of Aircraft and Rolling-stock have been kicking up the News-room dust pile for weeks now as they slowly progressed their indefatigable way to losing the UK Thames-Link rail contract to German competitor Siemens.

German company Siemens won 1.4billion Thameslink deal without crucial tests

Interestingly, Bombardier is the company who in my mind are somewhat responsible for the gross negligence that may have led to a Bombardier made Q-400 ( Continental Airlines deregulated sub-contract regional airliner, to come tumbling out of the skies on Friday 13th UK time, in February 2009; namely flight COLGAN 3407.

The official Explanation of course is that the plane was brought down by Pilot error and very slight icing.
Sorry, but it seems that my errant, sinful nature means that I still don't completely buy that story and I still suspect the real cause of the flight's fall was a 'Killswitch' styled operation, for want of a better handle.

Now, in all fairness, the grief caused by the loss of 52 lives, including that of the world's leading Rwandan Genocide investigator and outstanding 9/11-Activist and WTC widow Beverly Eckert is barely displaced by the loss of a local Train Link contract to a German Competitor, ... but is it a start?

And like anyone who's conveniently lost a job contract, this leaves Bombardier workers nicely embittered.

But the power of airline markets does not bow to the value of human life or it's loss. As a 1990's study revealed, a single life lost on a plane costs barely a Million pounds, as it was then, and it takes (at 1990's figures) at least 20M of lost lives and hence reputational damage to an airline manufacturing company before they consider reviewing safety v human life trade-offs.

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