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« on: December 30, 2010, 05:33:29 am »


Good analysis!

Just a few more points:

In the march from a republic to a fascist dictatorship, the US underwent an extremely slow takeover by the bankster class, initially at the hands of the Anglo-American Fabian Socialist (gradualist) wing of that class, but there was an important change of direction which resulted in the Fabian Gradualists being pushed aside in favor of the Fascist Militarists (I'm still trying to work out nomenclature here, as Italian Fascism was really a rather traditional tyranny of the establishment over the poor (i.e., a reactionary traditionalist regime) with a radical and populist face, whereas German National Socialism (which is really what were talking about with the Bush family) was a full-blown radical totalitarian regime.  Indeed, I'll have to reread Hanna Arendt at some point, but she mentions a young Nazi who asked Heinrich Himmler what the similarity was between German National Socialism and Italian Fascism, and what the difference was between German National Socialism ans Soviet Communism, to which the Reichsfuehrer der SS responded with pamphlet that basically said "Beats me!!".  I would have answered that question by saying that German National Socialism distinguishes itself from Soviet Communism principally by virtue of the former's heavy emphasis on eugenics, whereas the study and teaching of Mendelian Genetics (not Darwinism, but very solid science thunk up by a Roman Catholic monk) were banned in the USSR until at least the Khrushchev era.)  (Sorry for the lengthy aside, but I'm attempting a degree of precision here.)

Anyways, the bankster declaration of war upon the US was, obviously, the famous London Times "Hazard Circular" issued during the US Civil War.  (Long live the 3rd Brigade, I Corps, Army of the Potomac (aka "Iron Brigade of the West")!).  An early step was the fomenting of the Spanish-American War of 1898 at the hands of the so-called "Yellow Press" (the sensationalist newspapers owned by the likes of William Randolf Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer), which war President McKinley actually opposed, to the extent that he considered using his Constitutional authority as Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States of America by refusing to wage the war which Congress had declared, but ultimately decided that the Constitution required him to surrender to the will of Congress and wage the war which Congress had declared, which war made an extra-continental imperialist power of the American Republic (already an imperial-scale state within her own borders, considering the Indian Tribes, German Wisconsin, Mormon Utah and the aberrant Anglo-Saxon culture of the Southeastern US. (Once again, Long live the 3rd Brigade, I Corps, Army of the Potomac (aka "Iron Brigade of the West")!)  I would seriously like to know who funded the "Yellow Press" during this period.   Nevertheless, President McKinley was a true Conservative (truly to a fault, as he could always be counted upon to enforce the will of capital upon labor, which policy continued extreme oppression and exploitation of industrial workers (at that time, largely foreign-born and non-citizen or Black and disenfranchised (in either case, non-voting))), who rejected the idea of a central bank.  Although Leon Czolgosz  is n

(More later: 'puter pooping out.)
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