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« on: August 04, 2010, 09:52:04 pm »

Section 1

Not many will see it the way I do unfortunately unless I really find out how to properly explain EXACTLY why them naming a website "" is a bad idea


I think this was MEANT to have a counterproductive effect and it gives psy ops and the mainstream media another excuse to give a distorting illusion that makes us look like we're all Cliché.


Section 2

Absolute Psych. warfare Psychological Ops. actively operating on message boards and websites such as "Gaia Online"

Situation: Posters actively engaging in arguments with obviously illegitimate pseudo-logic.

People in general who have never heard of Alex Jones for their entire life or who have never heard the term "conspiracy theory" before may see YouTube-comment-fights or message board arguments with certain posters taking on other posters who talk about non-mainstream subjects by arguing that it is all conspiracy theory nonsense.

All evidence is deliberately denied no matter what to give the illusion that there is substance to the reasoning of denying it. The clueless witness of the Internet fights and web arguments is unaware that there is more evidence than ever before, and no matter how damning or logical it is, the witness of the argument just assumes that the evidence must all be wrong simply because there are people still denying all of it and labeling it to be conspiracy theory non-sense in a way that implies that the label is conclusively justified as absolute fact when it isn't.

The random witnessing non-participating viewer then dismisses the non-mainstream subject as a "conspiracy theory" because it is the "politically correct" thing to do. The "politically correct" way of thinking of non-mainstream issues is that anything that is labeled as a "conspiracy theory" automatically is wrong and always has been always wrong.

This is what makes people ASSUME that these things are only wrong because they have been PROVEN wrong, but this isn't the case because NON of the truly official non-mainstream topics or subjects have been PROVEN wrong.

It turns out that those claiming and/or implying that official genuine non-mainstream issues have been truly PROVEN wrong are only engaging in purposeful psychological warfare meant to mentally regulate/suppress masses of people while enforcing an invalid sense of "political correctness" and are likely to be in military positions having to do with Internet-based social-manipulation operations.

Raw Story Article: Pentagon calls for ‘Office of Strategic Deception’

Back-Up Copy: Pentagon calls for ‘Office of Strategic Deception’

INFOWARS.COM Article: "The Psychology of Conspiracy Denial"

Section 3

WARNING: Psychological suppression against the Tea Party & the Patriot Movement.

I have a suspicion that the establishment is trying to somehow decompartmentalize Americans who become aware of the false Democratic/Republican/Liberal/Conservative/Left/Right paradigm so that they become obsessed/focused only on the American establishment and stay oblivious to the fact that a New World Order is being created and that the American establishment is not the only establishment that has been hijacked.

Some members of the Tea Party and the Patriot Movement may already be aware of this but are affected by an "out of sight, out of mind" type of psychological suppression.

Always remember, inform, and remind this to those that seem to not be aware of the fact that the American establishment is not the ONLY hijacked and corrupt establishment in the world.

Also remember, inform, and remind those that are unaware that the American establishment itself is participating in and being controlled by the materializing New World Order.

We cannot allow ourselves be manipulated into remaining not completely informed and not completely aware, especially when that which is needed to become fully informed is so widely available that it may be found without looking for it.

Section 4

Videos contain documentation/news articles/government bills/government laws

videos have material in them that back them up

videos do not contain "convincing talking with no evidence"

Psych. Warfare Operatives to imply that videos are null/void and that Alex Jones is mentally ill and ultimately delusional.

Psych. Warfare Operatives will imply that videos only contain convincing talking but no facts or evidence to back them up.

Get videos with document cam shots together...

Section 5

People opposed to alternative information more than they should be.

Patterns and algorithms point to apparent dedication to opposing alternative information or so called "conspiracy theories".

Someone who is truly normal would be against this at a certain level.

Someone who is a psychological warfare operative would be against this at a higher level than someone who was truly normal.

Algorithm points to message board users being against this in a way that lacks average amount of apathy.

So called "Conspiracy theories" are opposed with extended and seemingly endless effort. Average person too lazy to put this much effort into opposing these things.

Denial of indisputable fact occurs frequently. Action is targeting weak-minded message board users who are susceptible to political correctness bandwagon fallacy.

Section 6

COINTEL PRO Agents/ Psychological Warfare Operatives:

  • A. White-Wash the truth
  • B. Deny the truth
  • C. Discredit the truth with disinformation

  • A. Never tell the complete truth or agree with someone who is telling the complete truth. Prevent everyone from understanding or realizing 100% of the truth by denying certain parts of the truth but not all of the truth. Make sure that the percentage level of truth that is believed by others does not exceed the level of truth that is needed to be significant enough to bypass the farthest extent of psychological regulation and suppression, otherwise they will be past the point of no return with no limit to momentum.
  • B. Deny 100% of the truth and never compromise, only go with "politically-correct" information that is put out by the establishment.
  • C. Put out nothing but lies and disinformation while simultaneously associating the lies with the actual truth in order to make the real truth look bad.

Section 7

We don't care if you add dramatic music that overdramaticizes the video to the point where no-one takes it seriously - JUST COVER PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

Not to mention that you mix older videos that were ADMITTED to being fake in with all of those articles...

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