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Author Topic: DO YOU KNOW WHO JAVIER SOLANA IS ?  (Read 889 times)
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« on: November 26, 2010, 11:15:40 am »


I didn't.

I was reading Two Tenners post
re: a "recording star",
a British veteran who claimed
that he had stopped WW!!! from occurring
by refusing to follow an order
during his tour of duty in Kosovo.

Whose name should pop up,
mentioned only once,

As I had heard this name in the past,
but had no idea who he was,
I began to search and read.

After I picked my jaw up from the floor,
I tried to select articles and videos
that would be meaningful and useful.

This is actually my first thread ever.
So please do me a favour a read it ?
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« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2010, 11:18:40 am »

Javier Solana....

Now this is an Illuminati name that rarely gets mentioned in public.
Have you ever heard of him ?

I think it is time that we all learn a little bit more about
the man who has been
and continues to be actively monitored by Christian groups
who think he is a major player in THE END TIMES.

For those who want a little bit more background info,
Let us start with  just a taster from wikipedia :


He is an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George, a member of the Spanish section of the Club of Rome. He has received the Grand Cross of Isabel the Catholic in Spain and the Manfred Wörner Medal from the German Defence Ministry. He has been President of the Madariaga - College of Europe Foundation since 1998. He received the Vision for Europe Award in 2003. Also in 2003, he received the 'Statesman of the Year Award' from the EastWest Institute, a Transatlantic think tank that organizes an annual Security Conference in Brussels. In 2006 Solana received the Carnegie-Wateler peace prize. He has also been awarded the Charlemagne Prize for 2007 for his distinguished services on behalf of European unification.[14] In December 2009, Javier Solana joined ESADE Business School as President of its new Centre for Global Economy and Geopolitics. In January 2010, King Juan Carlos I appointed Javier Solana the 1,194rd Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece for his career in diplomacy.[15]

Well, well, well....
he certainly travels in powerful circles.

Let us continue...
as this biography has been modified...
cleaned up quite a bit
to eliminate his occult ancestry.

Please keep reading...
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« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2010, 11:20:27 am »

As I learned about El Senor Doctoro Solana from Two Tenners post,
let me address El Doctoro's involvement with The War in Kosovo.

At that time Solana held a NATO post.

Kosovo War

  The neutrality of this article is disputed. Please see the discussion on the talk page. Please do not remove this message until the dispute is resolved. (March 2008)

(The above caution is from Wikipedia, who removed his earlier biography.   x Amazon )

Keeping the peace in the former Yugoslavia continued to be both difficult and controversial. IFOR and SFOR had received a lot of criticism for their inability to capture the Bosnian Serb leaders Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić. In late 1998 the conflict in the Serbian province of Kosovo between the Yugoslav authorities and the Kosovar Albanian guerilla Kosovo Liberation Army deteriorated, culminating in the Račak incident on 15 January 1999, in which 45 Albanians were killed. NATO decided that the conflict could only be settled by introducing a proper military peacekeeping force under their auspices, to forcibly restrain the two sides.[citation needed] On 30 January 1999, NATO announced that it was prepared to launch air strikes against Yugoslav targets. On 6 February, Solana met both sides for negotiations at the Château de Rambouillet, but they were unsuccessful.
On 24 March, NATO forces launched air attacks on military and civilian targets in Yugoslavia. Solana justified the attacks on humanitarian grounds, and on the responsibility of NATO to keep peace in Europe and to prevent recurrences of ethnic cleansing and genocide similar to those which occurred during the Bosnian War (1992–1995).
 Solana with Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright, 1999

(Sorry. i am not skilled enough to add this delightful pic!     says Amazon )

Solana and NATO were criticised for the civilian casualties caused by the bombings.[10][11] On 23–24 April, the North Atlantic Council met in Washington D.C. where the Heads of State of the member nations agreed with the New Strategic Concept, which changed the basic defensive nature of the organisation and allowed for NATO intervention in a greater range of situations than before.
On 10 June, Serbian forces withdrew from Kosovo, and NATO stopped its attacks, which ended the Kosovo War. The same day UN Security Council Resolution 1244 authorised NATO to active the ARRC, with the Kosovo Force launching Operation Joint Guardian and occupying the province on 12 June. Solana left NATO on 6 October 1999, two months ahead of schedule, and was replaced by George Robertson.

Curiouser and curiouser....
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« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2010, 11:22:47 am »

Gee folks...
this is the 3rd time I am trying to copy/paste info
on Solana being an Anti-christ.

Some links I wanted to use have been pasted over
so they are difficult to read.

Most times I just botch things up,
like get a nice list of links
and then my post disappears.  Undecided

I am going to give this another go.

Should I fail,
maybe it's best
you search Google for yourselves.

After all, Google presented the terms together when I first checked the good senor's name.
But his International post was created for him especially
and given the number 666.
Was he having a good laugh at us ?
I sincerely doubt that this is coincidence.

But alas!
I had a link with scriptural references and quotes
that DOK would have loved !

Here  I go again !
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« Reply #4 on: November 26, 2010, 11:24:09 am »


Javier Solana

    Last Updated: 04/03/2010 18:22

A very thorough series of articles,
and Bible quotations
that link Sr Solana's family history
and his political  life
with Bible prophecy.

an excellent list of references,
which include videos and photographs.


If you Google "Javier Solana anti-christ ",
the search will pull up pages of links
that you can search yourselves.

Searching YouTube videos,
brings up clips of this gentleman in action
as a diplomat extrodinaire,
as well as interviews with El Doctoro
and commentaries.
He speaks excellent English.

But the above link is very thorough.
Please start here,
as the original,
pre-censored Wikipedia biography is there.

BTW, translate his name into English and you end up with "Saviour of Light ".

And he continues to be a world player
working behind the scenes,
calling the various political players on their private phone numbers,
smoothing the way for diplomacy between nations.

Enjoy !


    ; )
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« Reply #5 on: November 26, 2010, 02:14:16 pm »

saviour of light - possible lucidferian link

saviour or preserver of light or bringer of light - "illuminati"


idk much about this stuff - but if this dude has all those honours etc then that makes him a player of some kind.

i recall reading once the pope has an assasin - cant recall where - possible i suppose
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« Reply #6 on: November 27, 2010, 01:50:41 am »

saviour of light - possible lucidferian link

saviour or preserver of light or bringer of light - "illuminati"


idk much about this stuff - but if this dude has all those honours etc then that makes him a player of some kind.

i recall reading once the pope has an assasin - cant recall where - possible i suppose

Yea, its kinda spooky as he got his power from the EU Resolution 666

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« Reply #7 on: November 27, 2010, 03:48:31 am »



Javier Solana - Antichrist?
This article examines the life of Javier Solana, the High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy, and the Scriptures concerning the Antichrist, who will strengthen a peace agreement with Israel and the surrounding nations. Please note before reading. I am not saying Javier Solana is the Antichrist. All I am trying to do here is compare well known prophecies in the Scriptures concerning the Antichrist and the feats he will accomplish, with public knowledge of the man, Javier Solana. Another man could well fulfil all these prophecies. But the best we can do until "that Wicked" is finally revealed (2nd Thessalonians 2:8) is to make an educated guess as much as the signs of the times allow. I don't know if the European Neighbourhood Policy is the "seven year covenant with many" or not, all we can do is wait and see. For further information on Javier Solana, check through the news postings using the search function. I have tried to summarize the information as best I can here.
Luke 21:28
And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

He shall use peace to destroy many (Daniel 8:25)
Javier Solana has brokered peace agreements throughout the world. His role as High Representative was initially to be involved in bringing Russia and the Caucasus regions closer to Europe. He would also be heavily involved in the Middle East. He was a key player in brokering Iran's suspension of its nuclear programme. Javier Solana has recently taken it upon himself to personally present Iranian President Ahmadinejad with a "package of incentives" agreed by six world powers, a bribe to dissuade Iran from seeking to produce nuclear weapons. World powers scolded the High Representative for what they perceived as a "cloak of secrecy" over the whole affair, with Javier Solana not detailing what was offered to Iran, nor reporting what was discussed at the meetings. He is also involved in trying to bring Turkey closer to the EU. The current peace process in the Middle East is also much a result of this man's doing. Israel initially refused to meet the Quartet who were pushing for the Gaza disengagement to kick-start the "roadmap to peace".

Quote: "Some officials believe Sharon doesn't want Israelis meeting with the Quartet envoys to make sure his "unilateral" pullout plan doesn't look like a diplomatic move. Sharon has portrayed the plan as a security measure meant to reduce friction between Israelis and Palestinians.

The EU has pledged to boost the Palestinian economy with 60 million Euros, and Europe is already training the Palestinian police force. All efforts for peace in the Middle East are already supported by the EU through the Barcelona Process, which started in 1995. When asked how he has been so successful, Javier Solana says the key to his achievement is to never make enemies, and never ask a question to which you do not know or like the answer to.

Javier Solana is now personally involved in the EU's peace efforts in the Middle East. He will be visiting Gaza, Israel and the surrounding nations to co-ordinate a new agreement brokered with the Palestinians, the Israelis and the Quartet (EU, UN, US and Russia) whereby the EU will monitor the Gaza border with Egypt at Rafah. This is the first time Israel has even allowed a third party to monitor border crossings during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And that it is the EU is especially significant - seeing just a few years ago Ariel Sharon told Javier Solana that the EU should let Israel deal with its own affairs, for Israelis up until now considered the EU to be just a financial benefactor rather that a strong regional power. Javier Solana replied to Sharon that Israel "had to deal with the EU whether he liked it or not". But everything is happening just like the Bible said it would.

Quote: "Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declined to meet with Solana, saying that because of an EU vote against Israel (regarding the peace wall) at the UN that Israel would not work with the EU, notwithstanding despite its prominence on the Quartet for Peace in the Middle East. Solana stunned the world, Israel included, by replying that like it or not, both he and the EU were there to stay on the Israeli-Palestinian decision making processes.

He shall honour the god of forces (Daniel 11:38)
He was commissioned to be Secretary General of NATO in 1995. He served on that post during the conflict in Bosnia. He was the only NATO Secretary General who had the power to decide when and where to bomb. Some accuse him of turning NATO - a purely defence organization into an Atlantic attack force, when he sent bombers to break up Yugoslavia using depleted-Uranium shells. This link from my friend Stephen regarding the NATO/EU sponsored break-up of Yugoslavia...

Quote: "When Canadian pilots joined in the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in March 1999, we were told by Lloyd Axworthy and Art Eggleton that the intervention in Kosovo was necessary to prevent the violence there from spreading and de-stabilizing the Balkans. Yet we now know that long before the bombing it was NATO countries themselves that were inciting violence in Kosovo and attempting to de-stabilize that Serbian province.

Now Javier Solana is reaping the rewards from his sterling efforts in the Balkans, which he viewed as a great victory for NATO at a time when the alliance was facing irrelevance. Now the divided Yugoslav states are seeking to become full members of the European Union.

Javier Solana was responsible for brokering an agreement with Russia over the future NATO expansion to former Soviet satellite countries, of which Russia previously had great reservations about - NATO being a former cold war adversary. He was given a standing ovation by leaders who though such a deal was impossible. His expansion plan for NATO would see many members added to the club, which now has relations with almost every country in the Northern Hemisphere.

In 1999 he was commissioned to be the Secretary General of  the WEU, the European Union's "military arm". He is currently the West's only foreign minister that is capable of deploying troops on the ground.

On July 12th, 2004 he was appointed head of the European Defence Agency, a body which aims to streamline European Defence initiatives.

Quote: "The need to bolster Europe's military capabilities to match our aspirations is more urgent than ever. And so, too, is the need for us to respond better to the challenges facing our defence industries. This Agency can make a huge difference" - Javier Solana, Head of EDA

He is also advocating the implementation of the EU's 2010 Headline Goal, effectively a military response group which can be deployed in the event of an emergency.

Quote: "4. The ability for the EU to deploy force packages at high readiness as a response to a crisis either as a stand-alone force or as part of a larger operation enabling follow-on phases, is a key element of the 2010 Headline Goal. These minimum force packages must be military effective, credible and coherent and should be broadly based on the Battlegroups concept. This constitutes a specific form of rapid response, and includes a combined arms battalion sized force package with Combat Support and Combat Service Support. Rapid reaction calls for rapid decision making and planning as well as rapid deployment of forces. On decision making, the ambition of the EU is to be able to take the decision to launch an operation within 5 days of the approval of the Crisis Management Concept by the Council. On the deployment of forces, the ambition is that the forces start implementing their mission on the ground, no later than 10 days after the EU decision to launch the operation. Relevant air and naval capabilities would be included. The need for reserve forces should be taken into account

The timing of the formation of this Rapid Response Force also significant. This initiative will be being completed just as the European Neighbourhood Policy will be reaching its mid-term review. Europe will therefore have a force capable of being deployed anywhere in world within 5-10 days, should any particular country decide to step out of line. This is especially significant if the European Neighbourhood Policy does end up being the fulfilment of Daniel 9:27, because we know that the Antichrist does deploy a force in the Middle East, in response to a crisis there...

Daniel 11:41-44
He (Antichrist) shall enter also into the glorious land (Israel), and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon (all Jordan). He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape. But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps. But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.

European countries are also working towards the goal of implementing the GMES (Global Monitoring of Environment and Security), a network of satellites that will provide Europe with a "Spy in the Sky". The prime aim of the GMES is to provide security to European borders. It will also ensure member states are complying with EU regulations, such as the common agricultural and fisheries policies.

Quote: "Reviewing the various user needs, it was established that GMES has to support the following EU objectives and policy domains:

* Europe's environmental commitments, within EU territory and globally, by contributing to the formulation, implementation and verification of the Community environmental policies, national regulations and international conventions;
* Other EU policy areas such as agriculture, regional development, fisheries, transport, external relations with respect to the integration of the environmental dimension in the respective domains and their specific requirements;
* Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), including the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP);
* Other policies relevant to European citizens' security at Community and national levels, notably the potential exists for application to policies related to Justice and Home Affairs activities of the European Union, such as border surveillance.

The pilot stage of the project was officially launched on the 15th of November, and is expected to be completed by around 2010. If Europe intends to have its own army which will capable of being launched to deal with any "situation" in the world within 5-10 days, it will have to have a fast, efficient communication system, and the GMES fills this role.

He shall magnify himself to the prince of the host (head of the EU army - Daniel 8:11)
At the EU Summit in June 2006, Javier Solana was appointed head of the European anti-terrorism force, an EU body comprising of police, civil and military assets pooled from the 25 member nations. The legislation to create this role, along with the pooling of forces across the EU, was originally part of the EU Constitution. European MPs blasted the EU for cherry picking parts of the Constitution which had previously been rejected by voters in France and the Netherlands, and drafting them into European law. This new anti-terrorism role has become possible through Javier Solana's own "Recommendation 666" document, which is commented on at the end of this article.

Quote: "At the Brussels European summit, all 25 member states agreed to pool assets - police, civil protection and military - and place them at the disposal of Javier Solana, the EU's foreign minister-in-waiting. Such a move had been planned in the constitution which was rejected by voters in France and Holland last year. The constitution has been left on the shelf although Europe's leaders want it up and running again by 2008. Minutes of the summit show that the kernel of the counter-terrorism force, the "crisis steering group", will be operational in a fortnight.

On the 21st of November, 2005, European leaders, prompted by the head of the European Defence Agency - Javier Solana, agreed to pool their defence markets in a move that could pave the way for the creation of an EU army. This legislation was also originally part of the Constitution package, but the EU leaders took it upon themselves to adopt it into law behind our backs. This along with the creation of the EU anti-terror force could pave the way for the fulfilment of these verses.

Daniel 11:31
And arms shall stand on his part (Antichrist's behalf), and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength (Temple), and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.

Daniel 8:11
Yea, he magnified himself even to the prince of the host, and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away, and the place of his sanctuary was cast down.

He shall not regard the God of his fathers (Daniel 11:37)
His parents may be Jewish. I haven't hard proof of this yet, but I read this on another website. His grandfather, Salvador de Madariaga, who worked for European unity in the League of Nations authored a book on the history of the Jews in Spain, and also wrote a book about Christopher Columbus, exploring the possibility he was a crypto-Jew.

He shall not regard the desire of women (Daniel 11:37)
Some scholars see the desire of women meaning the desire to "give birth to the Messiah". In any case, Javier Solana has a wife and two children, but lives on his own in Brussels since taking the post of NATO Secretary General in 1995.

By his policy he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand (Daniel 8:25)
He has devised, and is responsible for the implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). The ENP gives financial incentives to states in exchange for political reforms (read "political control"). It has been said that while America's tool for bringing about global security is its army, Europe's weapon is its financial clout, used through subtle means, i.e. "craft". Statecraft is one of the things Javier Solana says he has used to help bring Europe together.

He shall confirm a covenant with many nations for 7 years, and break it in the middle of those years (Daniel 9:27)
My friend Javier sent me this picture of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert addressing the Knesset and the nation on July 17th, 2006. After six days of fighting between Israel and Hizbullah, the Prime Minister stated that he did not want this conflict, but hoped that Israel could soon sign an "eternal covenant of peace" with their Arab neighbours. Javier Solana was the first world leader to visit Lebanon, and has been prompted by European leaders to help find a lasting solution to the crisis.

Quote: ""The crisis in the Palestinian territories and in Lebanon make extremely grave and worrisome bounds from hour to hour," the letter said. The two theatres of crisis "place the security and political equilibrium of the entire region in danger," it said. In the "two distinct crises," the EU. "has weight and credibility" that could be used toward finding solutions, Chirac said in the letter, dated Thursday and made public Friday. The letter noted that the president was reiterating a proposal made in June. He suggested that Solana, who visited Beirut last weekend and was currently in Cairo, work in conjunction with the United Nations to meet with all figures necessary to "very quickly make proposals to reach conditions for a global and lasting cease-fire in the region."

Following the conflict between Hizbullah and Israel in July-August 2006, the UN Security Council brokered a cease fire between the two sides. As part of the UN resolution that resulted in the cease fire, it was agreed that the international community would send a force into Lebanon to prevent fighting breaking out again. Europe has mobilized over 7000 troops to patrol the southern border of Lebanon, the biggest force the EU has launched in its history. As a result of this many EU ministers have been stating that Europe has a new-found role in the Middle East, a peacekeeping role that for the first time is backed up by a credible military force. This is exactly the situation what Daniel predicted would be the case during the 70th week or the seven year tribulation period.

Quote: ""The time has come for European efforts to relaunch peace in the Middle East," he [Spanish Foreign Minister Miquel Angel Moratinos] said Friday after his EU counterparts met in Brussels with UN chief Kofi Annan. "Europeans are gaining more in credibility, in presence and engagement in the future of this region, which is our region," he said Saturday. Italy, which will be the the force's biggest contributor with up to 3,000 soldiers and which will take over its command next February from France, was hopeful that the commitment would mark a new era of EU influence in the region. "It's the first time that Europe assumes such a strong responsibility in the region and we hope there will be a change, not only for the stabilisation of the border between Israel and Lebanon, but also to push peace in the whole region" said Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D'Alema.

With European troops now on the ground in the Middle East, the EU has an added means of making sure any future peace agreement takes hold in the region. The EU is effectively trying to create an environment in which a peace agreement with many nations could be signed. Javier Solana is now pushing for EU ministers to pave the way for new talks for the Middle East, aimed at bringing security to Israel and a lasting peace to the entire region (or "peace and safety" as mentioned in Thessalonians 5:3).

Quote: "EU President Finland is hosting the meeting in a 17th century fortress in the town of Lapeenranta, where ministers will study how to leverage their growing military presence as peacekeepers in southern Lebanon to bring about regional talks. European officials argue that the fragile ceasefire between Israel and Lebanese Hizbullah guerrillas and continuing Israeli-Palestinian violence can be resolved only by a political process leading to a negotiated settlement. In efforts to win a wider Middle East peace, a spokeswoman for EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said he would urge ministers to pave the way for new talks based on a return to Israel's 1967 borders "plus or minus agreed minor adjustments".

And what better man to help broker any future peace agreement than Javier Solana himself? The current EU President Erkki Tuomioja has stated Javier Solana has been given a mandate by EU Foreign Ministers to be directly involved in the Middle East peace process on the behalf of Europe.

Quote: "Ministers agreed that united action by the EU over the summer had made a positive impact on efforts to stabilize the situation in the Middle East. Tuomioja said that EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana already has the mandate of the member states of EU to work to move the peace process forward and to be in contact with all the parties involved. He particularly emphasized the importance of cooperation with the United States and Arab nations.

Javier Solana's European Neighbourhood Policy, is to last from 2007-2013, with a mid-term review period, in which Javier Solana himself will be involved. 16 nations have signed up, including Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Israel signed up in December 2004. All countries will have their agreements confirmed on January 1st, 2007. It's prime aim is to bring security and political control to Europe's borders as mentioned above.

Some people have stated, and I was also of the impression, that this agreement could not be the covenant of Daniel 9:27, due to the differences in the prophetic 360 day calendar and our present calendar of 365 days. But examining the workings of the 360 day calendar, this may not pose a problem. The European Neighbourhood Policy lasts for a period of 2557 days, with each year containing 365 days, plus 2 days for leap years. The prophecy of Daniel runs according to the Jewish calendar, which contains only 360 days per year, giving a total of 2520 days. The Jews had a system of adding extra days to their years so that the seasons didn't drift - 30 days after every six years, and 30 days after four years on the seven succession. 

Quote: "The (European) Commission will draw up periodic reports on progress and on areas requiring further efforts, taking into account assessments made by the authorities of the partner country. The Action Plans will be reviewed and may be adapted in the light of progress towards meeting the priorities for action. It is suggested that a "mid-term" report be prepared by the Commission, with the contribution of the High Representative on issues related to political co-operation and the CFSP, within two years of the approval of an action plan and a further report within three years. These reports can serve as a basis for the Council to decide the next step in contractual links with each partner country. These could take the form of European Neighbourhood Agreements whose scope will be defined in the light of progress in meeting the priorities set out in the Action Plans.

Just before the 10th Anniversary (27-28th November 2005) of the Barcelona Process - also known as EuroMed, Javier Solana commented on the progress made so far by Europe in the Middle East region. EuroMed itself is a framework of agreements between the European Union and 10 Middle Eastern nations. These are Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey. EuroMed is not a peace process in itself, but aims to resolve regional conflicts at the same time as providing political and economic reforms, helping to bring about stability. It was born out of the Oslo agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, and is thought of more as a means of supporting any real peace agreement that may come about in the future. Javier Solana states that the EU is planning to launch a "governance facility" (perhaps the ENP?) with Mediterranean countries. This will provide economic assistance for those states doing their best to bring about political and economic reforms (or "political control" from Europe). Just like the Middle East covenant that will be confirmed by the Antichrist in the book of Daniel, this "governance facility" is to last for seven years - by Javier's own admission.

Quote: "Many Mediterranean countries say they want to advance on the path of political reform but that it should be home-grown and that they need help. I agree. So I am pleased that the EU will launch a so-called governance facility. This will not be a cosmetic initiative, but one that, over seven years, will offer several hundred million euros to those countries that are making the greatest efforts concerning governance reform. They can then spend the extra money on the priorities they have set themselves. This is what I call a true partnership for political reform.

Here's another interesting article on the ENP, from my friend Stephen. It gives a brief outline on how the ENP represents the future for EU expansion, an alternative to enlargement of the union, and explains its aims to offer member states three things, prosperity, stability and security.

Quote: "Prosperity: A lack of economic prospects is linked to political unrest, radicalisation and is one of the factors pushing people to do dangerous illegal migration. We address this through offering trade opportunities, support for macro-economic reforms, advice on investment-friendly business climates. By supporting the countries' own reform efforts, we also benefit the EU since our continued growth requires new markets. (Daniel 7:23, the fourth beast shall "devour the whole earth")
Stability: Lack of democracy, lack of respect for the rule of law, governance failures, all contribute to instability. We offer advice and support on relevant reforms and offer deeper relations to those partners who make progress towards good governance, for the benefit of their own citizens. Democracy cannot be imposed, but it can and must be supported.
Security: ENP enables us to bring together various internal and external instruments more effectively, working with our neighbours to tackle new threats e.g. cooperation against terrorism, tackling the root causes of extremism, thwarting international organized crime, contributing to resolving conflicts. All of these issues are major concerns both for our citizens and for those of our partners.

He shall be the prince of the people that destroyed Jerusalem (Daniel 9:26)
Daniel states that the Antichrist would be the prince of the people that would destroy the city (Jerusalem) and the sanctuary (the Temple). In AD 70, Jerusalem and the Temple were literally destroyed by the Roman armies under the command of Titus. The Antichrist will therefore be a prince of the Revived Roman Empire, or in modern terms, "Europe".

In October1999, Javier Solana finished his term as Secretary General of NATO, and became Secretary General of the Council of Europe. The Council of the European Union is the main decision making body for the EU. Javier Solana also holds two other important posts in Europe, the High Representative for the European Common, Foreign and Security Policy, and Secretary General of the WEU. These are possibly the highest posts currently achievable in the three organizations, and Javier Solana has all of them. In that sense Javier Solana is a "prince" or literally a ruler, and not a "king", i.e. he has no kingdom as such (yet). Compare this with Daniel 7:24, which states the ten horns are ten "kings" which shall arise.

That fact that Javier Solana is Spanish may tie in with another Scripture. According to Daniel, Spain may be a significant player in the EU. Daniel 7:24 states, "And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them...". After the ten kings arise, another arises after them. Spain happens to be the 11th member of the European Union (i.e. it arose after the 10). The fact that the Secretary General of the WEU, and High Representative for the CFSP for the EU, and Secretary General of the Council of Europe happens to be Spanish is therefore quite significant. And when you consider that Spain also hosts the Barcelona Process, which aims to bring about peace in the Middle East, is currently calling for a global "alliance of civilizations", and Javier Solana is responsible for a seven year covenant with many nations (The European Neighbourhood Policy) adds to the significance of this statement.

He will head a 10 nation federation (Daniel 7:24)
He is Secretary General of the WEU, the military arm of the EU, and comprises the 10 original member states that signed the Treaty of Brussels. These are the only nations of the WEU that have official member status. Other nations have different statuses within the WEU as described in detail below.

He will be of a kingdom that will engulf the whole world (Daniel 7:23)
Although Javier Solana is Secretary General of the WEU, only a 10 nation federation, the tentacles of the WEU and the EU continue to spread throughout the world.

Of the WEU, there are 10 full members (Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, United Kingdom), there are 8 affiliate members (Czech republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovak republic, Slovenia), 3 associate members (Iceland, Norway, Turkey),  2 affiliate associate members (Bulgaria, Romania), 5 observers (Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden), 2 affiliate observers (Cyprus, Malta), 1 affiliate associate partner (Croatia), 2 permanent guests (Russia, Ukraine) and 4 special guests (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM or Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro). That makes the WEU a possible alliance of 37 nations.

There are now 25 nations involved in the EU with currently 4 awaiting application for membership, and the European Neighbourhood Policy will directly influence the politics of another 16 nations outside Europe. Russia is being brought closer to Europe, along with all her Soviet satellites states, as was seen in the recent elections in the Ukraine, in which a pro-European President, Victor Yuschenko was elected after a political dispute with a Kremlin backed leader.

He will be of a kingdom that is divided, partly strong and partly weak, and shall not cleave to each other (Daniel 2:41-43)
It's easy to see how Europe is a Revived Roman Empire that is "divided". The very fact there is a WEU of 10 official members and a broader EU of 25 members shows a Europe is still divided. The WEU, under the direction of Javier Solana, was meant to transfer its powers to the EU, but this never happened. It seems instead that the WEU has taken on a new role as being the new military arm of the European Union.
For "partly strong and partly weak", the WEU nations are mainly wealthy and politically strong, while the new members of the EU are generally poor and politically weak and unstable.
And the fact that the nations "will not cleave to one another" has been played out before all our eyes in the Iraq war, the problems of ratifying of the EU Constitution, amid other disagreements which seem to come up from time to time.

He will uproot three kings (Daniel 7:24)
Britain, France and Germany (officially called the E3) have apparently been jockeying for position to hold the lion's share of foreign policy until such times that the EU Constitution is ratified and comes into force. This ambition has been brought to light by the E3's recent dealings with Iran's nuclear programme. The EU Constitution will create the official position of EU Foreign Secretary, which Javier Solana, the EU High Representative currently holds in an unofficial capacity. These three nations would need to be "subdued" in order to give Javier Solana a clear shot at being the "one voice of Europe".

All these nations are also members of the UN Security Council. Javier Solana is seeking to replace these nations' seats on the Council with just one European seat, representing the voice of Europe in world affairs. This event could also fulfil the above Scripture, if a head of the European Union were to "uproot" those seats.

Quote: "In an interview with Die Welt, the EU's high representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana, offers some suggestions for how the current crisis in the European Union could be avoided in the future. A "possible cause" for the rift between the EU fifteen is the fact that the EU is not represented by one seat in the United Nations Security Council. "The EU is not represented by one seat in the United Nations. But the problems were created in the United Nations." He noted the differences of opinion ran exactly between the four members of the Security Council - the UK and France (as permanent members) and Spain and Germany (as non-permanent members). "Imagine what influence Europe could have had if it had spoken with one voice?" asked Mr Solana. Speaking with one voice is not just something for the Union in the UN but for "the EU as a whole."

Revelation 13:5
And there was given unto him a mouth (one voice?) speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

On Friday the 22nd of June, 2007, British Prime Minister Tony Blair signed the new European "treaty", an EU Constitution in all but name according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Constitution author Giscard d'Destaing and others. For the first time in history the European Union will have the right to make international treaties without the blessing of member states. The new "treaty" also creates permanent posts of EU President and EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs. The EU will also be given the power to represent all European states at the United Nations Security Council, if and when Europe has common agreement on foreign policy.

Quote: "Provisions, drawn word for word from the old constitution, giving the EU "foreign minister" speaking rights from Britain's and France's UN seats will be included in a draft treaty to be presented to a meeting of foreign ministers on Monday, diplomats have confirmed. "When the Union has defined a position on a subject which is on the United Nations Security Council agenda, those member states which sit on the Security Council shall request that the Union Minister for Foreign Affairs be asked to present the Union's position," the text states.

He will grow great towards the South and the East (Daniel 8:9)
Javier Solana's European Neighbourhood Policy is aimed at developing relations with Middle Eastern and Caucus Nations, directly towards the South and East of the European Union Bloc.

Daniel 8:9-11
And out of one of them came forth a little horn (Antichrist), which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant [land] (Israel). And it waxed great, [even] to the host of heaven; and it cast down [some] of the host and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them. Yea, he magnified [himself] even to the prince of the host (he became the chief of the EU army), and by him the daily [sacrifice] was taken away, and the place of his sanctuary was cast down (Temple).

Quote: Javier Solana - "The European Neighbourhood Policy is not a policy aimed at EU enlargement; it neither foresees it nor excludes it. The policy is in the first place aimed at developing closer relations between the European Union and its new neighbours to the East and the South, making them benefit as much as possible from their proximity to the EU. There is so much work to be done and there are so many opportunities to co-operate more effectively in the fields of trade, reforms, in fighting terrorism, crime and corruption, in working more closely together in foreign and security policy that there is no real reason at this stage to think about what might happen in the longer term.

His number is six hundred threescore and six (666 - Revelation 13:18)
In 1999, Javier Solana was appointed the High Representative for Europe's Common, Foreign and Security Policy. His position is linked in two places with the number 666 in official EU documents.

The first document issued in 1998 by the European commission was called Article 666, and which called for the immediate election of a High Representative for the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy who would have a "strong political profile", and be backed by "credible operational capabilities".

Quote: "666. In December the Vienna European Council expressed the opinion that the Secretary-General of the Council and High Representative for the CFSP should be appointed as soon as possible and be a personality with a strong political profile. It invited the Council to prepare common strategies on Russia, Ukraine, the Mediterranean region and the western Balkans, on the understanding that the first would be on Russia. Welcoming the new impetus given to the debate on a common European policy on security and defence, the European Council also noted that the CFSP should be backed by credible operational capabilities

The second document, called "Recommendation 666", which was drafted by Javier Solana himself in 2000, called for special powers to be given to the High Representative, enabling him to take control of European political and military councils in the event of an emergency.

Quote: "12) Support proposals for the WEU Secretary-General and CFSP High Representative to preside over the PSC (Political and Security Committee) and civilian crisis-management machinery and give him powers to convene the Council of the European Union in the event of an emergency;

In the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease (Daniel 9:27)
In regard to this prophecy, it's not possible for me to know exactly what will happen, due to the fact that this event is scheduled to occur in the middle of the seven year tribulation period. And it's impossible for me to know if Javier Solana will be the man to fulfil this Scripture. But what is happening in Europe now could eventually become the fulfilment of these verses...

The European Union has agreed an Action Plan that seeks to upgrade the minimum standards of treatment for animals throughout the European Union, and aims to support the protection and welfare of animals throughout the world. This Action Plan will come into force for the period from 2006 to 2010, after which it will become necessary for the document to be reviewed.

Quote: "For the period 2006-2010, five main areas of action are set out to meet this objective: upgrading minimum standards for animal welfare; promoting research and alternative approaches to animal testing; introducing standardised animal welfare indicators; better informing animal handlers and the general public on animal welfare issues; and supporting international initiatives for the protection of animals. Detailed background on each area of action is outlined in the Action Plan, in the accompanying impact assessment and Commission working document, along with an indicative timetable for the planned initiatives.

The European Union currently guarantees the right of the Jewish religion to perform animal sacrifices (shechita), even though no sacrifices have been carried out since the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD.

Quote: "The Vice President assured the CER delegation that he regards attempts to restrict Jewish ritual slaughter (shechita) as contraventions of EU law and said he would be contacting the Belgian Interior Minister over the issue following attempts in the Belgian Senate to place restrictions on shechita in Belgium.

If the Jewish Temple is reconstructed, the Jews will be required to immediately start performing sacrifices for sin. If this agreement is reviewed by Europe in 2010, which falls in the middle of the seven year European Neighbourhood Policy (the midst of the week), it could be possible that Europe would decide to prohibit animal sacrifices for humanitarian reasons.

New World Order
Javier Solana is also a member of the Club of Rome, and frequently speaks at the Council on Foreign Relations. Javier Solana also attended the secretive Bilderberg meetings during his tenure as NATO Secretary General. He brought then-UK Defence Secretary George Robertson along with him, who later became the NATO Secretary General himself.

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Francisco Javier Solana Madariaga

Born in Madrid on 14 July 1942
Married to Concepción Giménez - two children
Doctorate in physics - Fulbright scholar at several American universities
Professor of solid-state physics at Madrid Complutense University
author of over thirty publications in the field
Member of the Spanish Chapter of the Club of Rome
Joined the Spanish Socialist Party in 1964 (He was a Marxist)
"The history of Javier Solana illustrates the treachery of NATO, which has supposedly been the primary bulwark against Communist aggression in Europe. Solana was one of the luminaries of the Marxist Spanish Socialist Workers' Party. Besides much anti-American activity, in 1983 Solana led the opposition to Spain's membership in NATO. Now, one of NATO's rules is that the citizens of nations which have declined to participate in its military alliance are not eligible for the post of Secretary General. So NATO broke its own rules in appointing Solana. Clinton and Secretary of State Warren Christopher said it was Solana's character that was the key in appointing him to head NATO and be in charge of the U.S. troops at its disposal. Of course! Obviously Solana had the right qualifications to set NATO firmly on its new path, which contradicts its mandate of being only a defensive alliance for its own members. Having done his job, Solana moved to the European Union as foreign and security policy chief, and is working to create a European military distinct from NATO." Cornelia R. Ferreira
Member of Spanish Parliament since 1977
Spanish Cabinet Minister from 1982 to 1995 without interruption:
December 1982 - July 1988: Minister for Culture; simultaneously,
acted as Government Spokesman from July 1985 to July 1988
July 1988 - July 1992: Minister for Education and Science
July 1992 - December 1995: Minister for Foreign Affairs
December 1995 - October 1999: Secretary General of NATO
Since 18 October 1999:
Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union /
High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy
Since 25 November 1999, Secretary-General of Western European Union (WEU)
Secretary General of the World Economic Outlook

Member of the Bilderberg Group


Francisco Javier Solana Madariaga (That is his whole name within his Spanish family)

Francisco Javier (Xavier):
He is named in this prefixed name for tha saint, Saint Francis Xavier, who founded the Franciscan Order which was the order Hitler gave authority to destroy Yugoslavia in the form of renemed brownshirted soldiers named Ustashi. You will see below that Solana convinced the EU Parliament to abandon its rules, and butchered NATO's rules, so that he could commend the destruction of Yugoslavia during Bill Clinton's tenure. The war in Bosnia was commanded by men other than US Military men and UK commanders. This explains why our planes and troops never quite knew what was going on, and that includes our Generals, if you recall. Solana, the Franciscan, was finishind off Yugoslavia for the Pope. If you know history, Yugoslavia held out and massacred the Pope's invasion long ago, from King Wenselau and Huss onward for many years. Solana is a man of towering rage on behalf of the Pope and the Vatican agenda.

The name Javier means 'light'. Light has many meanings and applications. One meaning of light is the knowledge gained by the act of studying. One application of light is the imparting of that same knowledge. He finds that others come to him, not only for advice, but also for help in understanding the whys and wherefores of their lives.

Winds from the East, or sunshine

BINGO, Javier Salana is the counterfeit Light of the World, and his origin is the East, home of Hinduism, rank paganism, and the New Age.
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Javier Solana: Javier Solana Madariaga (born July 14, 1942) is the current Secretary General of the European Union as well as the current High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) of the EU. At the same time he also holds the office of the Secretary General of the Western European Union (WEU). In the past he also held the position of Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). He has already been selected by the European Council of Ministers even in advance of the new EU Constitution ratification to the future position of Foreign Minister for the European Union. With this position he will have enhanced powers over European military and foreign policy. As such, he will further serve as the vice-president of the European Commission. With the enhanced new powers of that future office he will have the right of initiative and potential rights to reward countries following his lead and punishing those that do not. He is also actively seeking to hold the UN Security Council seat currently held by France and the United Kingdom. Germany also covets the seat, which has made for interesting potential conflict between Joschka Fischer and Solana as they jockey for the global influence any permanent UN Security Council seat could provide. Solana has been actively seeking "security council reform" which would permanently restructure the Security Council of the UN away from its current permanent members.

Solana frequently refers to himself as a "European and an Atlanticist." This refers to a long standing alliance between Western European-, American-, and Canadian-related interests. During his NATO tenure, Solana also chaired the Atlantic Council.

Family background
Solana was born on July 14, 1942 in Madrid, Spain. On his maternal side, he is the grandson of famous Spanish diplomat/writer Salvador de Madariaga (1886-1978). Salvador de Madariaga at various times served as Spanish ambassador to the United States and as chief of the Disarmament Section of the League of Nations. Solana's maternal grandmother, Constance Archibald de Madariaga was born Scottish. Like her diplomat-writer husband, she was also a well known scholar. She was professionally and academically known as an economic historian. Javier is the younger of the two sons of de Madariaga's daughter Nieves (1917-2003). Javier's older brother, Luis Solana de Madariaga, was born in Madrid in 1935. Solana's mother, like her more famous father, was also a published scholar and writer. Her full name at the time of her death was Nieves Hayat de Madariaga Mathews. She was employed for upwards of 20 years by the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization), a United Nations agency headquartered in Rome. Her Yale University-published book on the life of Sir Francis Bacon was released in 1996. The 606 page volume is entitled, Francis Bacon: The History of a Character Assassination. Interestingly, Nieves de Madariaga Mathews (Solana's mother) claimed in her acknowledgements that the book was suggested and blessed by "my teacher, Osho, who thought highly of Francis Bacon and gave the book his blessing." Osho is more commonly known in USA circles as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Rajneesh gained extensive notoriety in the USA in the 1980s for his alleged Oregon cult compound. He was deported from the USA for its claimed excesses. As well as Rajneesh, Solana's mother was equally deeply and publicly influenced by the works of Immanuel Velikovsky. She devoted much time to her pursuit of both Velikovsky and Sir Francis Bacon literacy and causes.

Javier Solana's maternal aunt is Isabel de Madariaga, a professor emeritus of Slavonic Studies at the College of London. A brilliant and thorough scholar, she has published extensive historical works, most notably about Russian empress, Catherine the Great. Javier Solana's older brother Luis Solana is a retired Spanish telephone company chief executive officer; he was the first known Socialist party member to join the Trilateral Commission. Javier Solana, likewise, is active with the Trilateral Commission as he is with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) where although not a member, he is a frequent speaker and close friend of many of its principals. He is likewise active with the Foreign Policy Association (FPA).

On Solana's paternal side, his grandfather was Don Ezequiel Solana Ramirez. He was reportedly a revered educator and text book author who died in 1931.

Early history
Javier Solana's most personally listed affiliation apart from the Socialist party is the Spanish chapter of the Club of Rome. On a personal level, he has been said to "eat little and sleep less;" his is reportedly "a monk's diet of fish and fruit." Some accounts state that although he is active in global disarmament efforts, his favorite personal hobby is "collecting guns".

Professionally, apart from his political careers, Solana holds an undergraduate degree in chemistry (Received in Spain in 1963), a Master's Degree obtained in Great Britain, and a doctorate in physics; he is fond of saying that "in a previous incarnation I worked as a professor in solid-state physics." He received his doctorate in 1968 while studying at the University of Virginia under a Fulbright Scholarship in the United States. He taught and worked as a researcher at the University of Virginia between 1968 and 1971. Solana left the USA in 1971 to return to Spain with one of his teaching mentors. There he became employed by Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. Again, he was banished for political reasons, i.e. opposition to the Franco government. In 1975 his political nemesis, Generalissimo Francisco Franco died. Thereupon Solana, expelled in his youth for anti-Franco rebellion, gained a Complutense University professorship. That year, also, he involved himself in Spanish political life. As a representative of a teacher's union, he ran and won election as the Socialist candidate for the parliamentary seat he was to begin occupying in July 1977.

Solana has been a member of the Spanish socialist party PSOE since 1964. That was the year as well that he joined the "Socialist Youth." In 1976, he represented the Socialists at an internation Socialist Congress held in the French province of Suresnes. He participated in the same Congress held in 1977 in Spain. Solana was designated secretary of Information and Press of the Federal Executive Commission of the PSOE. He was also active in the Teacher's Union, the Federation of Workers of the Education fo the General Union of Trabajadores (UGT). He was elected to the Spanish parliament as a representative of the Teacher's Union in 1977. He was continuously a member of the Spanish parliament and steadily advanced in the Ferdinand Gonzalez administration through various cabinet positions.

Between 1982 and 1995 he held powerful positions in the Spanish government including that of the Minister for Culture, Minister of Science and Education and lastly as Minister for Foreign Affairs (1992-1995). For most of those years he was also the official spokesman for the Spanish government. When it was Spain's turn to hold the rotating chairmanships/presidencies of the Council of the European Union and the Western European Union, Solana was designated by Spain to head those posts. Those dual posts would coincide in 1995.

On November 20th, 1995, during Spain's turn at the rotating six month presidency of the European Union, Javier Solana concluded a treaty between the European Union and Israel.

Role in NATO
On November 30, 1995, Solana was appointed as NATO Secretary General. His election was a surprise to many, including 52 United States congressmen who telegraphically protested his appointment because of his alleged Marxism and open Castro sympathies. He had once been on the USA's own subversive list. He was best known, per the Spanish newspapers observing the scene, as one of Spain's most vocal and most prominent opponents of NATO. He had once written a pamphlet, "50 Reasons to say NO to NATO." Between 1995 and 1999, Solana was NATO Secretary General.

The Secretary General of NATO usually has a ministerial role, passing on instructions from the member nations' consensus to its military components, but during his 1995 to 1999 NATO tenure, Solana was given sole unusual powers to make military decisions over Yugoslavia. For example, on January 30, 1999, he was given sole power to make all further military decisions over NATO Balkan operations. This included the say so on whether or not bombings should occur. Madeline Albright, USA Secretary of State then said by way of explanation, "Solana has the power and has had it since January 30, 1999. We are speaking with one voice through Javier Solana.", and on March 21, 1999, USA President Bill Clinton told a national American television audience in regards to the forthcoming bombings: "I agree with Javier Solana's decision to do this." The order to commence bombing against Yugoslavian targets was subsequently given solely by Solana.

USA General Wesley Clark, who as head military officer of the NATO coalition reported to and took orders from Solana, reports in his book WAGING MODERN WAR that he once asked Solana the secret of his success. Solana reflected briefly and then answered, "First make no enemies. Then never ask a question to which you do not know or do not like the answer."

Despite his activity in world politics, most Americans are unfamiliar with Solana's name, the Barcelona Process, and certainly the extent of his growing powers which are becoming increasingly global in scope and influence.

Roles in the EU and the Western European Union
Solana's NATO term was to have expired in December, 1999; however, he left that job two months early, in October 1999, to take the newly created position of Office of the High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (also more informally called "Señor PESC" ("Mr PESC", in Spanish media)- Post of European Security Commissioner). He was also given the title and responsibility of Secretary General of the European Union; this was for the purpose of giving continuity between the EU's 6 month rotating presidential administrations. These positions caused Solana to be generally described by the European press as "tsar of European military and foreign policy."

On November 20, 1999, Javier Solana was also selected by the ten-nation core of the Western European Union (WEU) to be its pending Secretary General, pending unification with the European Union. However, on June 5, 2000, the ten nation WEU in its Assembly Recommendation 666 noted that under its governing treaties, complete merger could not occur, and therefore they support a proposal to have the WEU Secretary General and CFSP High Representative (both Solana) preside over the PSC (Political Security Committee) and convene the council of the European Union in the event of an emergency. (Such an emergency was declared after the 3/11 (March 11, 2004) Madrid train bombings.)

This appointment came on the same day as major world leaders were gathering at deceased British author Sir Harold Acton's old Italian villa then and now owned by New York University's School of Law. The gathering was of the Third Way Movement. Solana was in attendance at the villa as were U.S. President and Mrs. Clinton, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Romano Prodi and many other distinguished transatlantic leaders.

Javier Solana presides over Europe's Political Security Committee (PSC). All seated on that committee hold ambassador rank in the EU and serve at the pleasure of Javier Solana. All foreign ambassadors of the European Union entity (as opposed to its individual countries) as well as all EU military personnel are ultimately accountable to the Council of the European Union through Javier Solana. The EU's hope is that the pending new European constitution will strengthen and extend this European federal type set of structures.

In December 2003, Solana published the European Security Strategy.

Javier Solana did most or even all of the spearheading and coordination of the Barcelona Conference, the launching pad of the 27 nation Barcelona Process expected to lead to a Mediterranean free trade zone by 2010. This conference was opened by him on November 27, 1995. He opened by declaring that it was auspicious that it began on the 900th anniversary of the calling of the first crusade by Pope Urban II, and commented "What a lot of intolerance and misunderstanding that led to." The conference concluded with the 27 nations signing the Barcelona Treaty.

Solana has also negotiated numerous "Treaties of Association" between the European Union and various Mideast countries. In his tenure with the European Union, Javier Solana has been relatively busy on the world stage negotiating various integration treaties with South American countries such as Bolivia and Colombia. He has also been a vital part of the Quartet for Peace in the Middle East along with Kofi Annan of the United Nations, a Russian representative, and a USA representative.

In November 2004, Solana assisted Britain, France, and Germany in negotiating a nuclear material enrichment freeze with the leadership of Iran. The EU through Solana stated it hoped to avoid another American-Iraqi style invasion through this and future negotiations. Reuters ( Others, particularly in the USA and England were more cynical about the motives. Rather than believe them altruistic, some British observers starting in the late 1990s stated that perhaps the EU's motives, engineered through Solana, were to dislodge the USA as a competing superpower in the coming 21st century struggle for increasingly scarce global resources. They pointed to the EU's own military buildup under the auspices of "peacekeeping" as perhaps a cover for planned future anti-USA efforts.

Solana claimed a pivotal role in unifying the remainder of the former Yugoslavian federation. Reportedly, he proposed accommodating the Montenegrine desires within the new loose union of Serbia and Montenegro (2003), instead of full independence of the parts. Solana claimed this was done to avoid a domino effect from Kosovo and Vojvodina independence demands. Local media sarcastically named the new country "Solania" after its claimed architect. Still other observers have pointed to this as a "Balkan reduction."

Increasingly as of 2004, there is increased reliance on Javier Solana on the part of the EU and the WEU, which has noticeably strengthened his military and foreign power. On June 29, 2004 Javier Solana was selected by the Council of the European Union to be its first Foreign Minister under the new EU constitution. Until formal ratification of the constitution occurs (slated for 2006), Solana is de facto exercising the defined powers of that future office as well as its approximate 26 billion euros budget (formerly reserved for the Commissioner of External Affairs).

A sign of that is that Solana no longer travels with the EU rotating presidency and the Commissioner of External Affairs (Chris Patten) as the reigning EU "troika" -- since the vote of the Council of Ministers, Solana now speaks and travels as the sole voice rather than one of three voices.

This was dramatically illustrated by events in Israel on or about July 20 to 22nd (2004). Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declined to meet with Solana, saying that because of an EU vote against Israel at the UN that Israel would not work with the EU, notwithstanding despite its prominence on the Quartet for Peace in the Middle East. Solana stunned the world, Israel included, by replying that like it or not, both he and the EU were there to stay on the Israeli-Palestinian decision making processes.

The Clinton White House once announced in a press conference that Javier Solana was the fulfillment of Henry Kissinger's long stated wish to have only one phone number to ring up for Europe. Post June 29, 2004, many other sources were making the same observation -- that Kissinger (and anybody else) could ring up Europe by calling only Javier Solana.

As the anti-Franco activist in his youth and the anti-NATO activist in his 40s combined with his leadership of NATO in his 50s, Javier Solana has sometimes been called a "squarer of circles" (i.e. reconciler of opposites). Past illustrations of this (whether intentional or not) were his marriage to the daughter (Concepción Giménez) of a top Franco general and by his heading NATO in his fifties. He has also played an active role in the various Mideast peace processes at least between 1991 and the present time.

Javier Solana is married to Concepcion Giménez Solana, herself a teacher. They are the parents of two grown children: a son, Diego, and a daughter, Vega. Solana reportedly has never moved his immediate family - wife and children - to Brussels, his main residence since taking his NATO post in the late fall of 1995 and his European Union posts thereafter. He has admitted that his family life has suffered as a result of the schedules from his NATO post and EU jobs forward.

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Great research Amazon!
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Great research Amazon!

Thanks Route !   Wink

You can see DOK did his part as well.

Got a few videos I will be adding With EG's help .

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Bookmarked for later.

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Religions do a useful thing: they narrow God to the limits of man. Philosophy replies by doing a necessary thing: it elevates man to the plane of God.  ~Victor Hugo

Because one doesn't like the way things are is no reason to be unjust towards God.  ~Victor Hugo
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Amazon:  Here's the pic of Bill Clinton, Javier Solana & Madeleine Albright

Here is what I did to get the pic to post here:

1.  Right click the pic wanted.
2.  Choose "Save Image As..."
3.  Put it on your desktop.
4.  Go to
5.  Do the "Browse" & bring up the picture from your desktop
6.  Press "Upload"
7.  Copy what is provided for a forum.  I used the first one.
8.  Paste what you copied into the post.


Dok -- Your work is incredible.   I can't wait to check it all out.  It is especially interesting to me because The Bible is new to me Smiley

Love, e
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I fight for that One Family.

That one Family who is not next in line for the ravages of New World Order.

It will stop.  That One Family who was "next" will be FREE !
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Javier Solana certainly is a suspicious character, but, my understanding of the New Testament is that "Anti-Christ" isn't really a person, but a spiritually deadly mindset gnawing away at society, which certainly describes the culture generally prevailing in our society in which Christianity (and traditional Judaism) are widely ridiculed and dismissed in favo(u)r of a certain pseudo-atheistic humanist ideology, whose universal applicability runs into counter-evidence in the particular condemnation of Western Judeo-Christian culture in pretense of defense of non-Western cultures (we're not supposed to notice the "Progressive" admiration of Maoist China, which organized hideous atrocities against various theistic religions in China (particularly Tibetan Buddhism)).  The obvious point underlying the propagation of this evil spirituality is the destruction of the industrialized world, with all the industrial world's vitality, energy, and tendency towards egalitarian ideology in favor of a primitive power structure consisting of a much smaller human community of agrarian slaves who are allowed to live only to the extent that they satisfy the needs of our tiny ruling class.

My point is that our rulers are intent upon replacing all the religions of the world with "Gaia Worship" (a religion in which these Luciferian jerks don't even believe) as a mechanism of social control.  Therefor, it's not an individual, but the anti-Christian and anti-human spirit currently moving within our global ruling class which is truly "anti-Christ".

God bless you!
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Interesting notion.

I'd say the anti-christ is described as a person, as the events described must happen to an individual

The Failed Assination attempt
The rejection of Women for sex

Come to mind as examples. You can find whole lists of all his attributes online, and many can only make sense if applied to an individual.
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To my knowledge (as limited as I confess it to be) Heaven usually speaks to Earth in the form of symbols and allegories.  A person being wounded in the head and recovering may well indicate an attempt to remove the leadership of a perceived threat to humanity in the absence of any realization of the ability of a group of humans to regenerate their leadership structure along the lines of the "chain of command" which exists within every military command on earth (i.e., (I'm here using US Army terms of rank) should the Company Commander (Captain) be killed, the Executive Officer (1st Lieutenant) takes command; should the XO be killed, the Senior Platoon Leader (1st lieutenant) takes command; once all the commissioned officers have been killed, the First Sergeant takes command; should the First Sergeant be killed, the Senior Platoon Sergeant (Sergeant First Class) takes command, and so far down to the most junior private).  Anyone who believes that the Global Ruling Class haven't thought of such arrangements to the end of perpetuating the rule of their own class is clearly deluding themselves.

The rejection of women for sex constitutes proof that the Antichrist must be an individual?  You obviously haven't lived in my neighborhood over the last eight years or so (but the gays are currently being supplanted in my neighborhood by a regenerated hippie movement (yippee!!)).  Believe me, the exaltation of homosexuality is hardly the work of an individual, it's clearly a negative spiritual thing, particularly if you consider my own personal history of having endured attempts to break up potential relationships of mine, the extreme jealousy of homosexuals vis-a-vis the reproductive ability of us heterosexuals, and even resentment towards the fact that us heterosexuals can "operate" with relative immunity from AIDS.  The point is, my entire years-long experience with gays points towards their taking positive affront at any symptom of sexual or social normality as a rebuke to their own little society, in which every member must willingly reconcile themselves to a future of illness, biological futility, and social irrelevance.

In other words, nothing you've said clearly indicates the Antichrist as being an individual natural person, as opposed to some collective entity.
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