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Why the Republican-hijacked "Tea Party" movement has become a pathetic joke!

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Author Topic: Why the Republican-hijacked "Tea Party" movement has become a pathetic joke!  (Read 4927 times)
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« on: September 15, 2010, 05:35:07 pm »

This over 65+ demographic is traditionally computer illiterate. They still type domain names into the Google bar of their browser because URL addresses are a foreign language to them. In fact their technological skill set is really limited to emailing and flipping their cable box to Fox News in eager anticipation of Glenn Beck and Jack Baur style terrorist busting.

This technological gap in the elderly population is what has allowed FOX News to continue to shape the collective fear of an entire generation.

Although in many cases this political trend among the "elderly" is indeed the result of their being "ignorant" of how to use the Internet, in all too many others it's because of arrogance on their part. They simply refuse to swallow their precious egos and admit to just how badly they've allowed themselves to be deceived, manipulated and betrayed over and over again by the very political "leaders" in whom they've invested so much blind faith over the years.

From what I've observed and experienced, it is precisely this arrogance that compels middle and upper-middle class retirees (particularly if they're former military) to avert their gaze from anything that shatters the illusions on which their delusional, comic-book worldview is based, and to rail hysterically and self-righteously at whoever committed the almighty sin of attempting to enlighten them.

No amount of computer literacy classes will make a difference with such folks (or with their brainwashed counterparts in younger age groups), because it's not merely that they "don't know" certain things, but that they don't want to know.

In fact, so blinded are they by this arrogance, that they'll mindlessly cheerlead right-wing demagogues who privately view them as no less parasitic than the "welfare recipients" that they (property rich seniors) sooo love to look down upon, and who are determined to reduce and eventually eliminate the entitlement benefits they currently take for granted. These misguided souls will literally saw off the very economic branch they're sitting on as long as the saw that's been handed to them is wrapped in the American flag.

Will the elderly Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin cultists wake up and smell the corporate fascist Kool-Aid they've been drinking before the ruling-class puppets whom they insist on following like sheep start doing to them what they've been doing to the wage-earners who finance their Social Security and military retirement checks?

Thus far, I've seen virtually no indication that they will. And because they are arguably the most powerful voting bloc in the entire country, that means they'll be dragging the rest of us right over the cliff with them!
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