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Routing out & defeating the globalist pigs

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« on: October 16, 2010, 01:09:52 pm »

10-16-2010 8:10 pm - Marti Oakley

Environmentalists, the Green movement, and various other groups dedicated to protecting and preserving the earth and its inhabitants, was, initially begun as a result of the plunder and destruction resulting from the willingness of governments around the world to allow the decimation of the environment for corporate profits. The environmentalist movement has been virtually taken over. What it represents now in many areas is the facilitation of the decimation of our rural communities and is the UN Agenda 21 plan for seizing all lands, water and food production to be owned and operated by the corporate state.

While those involved in this movement believe they are working to protect the earth, the environment and its wildlife, the catalyst behind the movement has become Agenda 21 from the UN. This Agenda specifically sites land ownership as a source of wealth and one that should be held only by the state. The rationale for this is that land ownership signifies wealth of some level, and this level can vary radically from one individual to the next and that is, for some reason, not fair……so the state should own everything and that way no one but the state has any wealth. One of the cleverest and most successful coup’s ever implemented was the co-opting of true environmentalists into the “sustainability/Smart growth” Agenda 21 program.

While I do believe that we should take care of our environment, our wildlife and our waterways; handing these assets over to the government to sell off to corporations to plunder and abuse while simultaneously and falsely claiming they are protecting the environment, will produce nothing but devastation. All across our country we can see the rapid deterioration of land under government control now exploited and plundered; the water systems polluted beyond reclamation from endless strip mining, gas and oil drilling and rendered unfit for any further use.

The surest way of impoverishing a nation is to take away property rights, especially those that are held for agriculture. Every effort has been made by successive congresses and administrations for the last twenty years, to reduce the full rights and enjoyment of private property ownership or to eradicate or make it impossible for our farmers and ranchers to continue in their businesses. To facilitate this theft of agricultural lands and use, the USDA and the FDA have been invaluable. These two agencies, both privately held corporations, are not public service agencies as we are supposed to believe. The job of both agencies is to implement Agenda 21, including the infamous Codex Alimentarius through the construction of barriers to trade, business and arbitrary regulations and rules that have been shown time and again to be constructed for no other reason than to make the continuance of independent agriculture, impossible, while at the same time making the industrialization of agriculture ever more possible through various programs, special provisions and exemptions from burdensome regulations that are aimed at eliminating as competition in the markets.

On the issue of trade, I find it rather strange that the incessant bleating from corporate America regarding free trade never includes the right to free trade within the agricultural community unless that trade is plied as an industrialized corporate operation. For the family or independent producer, the right to trade freely has been made virtually illegal.

Premises ID and the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) both have their origins in Agenda 21. Both of these schemes are intended for no other purpose than to swindle agricultural and livestock producers not only out of their land, but also to the rightful ownership of their livestock; all of it to now be owned and controlled by agencies on behalf of the federal government and in compliance with agenda 21. After all, what is the point of stealing someone’s land if you can’t also steal the benefits and produce from it?

Anytime anything arrives at your door with “Best practices” on it; that is Agenda 21/Codex. Best farming practices? Best land management practices? These practices are far from the “best”. They are a reduction in known standards for healthy and safe food sources; this reduction in standards and methods in agriculture is for no other purpose than to set the lowest standard possible to make industrialization of agriculture more easily accomplished and more profitable for corporate raiders.

The idea behind the “Best Practices” barrage is to end the knowledge that has been passed from one generation to the next about how to manage lands, crops and animals and/or how to harvest, store and preserve food supplies. This is a collective knowledge, the possession of which is invaluable if we are to survive. Our farmers and ranchers know far better how to manage their land, crops and animals than some desk jockey in the UN or in Washington D.C.. Every effort is made by USDA and the FDA along with other agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency to disparage and condemn and to cast into a negative light the farming and ranching practices that have sustained this country over time. For some reason if the government isn’t telling ranchers and farmers how to manage and care for their lands, crops and animals, the food system might not be safe. The fact is, under the constant dictating by government of land, crop and animals, our food system has become so toxic little of it is fit to eat.

Our farmers and ranchers here in the US know their business. They have had to acquire knowledge about soil, crops, livestock, harvesting, storage and this has been a knowledge base that did not need government interference. These people know how to care for the land and their animals.

Historically we know that no nation can survive economically without a strong and independent agricultural sector and yet we see every effort by our government over decades to destroy that sector. The Russian Holocaust (The Holodomor) of the 1920’s wherein an estimated 20 million people starved to death at the hands of their own government, while grain stores were burned and all food produced was controlled and owned by the government and exported while the locals starved to death and some even turned to cannibalism, has become a very real possibility, worldwide.

The ability of a nation to feed its own people from its own food stocks produced by its own farmers and ranchers, is an indicator of a strong and viable economy in which every individual benefits. Every dollar spent in agriculture generates upwards of seven dollars in the economy.

The CAFO farms and industrialized agriculture based on administration of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, vaccines, antibiotics and the utter inhumane treatment of animals for a quick profit not only harms the environment, but also the overall health of the consumers of these products and is not indicative of a strong agricultural sector. This is corporate industrialized farming and ranching and returns little benefit on any level either to the consumer or to the economy as revenues of these operations are off-shored to various corporate coffers in far away places. All this is done for the “greater good” of course; the greater good actually being the greater accumulation of wealth for those who take ownership and control of the lands; those individuals and corporations at the top.

Sustainability? Smart Growth? Nothing more than the Agenda 21 plan for ending private property ownership across all nations, and a method of systematically working towards that end by adopting “international standards” not at all conducive to the maintaining of private property rights. How many groups and organizations jumped on the sustainability band wagon either not realizing it was meant to end private land ownership, or not caring that it was intended to do so?

The purging of rural communities using land stewardship programs, conservation programs, wildlife preservation programs, wildlife corridors programs, international property codes, rezoning efforts, or the attempts to construct a fictionalized difference between a newly created “rural lifestyle” and a farm; all based on some arbitrary line of financial division. This construct is based on the amount of sales generated from the land. Not generating enough sales from your agricultural property can result in your property being determined to be a “rural lifestyle” as opposed to an agricultural based business. Under this new redefinition of your small farm as simply a chosen “rural lifestyle”, new rules, taxes, codes, statutes and regulations are written, redefined, constructed, implemented and enforced with no other intention than to make your continued occupation of your land untenable.

Another method of land theft, and one that has proven invaluable to government as was recently evidenced in the leaked memo from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), is to redefine lands intended for government theft to be designated, “National Monuments”. Another aspect of this lucrative plan is the expansion of national forests, national parks, wildlife preservation areas; all of these redefinitions of “public lands” will culminate in the theft of an additional 13 million acres from private land owners in eleven of the Western states. This additional 13 million acre land theft when added to the land already claimed as owned by the BLM or managed by it, in those same states, expands the areas controlled by the federal government via its privately owned corporate agencies, significantly.

I find it not at all coincidental that these enlargements of, claimed lands creates a map of federal land ownership that is nearly identical to the UN Biodiversity Zones map. The UN map is comprised of the areas marked for non-human habitat and the designation of sequestered population centers where the population is to be herded into and held captive.

It seems we are at a crossroads here in the US. We are going to either be sucked further into the abyss that is Agenda 21 and forfeit our land, food and water to a greater “global purpose”, or, we will stand up and push back against the planned forfeiture of all these things meant only to profit multi-national corporations while being sold a bill of goods about what is supposedly good for us. We know what is good for us; and it doesn’t come from some UN corporate plan for controlling the world’s populations.
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