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Land Value Taxation: Rebuttals to Common Objections

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Author Topic: Land Value Taxation: Rebuttals to Common Objections  (Read 7157 times)
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« on: August 23, 2010, 04:34:16 pm »

There's been much talk in recent years about the so-called carbon tax. The economic snake-oil salesmen who shamelessly peddle this ridiculous scheme routinely claim that it will "curb emissions" while helping to "strengthen" our economy. Now, since it is the wealth-producing process of applying labor and capital to land that generates much of the man-made carbon emissions that global warming cultists incessantly wax alarmist about, what the aforementioned salesmen are essentially claiming is that -- even though labor and capital are taxed to death already -- if we tax them even more, that will magically improve our collapsing economy. 

The truth, of course, is the very opposite:


Kerry – Lieberman: Corrupt Climate Science Used To Destroy US Economy

Dr. Tim Ball
Canada Free Press
May 18, 2010

The Kerry – Lieberman American Power Act (APA) is a disastrous, unnecessary solution for a non-existent problem. Worse, it’s a problem that exists only in a grossly inadequate computer model whose projections have never been correct. It is predicated on the false assumption that an increase in CO2 causes a temperature increase. Every record of any duration for any period in Earth’s history shows temperature increases before CO2 increases.  The false assumption is the basis of all global warming and climate change used in the corrupted research and models of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It is impossible to imagine such an unjustified basis for any action, except to undermine the US economy for political gain.

It will make the US economy uncompetitive, dramatically increase the cost of living and give more power to the government. This is already proven in the failure of countries that have pursued similar alternative energies and green economies.

The name of the Act is in the deceptive tradition of climate-based energy policy. It was carbon credits, then carbon tax, cap and trade, and now the APA but they are all the same and completely unnecessary.  Carbon credits were designed as a global equalization of wealth. Developed nations had to pay for the sin of making their money by using fossil fuels and producing the planet destroying global warming. Cap and Trade appeared virtuous by capping the planet-destroying CO2 while creating trade and business opportunity. It is actually the same old tax grab with more government control. The APA invokes patriotism and implies energy independence, especially from oil. The spill in the Gulf is unfortunate but has reinforced the push. As Rahm Emmanuel, White House Chief of Staff said, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

The IPCC Provide Corrupt Scientific Basis

It provides the leverage to achieve the stated Obama administration goal of energy independence and a shift to alternative energy. However, it is much more than that because as Richard Lindzen said “Controlling carbon is a bureaucrats dream. If you control carbon you control life.”

The IPCC Reports and especially the Summary for Policymakers (SPM) are used to demonize CO2. Ironically, they provide evidence of how inadequate they are for taking such dramatic, drastic and unnecessary political action.

In the Reports what is initially included and then excluded tells the story. For example, a graph (Figure 1) showing the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) was included in the 1990 IPCC Report. It was a problem for Michael Mann and the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) so it disappeared in later reports and then was replaced in the 2001 Report by the corrupted ‘hockey stick’ graph, as they rewrote history.


Will The New Green Economy Kill The American Dream For Millions Of People?

The American Dream
May 21, 2010

As Barack Obama and U.S. Senators John Kerry and Joe Lieberman continue to try to ramrod a "green economy bill" down the throats of the American people, many Americans are openly wondering what this new green economy is going to cost all of us. After all, two new reports have just come out that clearly indicate that “climate change legislation” is really, really bad for an economy. In fact, many are projecting that the cap and trade system that Barack Obama and the Democrats wish to impose on all of us will end up killing the American Dream for millions of people. At a time when the U.S. economy is already coming apart at the seams, the last thing we need is another huge mountain of oppressive regulations heaped on to American businesses. This is especially true considering the fact that global corporations have already shown that they will ship manufacturing jobs out of the United States at the drop of a hat. The reality is that the new green economy is not going to be good for any of us, and the American people need to wake up to that fact.

First of all, before we explore the economic dangers of this new green economy, we should make it clear that carbon dioxide simply does not cause global warming.

Dr. Tim Ball, a renowned environmental consultant and former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg, has studied this for years and he says that it abundantly clear that carbon dioxide cannot possibly cause “global warming”….

“CO2 is about 1.5 the density of air. One of the great fallacies promoted by [the proponents of the global warming theory] is that CO2 is well and quickly mixed through the atmosphere. It isn’t. They also argue that the CO2 is most effective in trapping heat from the Earth (infrared) at the top of the atmosphere. This is why the computer models predicted greatest warming at the top of the atmosphere over the tropics. The problem is the actual measurements show that is not happening.”

The truth is that carbon dioxide is one of the fundamental building blocks of life. In fact, scientists tell us that there were times in the earth’s past when there were much, much higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there are now. When there is more carbon dioxide, plant life thrives and there is more food for everyone.

But the environmentalists just won’t listen. It is as if nothing will shake their blind faith in global warming. But the facts are out there for anyone with an open mind. For much more on the fraud of “global warming”, just check out the following article: “How To Save The Environment? Get Al Gore The Heck Away From It”.

In fact, even if we eliminated every single source of carbon dioxide emissions caused by humans, it would hardly make a dent in total worldwide carbon emissions. Over 95% of total carbon dioxide emissions would occur even if humans were not present on Earth.

So those who are trying so hard to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in order to “save the environment” are chasing after some sort of a fantasy.

That wouldn’t be so bad if their delusions weren’t about to crush the U.S. economy.

Analysts are calling this new green economy bill in the U.S. Senate a “job killer” that would push energy bills through the roof and would drive jobs and businesses overseas at a record pace.

So is there any evidence that those things would actually happen?

Well, yes there is.

*A leaked internal assessment produced by Spain’s Zapatero administration reveals that Spain’s “green economy” has been an absolute economic nightmare for that nation. Energy rates in Spain have “skyrocketed” and the new green economy there has lost more than two jobs for every job that it has created. All of this has pushed Spain to the brink of economic disaster. In fact, economists all over the world say that Spain is now one of the nations most likely to experience a Greek-style financial collapse.

*According to a new study by the California Legislative Analyst’s Office, a state law that requires power plants, factories and other businesses to cut greenhouse gas emissions could cause energy prices to rise and prompt businesses to delay expansion or flee California.

Not that this should be shocking for anyone.


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