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Space! The final Neurosis! JG debunks the 'SATURNALIA + NASA image' Extravaganza

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Author Topic: Space! The final Neurosis! JG debunks the 'SATURNALIA + NASA image' Extravaganza  (Read 1578 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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« on: December 24, 2012, 06:56:08 am »

 For a Kick-off, I can firmly say with a great deal of confidence that it was JG using a former Avatar/Screen-Name, and then elsewhere, who brought to light the whole PAGAN history of XMAS in this particular media Arena. Because He had a passion for this subject having become suspicious of the 'true-meaning-of-christmas'.

 Jones was still ranting on about giving Infowars DVD's as Xmas presents up until 2011. I'm not blaming you!

 The Romans celebrated Saturnalia or the Pagan 'Festival of the unconquered Sun' which they inherited in the process of cultural integration as they moved West into Post-Bronze-Age, Post-Stone-Age Britain.

This is why True-Christians know that the 25th of December is based around the Western Orthodox Church's Inheritance, in-turn, of the Roman Tradition, and has nothing to do with Christ.
The Bible Timeline proves by simple mathematical subtraction that Christ was born in Late-September or October.

 However, SATURNALIA is not as such celebrated today! We don't celebrate Saturnalia. Perhaps NASA do!?
 If NASA are carrying out Covert SATURNALIEN Celebrations around the back of the Bike-Sheds perhaps we shouldn't be relying too much on NASA for promoting our PR as an advanced & evolved, empathetic, adapted & clear-thinking civilisation if we should ever find ourselves "Going Forth, where Non have trodden Before "?

Perhaps NASA too wanted to try and be clever? It's called 'taking-the-p·i·s·s' in english Slang.

Anyway ALL the political forces on our planet are Clearly going Hell-for-Leather to make sure that YOU never attain that glorious status.

If that's the case, then you need in order to prevent having your 'head-copped', develop a sense of humour. However warfare is a bitter and unforgiving, HIGHLY ILLOGICAL business as much invested in creating Grievances or 'chips-on-the-shoulder' for the future exploitation of, as it is for the winning of turf in the present.
 My exposé was done on PROPAGANDAMATRIX.COM's own Forum pages, owned by PJW of Infowars/PrisonPlanet. The site was later infiltrated by a Infowars frequent poster 'Femacamper' who had won over administrative Moderator Privileges from PJW, (the passwords etc) and the forum was PULLED a few short months later, never to re-appear.

 At's forum, in great length I outlined the history of the 'Festival of the Unconquered Sun'. I learned it because I was frequenting the Bible-Study Group Jehovah Witnesses, who I believe, giving CREDIT WHERE it's DUE, were the first to make the whole subject PUBLIC DOMAIN knowledge. I was just regurgatating in my own words what I had learnt from their magazines and so forth ...

 However, Icke&Jones© are still getting it wrong! Icke on his 21 Dec Appearance on the show is brought on to explain to the Plebs and 'expose all' about the Occult Symbolism of a 'new' NASA IMAGE.

Cassini Mission Image with Shadow applied to Reveal unhitherto seen detail in The 'Cassini-Rings'.

(JG is a New Budding Astronomer, with a Restored Meade 900mm Refracting Telescope in the shack.)

Icke refers in that day's show as Saturn being 'A dead sun', a gas GIANT. Ahah! And in his discourse 'The Unconquered Sun' becomes SATURN. He doesn't understand because he has no interest in a humbling true RELIGIOUS faith to guide his clear thinking. He's just a GURU, leaning on Jones' shoulder for a cash-handout.

'Todays' guest ... is David Icke'. Let me finish!

 'The Unconquered Sun', I would have nontheless thought is obviously enough OUR SUN or SOL, if you want.
 In the ancient pagan rituals which the Romans integrated and invested in, after conquering Western Europes' simple folk of the time, 'The Unconquered Sun' is our own sun's re-appearance around the measuring apparatus of the Newbury Stones, or maybe even Stonehenge. I believe it's on the 31st Dec that OUR SUN re-appears at a new measuring point on the horizon, marked by a stone appropriately placed by our Stone-Age Astronomers, and is considered RE-BORN.

  "Look People, it didn't die, celebrate, let us give thanks to the Spiritual Rebirth and honour the great Plume of Aggasoria"
 - That's a parody theme from Star-Trek enterprise Season One, 10th episode where priests travel across the galaxy to witness the once in eleven years (coincidence with Sol's Solar-Cycle) re-appearance of a kind of Coronal Mass Ejection on a Huge Scale, from a Star inside a Nebulae. There's a lot of interesting References to our own Historical past, failure to embrace difference & cultural diversity and the Dilemmas of our lives in ST!!!

 I don't personally believe NASA have been given the necessary authority to mislead millions of people into an occult workship ritual more than Jones was doing so by promoting CHRISTMAS all these years. It's just NOT important!

 They all want full spectrum dominance, we agree!?

 "This is all about Power and Control" - Alex Jones.

 In which case we all need guidance to be able to participate healthily in a Future that is yet Unwritten.

 Yes, I begin to see that this could all get JG in a lot of trouble ... I have however lived a life of trouble.

 And as it says in the bible "Glory is given him who conquers".

 So stick that in your pipe and smoke it. I'm surprised that in these days of frugality and austerity anyone has the time to waste reading misinterpretations of the Pagan Ritualistic Inheritance of Xmas.

 I think just more respect for one-another is going to be an absolute pre-requisite for the future since bully-boys and numb-nuts clearly believe they uniquelly have been given the keys to the re-interpretation of recorded history and a millenia of knowledge ...

"I've been JG; Good-Night".
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2

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