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Oily Politics Grease the Wheels of Control - Rockefeller Ties To BP Oil

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Author Topic: Oily Politics Grease the Wheels of Control - Rockefeller Ties To BP Oil  (Read 783 times)
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« on: September 18, 2010, 10:03:26 am »

Oily Politics Grease the Wheels of Control
by Cassandra Anderson
June 4, 2010

The Obama Administration, in keeping with Rahm Emmanuel's philosophy of "never letting a serious crisis go to waste" is using the BP oil calamity to its advantage.  In order to understand the scope of the problem, we must begin by looking at a brief history of BP and how deeply energy markets affect politics.  Last week, Obama pretended to accept responsibility for the oil spill, but then ridiculously claimed that he didn't know that the ties of corruption between the oil companies and politicians would extend past Bush's administration into his time in office.(1) This is completely absurd, given the long history of oil and energy corruption in America.

BP's genesis began with the discovery of oil in Iran in 1908 by William Knox D'Arcy and became the Anglo-Persian Oil Company.  In 1923, Winston Churchill was secretly paid 5000 British pounds to lobby the British government in order to create a monopoly over Iranian oil.  In 1951, the pro-Western Prime Minister was assassinated and the Iranian Parliament nationalized the oil industry by unanimous vote, and elected a new nationalist Prime Minister, Mossadeq. By 1953, the CIA, with British support, led a coup against Mossadeq and he was ousted.

In 1954 the Anglo- Iranian Oil Company changed its name to British Petroleum and became an international consortium that shared profits with Iran at a 50-50 split. The company was 40% owned by Iran, 40% owned by 5 American companies and 20% owned by Royal Dutch Shell and the French Petroleum Company. No Iranians were allowed on the Board of Directors or to audit the company. The 5 American companies include Exxon, Gulf Oil, Mobil, Standard Oil and Texaco; all of which were controlled, merged or or owned by parent companies affiliated with the Rockefeller family over time.(2)

The provenance of later acquisitions and the creation of subsidiaries are intentionally complex, and it is unlikely that the Rockefellers relinquished control over their oil monopoly when it was broken up as a result of the Sherman Antitrust Act.(3)  Oil cartels traditionally engage in price fixing. While BP is currently a publicly traded company, this does not mean that stockholders control the company.

In 1979 the Ayatollah Khomeini broke all contracts and gave 90% ownership to BP oil and Iran retained a 10% interest. In 1998, BP merged with Amoco (a subsidiary of Standard Oil), and in 2000, acquired ARCO.

Peter Sutherland was the non- executive chairman of BP for 13 years, until the end of 2009 and is an example of the the type of leadership that rules the world. His "accomplishments" include being non- executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs, director of the Bank of Scotland (until it was taken over by the UK government to avoid bankruptcy), former Director General of GATT (now the World Trade Organization), a chairman of the Trilateral Commission and a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Sutherland was instrumental in the UK's immigration mess, negating Ireland's ban on abortion and is reported to be on the steering committee of the Bilderberg group. He has been succeeded by Carl-Henric Svanberg, former CEO of Ericsson telecommunications.(4)

While Obama has claimed full authority over this environmental horror, he did not stop the use of the toxic dispersant "Corexit".  Corexit is produced by NALCO, originally named the National Aluminate Corporation, which formed a limited partnership with Exxon Chemical Company in 1994. Ondeo Nalco was purchased by Goldman Sachs, Apollo and Blackstone in 2003 and is currently a publicly traded company. Given NALCO's business ties, it seems that safe and natural cleanup methods were avoided in the Gulf to pursue an economic agenda. The use of Corexit in Alaska, after the Exxon Valdez disaster, resulted in toxicity to humans that included respiratory, nervous system, liver, kidney and blood disorders.(5)

Perhaps this background provides some clues about Obama's delayed and incompetent reaction to the Gulf oil eruption and the direction of America's future energy policies.  Obama lifted bans for offshore drilling just before the Gulf oil disaster, in order to show support for American energy independence, but now he is considering banning more drilling.  Inefficient "green" energy will be promoted; this is pure Agenda 21 (policies that do not serve the public but are promoted using the environment as the excuse).  Green wind and solar energy are not efficient- Spain provides a good example of financial failure when this system is implemented.(6)  Better solutions for energy independence include natural gas (America is rich with underdeveloped natural gas), alcohol and hemp production.  Alcohol can be made from almost anything that ferments.

According to Robert Deitch, in his book "Hemp: American History Revisited", Prohibition- the outlaw of alcohol on moral principles, which lasted from 1920- 1933 was a result of collusion between Rockefeller, who owned Standard Oil and Mellon, who owned Gulf Oil.  The purpose of Prohibition was to make America and the new automobile industry reliant on oil instead of alcohol in car engines, which was cheap and easy to make.  Hemp is also a source of natural oil, but it too was a threat to the oil industry and is prohibited by federal law.

Earlier this week, it was announced that a criminal investigation of BP may be conducted.  At first glance, this seems like it is a good idea.  However, we shouldn't expect anything more than window dressing, given BP's history of environmental crimes and lack of accountability, like the massive spill that took place in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in 2006 that did not result in any felony convictions, despite plenty of evidence against BP.(7)

What we can expect from the "investigation" is more governmental control.  The proposed investigation cites BP's violations against the Clean Water Act; just as the EPA expanded its powers with the Clean Air Act and global warming (they have compiled an 18,000 page document with new regulations), this environmental crisis will likely result in the EPA massively expanding its powers within the realm of energy and water.

There is also a suggestion of prosecution for Endangered Species Act (ESA) violations; the purpose for this is not to hold BP liable for killing wildlife and sea creatures, but to expand domination by the federal government over the masses, which is the ultimate objective of the ESA under Agenda 21.  In fact, the United Nations recently announced that they are shifting their attention away from man made global warming "problems" to endangered species.  Of course, this is a result of the unravelling of the of the scientific lies about man made global warming which was revealed in numerous scandals including 'Climategate'.(8 )  The ESA is used as a weapon to steal private property from Americans, as Dr. Michael Coffman details in his slideshow "Taking Liberty".(9)

Americans should also beware of controlled opposition within environmental groups like Friends of the Earth (FOE), WWF, Sierra Club, NRDC, and many, many more that have financial ties to the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, the United Nations and oil companies.  Most people think that these organizations are interested in promoting a healthy environment, but they fail to look beyond the surface to see the true objectives of these Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).  One easy way to spot a compromised NGO is to check their website for global warming alarmist propaganda, look at their board of directors for UN affiliations and examine their objectives (often stated in feel- good language).  NGOs are a big component of Agenda 21 and its corrupt environmental and depopulation policies.









(8 )


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