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« on: January 01, 2011, 03:48:00 am »


Then comes the Bay of Pigs, an apparent attempt to start a permanent war close enough to US shores (actually, the Conch Republic!) to make the US people feel genuinely threatened by it (as opposed to far-away Vietnam).  (George H. W. Bush appears to have supplied some of the ships (such as the "Houston", named after the city of Bush's residence at the time, and the Barbara J (the same first name and middle initial as Bush's wife), with the operation being code named "Zapata" (the name of Bush's oil company).)  President Kennedy refused to "go overt" with US air strikes in support of the operation, and also threatened to destroy the CIA in the wake of the operation.  During the subsequent Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy's famous television address revealed the strategic necessity for the removal of Soviet missiles from Cuba with reference to the lack of range of Soviet weapons to reach the US but for their presence in Cuba, a revelation which clearly revealed the falsehood of NORAD's raison d'etre.  The President's invocation of the Lincoln-era Act of Congress which authorized the printing of greenback fiat currency (United States Notes), as well as $2 and $5 silver certificates, greatly undermined the Federal Reserve, and sealed President Kennedy's fate.

The attempted permanent war in Vietnam resulted in massive profits for defense establishment vendors and the bankers back of them, as well as helping to establish a climate of permanent political repression in the name of enforcing public support for the war effort.  This might have worked in the case of a permanent war in Cuba, but the same plan applied to the war in far-off Vietnam resulted, not in a political straitjacket, but in massive public mobilization and political awakening (albeit within the intellectual straitjacket of the fake left-right paradigm), which mobilization gave the people of the US (and many other countries) an experience in self-organization and political resistance which continues to bear fruit down to the present day in the popular resistance against Bankster tyranny.

(In other words, the Vietnam War was probably the biggest mistake the Bankster Class ever made, and will, in my opinion, eventually be recorded in history as the Banksters' critical and decisive error.)  Eventually, the Bankster class realized the mistake they'd made, and relented on the war issue, simultaneously going overt with US cooperation with Maoist China and laying the groundwork for the transfer of the US industrial establishment to the Chinese slave state.  That accomplished, the only task remaining was the conversion of the US into a police state.  This began under the superempowered vice presidency of George H. W. Bush with the "Rex 84" plan, and continued with the string of false-flag terrorist attacks including World Trade Center '93, Oklahoma City '95, and, finally, the television spectacular of 9/11, which turned out to be what was needed to misdirect the people's political energy and imagination against a phantom enemy, which they realized, almost too late, was actually themselves.  And, then, thank God for the TSA, whose obvious oppression directed against the American people and equally obvious ineffectiveness against "terrorism" finally brought the American people back to square one circa 1967.

Let's make sure that the popular awakening and self-mobilization currently underway succeeds, not only in forcing the evil confronting us to back down, but in eliminating the evil entirely, by the application of the rule of law throughout society generally,  bringing the Banskters and their minions before the bar.
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