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Title: Eugenics practice or Coincidence Theory?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on April 22, 2011, 04:14:23 pm
I'm going to put this accurate and true data in my coming Autobiography but it's about Eugenicide in my Family. Oh! More Gibberish and Paranoia?! Let's see:

Part the 1st: All events on the Female (that's the breeding side) of my family in the 20C.

1) Auntie No1, (Father's sister) from very much middle-class background, develops full paralysis from Polio. Spends all her life in wheelchair from year she got married aged ~20 to her death in about 1973, aged about 65. Polio is not associated with healthy lifestyle and upbringing.
Married but never gives birth to children because of her ailment and disease.

2) Auntie No2, (Father's sister) allegedly Commits suicide through ingestion of sleeping pill overdose, aged 60 shortly after leaving her job at the ICI Billingham works. (The so-called 'Mond Works', which inspired Huxley to write the classic novel 'Brave New World' wherein Mustapha Mond figures as a character), and where my Aunt later worked ALL HER PROFESSIONAL LIFE. (About 40+ yrs)
Never married, and never has any children.

3) My Mother dies in 1963, aged 45, from Pancreatic Cancer, with massive associated organ failure. Her profession was Industrial Chemist with the Ministry of War, now known as the Ministry of Defence, UK.
Dies when I am six yrs, goes to hospital when I'm 4 yrs. Father Doesn't re-marry. No further Children.

Me only. There are no others. All the Female side of my family died, childless. I am the last in my family line. All Cousins gone, childless to my knowledge.

    So you see the reason for my concern and allegation? Or are you already jagging yourselves off, yelping with delight?

Post Script.
My Father who was a lifelong employee of the Ministry of Defence, who was very kow-towed to his superiors and bound by the Official Secrets Act to silence, regarding his work at the MoD, would occasionally refer to Fascism and Parasites, as an omniprescent threat, either out of his own trauma or inarticulation or as a metaphor for death. It is of little use wondering if my father took his job in Defence to try and allay his concerns of these matters when it is said (whether true or not) that most civil servants' jobs of this type came about through family contacts, rather than the University Education, which he had.

Title: Re: Eugenics practice or Coincidence Theory?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on April 23, 2011, 09:46:52 am
I won't pre-suppose necessarily, but let me summise: Whilst you're off trying to figure out (from your encouragement) what kind of a person these family tradgedies therefore must surely make me; I'd ask you to just imagine for one minute what it actually must be like ...

   Have you ever actually seen the world as another sees it ....?

Title: Re: Eugenics practice or Coincidence Theory?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on April 28, 2011, 07:37:37 am
..Now, my family are @(or were):-( extremely Hard working, (never missing a day that I can even remember, from work). Also traditionally Conservative, upper-working class or lower middle-class (is there a grey area, and who cares?). They were educators at pre-university, Industrial Chemical Industry or Ministry of Defence Managerial staff level or alternatively in my Auntie's case, a dedicated lifetime workaholic ethic driven 'work your way up from the phone-desk' to Senior Transport Manager for the biggest Chemical Plant in the Western World (ICI Billingham).

1) Did overwork kill them? We're told that work is good for us, and I believe it. The harder the better, it does you good, as long as you take a rest. Otherwise - I have serious questions. My family did tend to work long hours. During a period of off-time from the Civil Service, ICI and MoD, my Father owned a small Grocers/Tobacconists shop (his favourite drug, which finally killed him of course), which he ran for about eight years I believe. He met my mother during this time, who had recently retired from her Civil Service Job with the Ministry of War, working in a Sea-Front Pharmaceuticals, like Boots.

Q) But then why were middle-class, otherwise naturally long-lived, youthful looking, lower middle-class (third estate) Parents Aunties and the Rest all 'eugenised' as I hypothesise rather dangerously, even eroneously unless I can prove it?

A) Well, we know fully well that the middle-classes are the buffer between the so-called 'working-classes', and the 2nd and 1st estates of Nobililty, Lairdship and Royalty. Without the buffer it seems, the exploitation of the labouring classes is easier, once their unions, and expectations have been eradicated.

Would this disappearance of Union rights, Job Security and Pensions go hand-in-hand with the disappearance of the middle-class 'shop owning British Public', or will it finally go long after the vanquishing of 'The 3rd estate' as Middle-England  can also be labelled accurately? We're in the process, in this country of finally finding out!

If Mother had not died, my parents would have undoubtedly gone on to have other children, probably two or three as my Father had such a number of siblings, and this was 'The Golden Years' or 'The Baby-Boomer' Post-War years of the mid 1950's.

So, with all that brimming under your hat, think On!

And to prove all this, going back to the first post, I'd add that:
Unlike Obama, I don't have to fake my Birth, Deaths, or Marriage certificates to prove/validate my ascertion/hypothesis.
I have the original Death Certificates.

Title: Re: Eugenics practice or Coincidence Theory?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on May 02, 2011, 05:34:47 am
 ... And have you noticed that the only EXCEPTIONAL people, we are led to believe alive in the world nowadays are POLITICIANS or indeed Corrupt CLIMATE CHANGE PSEUDO - SCIENTISTS? And they pander their message of 'Saving the Planet' to these self-same, self-appointed(sic) Career Politicians, who in turn pander to the Grand European expansionist and Tax-Schedules.

    The excuse of a national 'BRAIN DRAIN' being behind the mass exodus from UK in the 1970's and later because of better tax opt-outs abroad has been bandied for years. But is that the whole story?

  ... Will we ever know? Will we ever dig far enough to find the archaeological evidence?
       Or was the evidence destroyed?

    Well, as if you crabs were interested, and as a matter of standard procedure, when you do your Genealogical research in UK, you will find that all NHS records over 7-years in age, going right back to the 'GOLDEN YEARS' of the fifties, - the paperwork, any microfiche records etc., have during this period all been systematically destroyed. Official reason. Lack of space, lack of Copying Facilities back in the day, and Now the Data Protection Act.

I tried to get the medical records for my Mother, which would give me an idea of the consultants/clinician's prognoses at the time of her admittance, the treatment she underwent and the duration of the Cancer she contracted after working both as a chemist and for the Ministry of War.

The Hospital she was at I enquired with, and The local Health Trust too were helpful in looking but found absolutely De-Nada. All gone. Not even a record of her having ever been there, - Let alone ALIVE.

Now think On!


Title: Re: Eugenics practice or Coincidence Theory?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on May 02, 2011, 12:01:33 pm
... So if you have any genealogy questions, or if you lost a family member to 'natural causes' recently, make sure that you apply for copies of the medical documentation accompanying their caseload within 7-yrs of their death (in hospital, or following their time spent in there).

(this applies in the UK, at least)

Otherwise all documentation regarding your relative, to the best current knowledge I have, will be permanently and irretrievably consigned to the circular file.