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Title: CRUDE OIL drops US $212 to less than $106 Barrel. But will NOT REFLECT at PUMPS!
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on May 07, 2011, 07:36:25 am
A CARBON TERRORIST > YES YOU HAVE. You are not going to get cheaper prices, and this should serve if the PREDATOR has it right to enflame your radicalisation, as such.

"The cost of filling up your petrol tank in New Zealand looks set to start falling as early as next week.

The price of crude oil dropped dramatically in the last 24 hours and in actual dollars was one of the biggest one-day dives in history.

Reuters described oil as collapsing into free-fall, diving more than 10% and sending US crude back under $US100 a barrel.  It has been above the $100 mark since March."

But despair not: - People of all ages and leanings are affected by this.


An old lady of about 70 years approached me at the bacon shelves in the Supermarket yesterday and gave me this figures. She announced 'Some Good News'.

I didn't hear about it anywhere else!!!!!!!!!!!

But I kept a straight face and replied:
"Excuse My Incredulity, but I shall have to defer until I see it reflected at the fuel pumps".

Send in the Adolescent Green Police in the Brownshirts.

Title: Re: CRUDE OIL drops US $212 to less than $106 Barrel. But will NOT REFLECT at PUMPS!
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on May 09, 2011, 10:11:02 am

According to the Green Liberals and Transhumanist Twerps at Guardian Newspapers, what I say is true.


Well, it might as well be the headline ...

"Britons should be braced for higher energy bills this winter after Centrica warned that wholesale gas and electricity prices have risen by a quarter compared with last year.

Centrica blamed the ongoing unrest in the Middle East and the Fukushima nuclear crisis following March's earthquake and tsunami in Japan for pushing up the cost of power. Domestic bills, the energy giant said, do not yet reflect this.

And see how the anti-human, wanna be Anti-Industrialist Retards are repeating the Mantras and projections of the energy and Carbon-Tax Barons:

"In the UK, the forward wholesale prices of gas and power for delivery in winter 2011/12 are currently around 25% higher than prices last winter, with end-user prices yet to reflect this higher wholesale market price environment," said Centrica, which owns British Gas, on Monday morning.

Oil prices had soared earlier this year, with the cost of a barrel of Brent crude hitting $127 in April, compared with just $85 a year ago. Prices did fall back slightly last week, though, as the commodities boom faltered. On Monday, Brent crude was trading at $111 a barrel

Actually Oil was at $212 a barrel before it fell ...

So the MSM make it seem less serious a dip, less serious an issue and just keep on spinning that Carbon-Campers Lie. Because the Big Lie is Big enough for us all. Because we are guilty of Carbon Terrorism against their beautiful Green Nuclear Renewables Future ...

.. And because all those in the Offices of Media, Policy and Propaganda are completely, irredeemably, irretrievably: