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Title: Video: Proof Obama Birth Certificate a Fraud
Post by: Optimus on April 28, 2011, 09:49:59 am
Video: Proof Obama Birth Certificate a Fraud
April 28, 2011

Closer inspection of the document has prompted more questions than answers. Also see our reports: Does Obama Birth Certificate Number Prove Forgery? and New Obama Birth Certificate is a Forgery.

President Obama's Birth Certificate PDF has "Layers"

Title: Re: Video: Proof Obama Birth Certificate a Fraud
Post by: Optimus on April 28, 2011, 10:14:27 am
Proof Obama's 4/27/11 "Long Form Certificate of Birth" is Forged!

Title: Re: Video: Proof Obama Birth Certificate a Fraud
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on May 02, 2011, 06:43:16 am

You have got to be pulling my chain.

Do you not really think that the designers of this document would have thought about NOT LEAVING the most BASIC ADOBE placement and Comments Boxes and BOUNDARY BOXES on the God-damned thing?

Have you never used an old, used or hacked copy of an ADOBE product and learned how to place text objects around a document? Or are you already proudly admitting in public your ReBorn Computer Illiteracy? It does not require a university education to learn to use the basic features of these software packages. Just some patience, and a little FOCUS.

Do you not know how easy it is to untick a box, and visually hide borders and boudary/placement boxes etc.

Do you NEED ALEX JONES to announce that this is a major technological revelation that only Gross Human Negligence on the part of highly Genned up IT boffins could have produced?

Try Adobe Professional (a .pdf compiler, editor & publishing package) with which you can create .pdf's from webpages, whole websites, import from other formats, add images, create indexes automatically as per industry .pdf's and a host of advanced and standard editing function. You can get the jist of this $400 package in half-an-hour by suck and see experimentation. Easy-Pees.

Do you need a Brain Transplant? Because the Gorilloids will be queuing up around the Hospital Backdoor to volunteer their services, soon enough, as part of 'A big Society' initiative within the NHS and ObamaCare.
Soon enough Imbeciles. Jeez!

It was meant to perpetuate the SCANDAL whilst and during the Preparation for the Release of the OSAMA BIN-LADEN SUNK & LOST AT SEA headliner.

  DEAR poor Imbecilic Reader,
   'You need to believe this story too ...'

Come on People! I'm really surprised you don't question the fake evidence. IT'S BASIC CLASSIC CIA ops. Just check your history.

YOU Are in the 1970's (except you weren't alive then) And You ENJOY being duped. It's like a DRUG. A QUICK CIA imported HIGH.

"LOOK man! We got the evidence. They left WATERMARKS MAN! Wow Man." And check me out Man! Don't  I look really cool and sort of University Radical in this pony-tail!?

You are so ****ing Dumb, if you believe this. You have got to do some soul-searching. What's the latest theory: the designers of the document had an insider who wanted to let the world know the latest BIRTHER CERTIFICATE is a fake, by him surreptitiously sneaking back into the office, late one night and UN-TICKING the 'Remove' Borders and Boundary markers, tick-box.

YOU ARE ENCOURAGING DANGEROUS, backward and stupid people to think that what they do is right if you believe this Dubious, to say the least, story.

Title: Re: Video: Proof Obama Birth Certificate a Fraud
Post by: Amazon on May 02, 2011, 02:58:50 pm
So Junta,

What is your honest take on this evidence ?