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I don't believe in WW3 Political Psy-op Propaganda. It's a 10th Anniversary dupe

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Author Topic: I don't believe in WW3 Political Psy-op Propaganda. It's a 10th Anniversary dupe  (Read 1712 times)
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« on: February 26, 2011, 03:09:52 pm »

Truth be told you'd be surrpised how many undercover Lyrans are keeping Earth out of World War 3.

They don't want nuclear holocausts like there were on Mars and Mercury in the distant past to happen on Earth with WW3.

So no it won't happen no matter how bad the NWO wants it.

Actually I'm wondering which explanation the so-called professional astronomers and astrophysicists (if you now realize how corrupted Climate Scientists were), prefer for the current state MARS is in.

 A nuclear war or being hit by a Boloid, both of which they would deny of course?
 As regards 'The God of War' - namely the Planet Mars, I took to publicising the evidence here.

The flat Northern Hemisphere & Hellas Impact Basin, in the South. Images content ( NASA/MSSS/JPL )

An image map I originally made linking to lots of individual images showing mars detail and panoramas from MGS etc.

[a little of my accompanying text]

"The entire Northern hemisphere of Mars is some 3km below that of the Southern half & its essentially flat topography implies the planet was impacted by a huge meteor or boloid (unagreed time) at the Hellas impact basin. This cataclysm was so huge it shook off the Northern hemisphere to 3km opening a deep fissure, Valles Marineris & gave birth to the giant shield volcanoes like Olympus Mons & Arsia Mons on the opposite side to the impact basin. Olympus Mons overall, is the size of France, whilst Valles Marineris is some 4000Km long and upto 7Km deep! The most appropriate description for this feature is ' a Giant crack stretching 1/4 of the girth of Mars at that latitude.....
Whilst both polar regions are higher than the surrounding land, the one at the North sits -2.5km below the average land height in Southern hemisphere and the Southern Pole sits 3.0km above this level. So there is infact 5.0+ kms between them. The feature named 'Chasma Boreali' in the South has particularly great depth whilst images of the Valles Marineris (named after a 1970's visit to Mars) shows a depth of 8-10 kms. MGS's hi-resolution imaging has produced new data on Mars' alleged water rich past by looking at thick sedimentary features kms deep in areas like 'Candor Chasma,' a tiny crater in the huge 'Newton crater,' and also other sedimentary like anomalies that can be found in the Valles Marineris. These suggest that perhaps at one time this huge remnant of cataclysm became damned up with debris and then filled with water. A mere hypothesis is that there may be water about 1/2 km below the crust, held there by the pressure of ice. Astrophysicists agree that it is no coincidence that the low lying areas in MOLA data are represented by deep sea-blue in these maps since the theory of ancient Martian Oceans is now the orthodox belief. Infact they even suggest that the curved areas around the Volcano: 'Alba Patera' in the Northern h/s represent the shoreline of such an ancient Sea, without any firm evidence. From MGS's onboard experiments you should also check out the Gravity-data that shows variations of upto 1000 units between the greater area of The Tharsis Bulge & it's own features of the four giant 'shield volcanoes' of 'Olympus Mons'..etc. MGS Observations of the Magnetic lines of Mars also show strong lines running W/E around Tharsis. Could these indicate the presence of the Boloid remnant?

Myself, 2001. And if you're wondering where the Asteroind Belt came from. That's the fractured remains of the Northern Hemisphere of Mars blasted into an orbit around the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. That fits the scenario too, you see. But no astronomer worth his professional credibility has talked openly about this, as these are the modern day facts equivalent to those which overturned the Flat-Earth Belief System.
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