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Election Reform!

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Author Topic: Election Reform!  (Read 4225 times)
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« on: August 23, 2010, 03:14:48 pm »

Whenever Democratic or Republican party hacks parrot the “wasted vote” mantra, they’re trying to con voters into believing that each individual vote cast for a 3rd party or independent candidate is, by definition, a “wasted" vote, since that candidate has “no chance of winning.”

Think about what this implies.

If you vote for a candidate who supports the very policies you most oppose and opposes the very reforms you most support, and that candidate goes on to win the election, do you “win” as well?

According to the aforementioned hacks, you do!

Yet as any rational person will almost certainly agree, in terms of having your views represented -- which is supposedly the whole point of voting in the first place -- you actually LOSE. And if that weren’t bad enough, you also lose in terms having the right to complain about anything that candidate does once safely in office, since he or she can always turn to you and add insult to injury by saying: “You’re getting exactly what you voted for, so stop whining!”

Another psychological trigger-word that major party hacks love to employ on the brainwashed masses is “spoiler.”

If a Democrat ekes out a victory in three-way race against a Republican and Libertarian, the Pavlovian response from Republican reactionaries is always to accuse the Libertarian candidate of “spoiling” the election. Likewise, if a Republican ekes out a victory in a three-way race against a Democrat and Green, the Pavlovian response from Democratic reactionaries is always to accuse the Green candidate of “spoiling” the election.

For a glaring example of this, one need look no further than the 2000 presidential “election.” In the aftermath of that election, Democratic Party hacks waxed hysterical about how Green Party candidate, Ralph Nader, had “spoiled” the election by “taking” (read: stealing) votes from Al Gore. Their argument was essentially this:

    “Ralph Nader is a spoiler, because if he had respected our divine right to be the only ‘alternative’ to Republican Party candidates, Al Gore would have easily won Florida -- and hence the election.”

This, of course, begs an obvious and -- if you’re a Democrat -- incovenient question: Since Al Gore would easily have won the election if the Republican Party had not fielded a candidate, why aren’t you (Democrats) accusing Bush of being a "spoiler" as well?

The answer is obvious: because Democrats, like their Republican counterparts, have been brainwashed into believing that the two ridiculously corrupt, banker-owned major parties are -- by definition -- the only "viable" options.

Such is the arrogance of the Democrats who hold this absurd belief, they think their party literally “owns” the vote of every non-Republican in the country. And such is the arrogance of the Republicans who hold the very same belief, they literally think their party “owns” the vote of every non-Democrat in the country.

So, to the countless people out there who, like me, are equally disgusted with both major parties, I hereby propose that our unified message to those parties should be:

Neither of you ‘owns’ our votes. Got that? If a third party or independent candidate gets our votes, it’s NOT because that candidate ‘stole’ those votes, but because your candidate failed to earn them. So if your panties are in a tight little bunch because your guy lost, just remember: that’s your fault for nominating such a horrible candidate, not ours for refusing to waste our votes on him!”
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