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« on: December 29, 2010, 02:22:20 pm »

Let’s Reclaim History As We Go Into 2011, And The Unknown Future

Saman Mohammadi
Truth Excavator
December 29, 2010

We’re led to believe that the United States government is a positive force in the world but this is not true. I’m not saying it couldn’t be in the future, in fact, once there is a regime change in Washington, America will become the greatest country in the world again, but as it is now, the deceitful and manipulative leaders in the CIA, the Federal Reserve, the White House, the State Department, and the Pentagon are the most destructive force in the world, and pose the greatest existential threat to human civilization, and world peace.

This is not an American government that the American people elected. It is not a government at all. It is a gang. And this gang which runs Washington is bipartisan, unethical, and treasonous. They are engaged in a grand conspiracy against freedom, peace, America, and the world. No doubt, if the true defenders of freedom and peace emerge victorious against this criminal gang, there will be public executions on Pennsylvania Avenue in the decade ahead.

This is not the American government that the
American people elected.

All this is overwhelming, and scary. Nevertheless, it is true. The historical reality that the world must learn to accept, especially the American people, is that the American government was hijacked from the inside by right-wing fascists and oligarchs over the course of many decades, starting in 1913 with the creation of the private Federal Reserve Bank that has the monopoly of credit, followed by the establishment of the National Security State in 1947, the history-changing assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, and finally, the government-engineered attacks on September 11, 2001. These four events stand out in my mind as the major turning points in the last hundred years of American history. What was once a great and mighty constitutional republic was transformed into a dictatorship, a global killing machine, the bully of the world, all the while posing as the white-hat defender of democracy and freedom.

This new history is not all that hard to come to terms with after we take some essential first steps into topics like the JFK assassination and the 9/11 truth movement. Learning about new spheres of knowledge, history, and reality is similar to discovering new lands. Both are journeys into the unknown. Pioneers of thought and discoverers of previously uninhabited places share a lot of qualities with each other. Both take a great risk with their whole being, not just their reputation, and once they’re successful in their exploration of new ideas and new lands they give something new to humanity.

As a culture we have lost knowledge about the substance of history, who shapes history, who tells it, and why they tell it a certain way. Winston Churchill said “History is written by the victors.” Victors can be whole nations, or they can be certain factions within a particular nation like oligarchs, industrialists, and financiers, or the people at large. When America won WWII, American soldiers received new homes and new loans to go to school, but American oligarchs got an empire. Who was the true victor, then? Obviously, it was not the American people. They were lied to a generation later by their highest ranking leaders about a new war in Vietnam that didn’t need to be fought. Such grand deceit and government lies about war has been part of American politics from World War II up to now.

If we want to recapture the history of the last century we must realize that history is not a sequence of events that proceed unrelated and unconnected. History is cause and effect. The murder of John F. Kennedy meant the war in Vietnam could be expanded, and the CIA would remain intact and powerful enough to influence world events. That is how history flows. What matters is not popular vote, but the perception of any given event, and the understanding of history.

History is full of visionaries like JFK, Martin Luther King Jr, and Robert F. Kennedy who are killed by the status quo of their era. Understanding why these three men were killed is not rocket science. They were the true voices of freedom and peace, and because of their influence in society and capability to sway public opinion they were assassinated. History is filled with the dreams of oligarchs, populists, radicals, psychopaths, revolutionaries, visionaries, and peacemakers. Sometimes men of good will triumph, and sometimes they don’t. In one era people witness the birth of a new nation, and in another era people witness revolutions, coups, and other kinds of national transformations.

Once more in history the American people must throw off tyranny’s chains. Unlike before, tyranny is coming in the form of a transnational police state, and its chains are spread out across the Atlantic, binding both Europe and North America in slavery. The main justification behind this police state is that all Western nations face the threat of terrorism. But this is a false justification. The War on Terror is in reality a War on Citizens. 9/11 was not done by Al-Qaeda, but by leaders in the United States government, and the Israeli government.

The Bush administration simplistically portrayed the new global fight against terrorism that was sparked by the government staged 9/11 attacks as “Us vs. Them” – us representing the forces of civilization, and them, identified as stateless terrorists and states that sponsor terrorism, representing the forces of barbarism and savagery. But people knew this picture of reality wasn’t true even in the immediate moments after the attacks happened. Critics of the new War on Terror paradigm pointed to U.S. militarism abroad, and the CIA’s legacy of overthrowing democratically elected leaders as evidence that the United States government is not innocent. But the truth abut the origins of the War on Terror, and the 9/11 attacks go much deeper.

The truth about 9/11 shows that the psychopathic individuals who control U.S. foreign policy, and their equally criminal partners in Israel and England, are the greatest source of terror and conflict in the world. The hardliners in Iran come after the Washington-Tel Aviv-London Axis on the list of the biggest existential threats to humanity and civilization, but there’s a big gap in between them. The only hope for peace in the world is regime change in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv, not Tehran. Of course, regime change in all four countries would be the best outcome.

Make no mistake, we are all in the fight for human civilization and the destiny of humanity, but the biggest forces of barbarism that we must oppose are not in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Iran, but in Washington, Tel Aviv, London, Ottawa, and Melbourne. The War on Terrorism that is being waged by Western governments is a criminal war and anybody who continues to defend it will become spiritually and morally bankrupt.

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"For the first years of [Ludwig von] Mises’s life in the United States...he was almost totally dependent on annual research grants from the Rockefeller Foundation.” -- Richard M. Ebeling

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