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"Left-vs.-Right" is not the only false paradigm!

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Author Topic: "Left-vs.-Right" is not the only false paradigm!  (Read 4886 times)
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« on: August 30, 2010, 06:49:07 pm »

Lest anyone think I'm overly hostile to any and all things having to do with the Austrian School, I should probably clarify by saying that -- despite my harsh criticism of Austrian School dogma -- I actually agree with that school's adherents on quite a few issues. Like them, I oppose all of the following:

     * occupational licensing barriers;

     * both wage and sales taxes;

     * corporatist trade agreements that, as such, are neither "free" nor "fair";

     * interventionist foreign policies;

     * compulsory schooling;

     * victim disarmament (otherwise known as "gun control"); and

     * governmental assaults on civil liberties.

And even on the issue of monetary reform, once fractional reserve banking has been outlawed and the current debt-based money system completely replaced with a debt-free "Greenback" system, I would at least be open (particularly if certain election reforms remained unimplemented) to reforming the legal tender law so that U.S. currency is good merely for the payment of all public debts (as opposed to both public and private), since this would allow for an assortment of competing private currencies to rise up alongside the national currency, thereby keeping those in charge of the latter in check.

However, there are four key issues on which I passionately disagree with the Austrian School:

(a) the idea that the only way to have "sound" money is to institute a gold-based money system;

(b) the idea that the only way to get out of the current depression is to let everything collapse first -- i.e., to let the financial terrorists who caused this crisis in the first place foreclose on everyone (even though they gave no lawful consideration for any of the collateral-backed IOUs they accepted in exchange for the non-existent "money" they loaned), and to add insult to injury by euphemistically characterizing this patently unjust and totally unnecessary looting of the economy as a mere case of "market forces" imposing a just and necessary "correction" on the economy;

(c) this cartoonish notion that all government regulations (not just most) are bad and evil by definition, and the consequent reluctance of Austrian School ideologues to even mention the word "derivatives" (let alone acknowledge the primary causative role they played in the financial meltdown of 2008), presumably since doing so would draw attention to the fact that the quadrillion-dollar derivatives bubble could never have been created to begin with had the Glass-Steagall Act -- a form of (gasp!) "government intervention" -- not been repealed in 1999; and

(d) the notion that there's no fundamental difference between commodity speculation and land speculation (see this and this).

I tend to distinguish between the well-meaning patriots who've fallen prey to euphemism-laced Austrian School propaganda, on the one hand, and the paid propagandists who sit atop the Austrian School hierarchy, on the other.

In a certain sense, these propagandists are the ideological equivalent of Glenn Beck: like Beck, they'll express a lot of truths to lure people to their side, then poison the minds of their followers by mixing those truths with half-truths and outright falsehoods. For instance, they'll rightly criticize how ridiculously bureaucratized and self-perpetuating the federal welfare system is, then falsely conclude from this that the "solution" is to have no social safety net at all.

They'll correctly expose the unintended consequences of rent control, but conveniently ignore or, worse, rationalize the privilege-induced rack-renting that created the apparent need for rent control in the first place.

They'll rightly criticize the quasi-private Federal Reserve System, then falsely conclude from this that the "solution" is to make money creation even more privatized than it already is.

Perhaps worst of all, however, is the tendency of Austrian School propagandists to suggest or imply that a total collapse of the entire U.S. economy (and hence of America itself) is not only inevitable, but desirable; and that any governmental policy or program that interferes with this collapse -- an example of such interference being Webster Tarpley’s proposal to “stop all foreclosures on primary residences, businesses, and farms for five years or the duration of the depression” -- is therefore a bad thing, not a good thing.

Why is it a "bad" thing?

Simple. Because, just as socialists perceive "the State" as a mystical, God-like entity existing independently of the people who compose it, Austrian Schoolers have a similar conception of the "free market," as evidenced by this quasi-religious notion they incessantly promote that, following said collapse, a mystical, God-like entity falsely known as the "free market" will magically rise like a phoenix from the ashes of our destroyed nation, give birth to a “sound” (read: gold-based) money system, and all will be well with the world.

In that sense, these do-nothing/let-everything-collapse Austrian Schoolers are eerily similar to “rapture” cultists:,519.0.html

Bottom line: just as the NWO promotes "order" out of chaos, the Austrian School promotes economic revival and stability out of chaos. Either way you're dealing with a glorified cult that tries to sell people on the insane idea that "chaos" is a legitimate and effective means of achieving a desirable socioeconomic goal.

It is for this reason that I respectfully call on all thinking members of the anti-NWO/pro-America movement to stop letting Austrian School propagandists portray themselves as the divine gatekeepers of any and all things having to do with "liberty," "property" and "free enterprise."

Just as we must defend America from those who would destroy it in the name of the NWO, we must defend it against those who would -- by deliberate act of omission, and in the name of “liberty” and the "free market" -- knowingly allow America to be destroyed by an otherwise solvable economic and political crisis.
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