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How do we eliminate the paradox of poverty & privation amid plenty & abundance?

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Author Topic: How do we eliminate the paradox of poverty & privation amid plenty & abundance?  (Read 7691 times)
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« Reply #40 on: January 25, 2011, 01:36:48 pm »

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, we need to spend approximately $2.2 trillion on infrastructure repairs and upgrades just to bring our existing infrastructure up to “good condition”.

If we had taken the advice of monetary reformer, Byron Dale, we could have hit two birds with one stone a long time ago:


If the American Transportation Act were passed you would no longer pay tax on gasoline, diesel or other fuels. You would pay no tax on oil products, no tollway fees, no axle taxes, license fees, or other taxes normally collected to pay for roads and bridges.

Taxes to build and maintain roads and bridges would no longer be collected. No more bonding would be necessary for road & bridge construction and maintenance....All new money would now be created and exchanged into circulation as a Wealth (debt-free) payment for the labor and raw resources used in combination to build and maintain our roads and bridges. These are a Wealth produced that benefit ALL citizens equally. This was the principle behind the 'monetizing' of gold and silver bullion Free as a Wealth to the people who produced it and a debt-free medium of exchange to ALL. The government would hold the roads and bridges in "trust" for the people who would thereafter use them free-of-charge with no taxation or fees of any kind. The new money would represent the Wealth of our Nation (peoples' labor and raw sources) just like gold certificates once represented the Wealth metal money produced by the people and deposited with the Treasury. The certificate represented the production and was as good as the Wealth (gold or silver) it represented.

An immediate multiple benefit would result in the forms of: Tax relief, increased consumer spendable income, a stimulated demand for production and employment, lower freight charges, lower retail prices. Freight charges would be lower to retailers, retail prices would be lower to consumers. Prices would start coming down at the same time more money was becoming available for purchasing. The debt would start coming out of the system as we slowly stopped the creation of all money as interest-bearing debts and simultaneously put all new money into circulation as debt-free Wealth based upon work completed that benefitted everyone equally.

Taxes on loans normally used to build roads and bridges would be replaced with brand new money created and available only for payment in exchange for road and bridge work completed to bid specifications.

This new Debt-Free money created as payment for roads and bridges necessary to move our production and our people would provide the medium of exchange necessary to pay our otherwise "unpayable" bank-credit debts and pay the debt out of the system.



Unfortunately, when it comes to public policy reform, most people are still in the fatal habit of sheepishly letting one or the other of the two banker-owned major parties dictate to them what their options are.

Isn't that right, "lesser evil voters"? 
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"For the first years of [Ludwig von] Mises’s life in the United States...he was almost totally dependent on annual research grants from the Rockefeller Foundation.” -- Richard M. Ebeling
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