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David Icke's World —"The Universe is Holographic": I prefered the Mayan Version.

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Author Topic: David Icke's World —"The Universe is Holographic": I prefered the Mayan Version.  (Read 1610 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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« on: December 21, 2012, 01:01:07 pm »

 "The Best Place Mr Mulder to Hide A LIE, is BETWEEN TWO TRUTHS".
 — Remember that? The Old X-Files Season One.

 If you watch the Mayan Indian YouTube I posted on here, a week or so back, he talks of a moment of clarity during the day, which will pass. It's effect the chap said, will linger a while.
 - Icke & Jones© were quite evidently not the ones to deliver any of that Clarity this day the 21 Dec, 2012.

 Yet, even the Dumbest Son of the Working-Class who has ever taken up Bible-Study (and JG has met MANY), as an adult or at any time, understands as his primary lesson that 'A New-Heavens & A New-Earth' & 'The old Order will pass away with a Hissing Sound' MAY refer to the replacement of the so-called SPIRITUAL ('heavenly') and the POLITICAL ('earthly') order of our times with something 'different' ...
... that's all we know at this time.

One Internet Artists impression of 'A new Heavens & a New Earth'.

Listen to this snippet taken a few minutes ago on TODAY'S GCN Infowars Live.

 David Icke - GCN 21/12/12. The Grandness of the Universe is illusory - A Holographic (Projection)
 Right Click » Save As: *._mp3 (375kb mono)

 Then why do those Blow-Hard 'Brain-surgeons' Icke & Jones© want to touch on the subject of the Vastness of Creation but not to acknowledge the Grand Intelligent Design of Creation for what it is, but rather to try and re-shape, yes even limit YOUR MOST BASIC UNDERSTANDING of ANYTHING Beyond THIS PLANET and ITS SORDID HISTORY OF FRACTICIDAL POLITICS. It was going to go on forever ....
 -Tell me why?! Go on, torment me!

 Because by tomorrow, Icke & Jones™, those Wild-West salesmen will be getting you to part with your cash after having convinced you that they Love You SOooo Murch, though maybe you're not so sure about it yourself?

 The view they offer and Propound with raised voices, is actually a very Pre-Copernican, Flat-Earth, Earth-at-centre-of-Universe view, a standpoint which of course accompanied the Catholic Inquisitions of the early 1600's. The recent History of Humanity it must be remembered from any rational point of view has been extremely volatile. JG has his suspicions that we are our own worst enemy, and that there are few 'bad-guys' to be had 'out there'.

 I'll tell you this much for free. Maybe it's 'This Attitude' that Prof Brian May partly refers to when he talks of things we shouldn't take as baggage when we go off into space, exploring.

And know for sure. If JONES and his friends went, they would know one thing:

 Now, THAT rings true doesn't it!   Even IF all else I say were disputible.

 Or do they just presume that you are a whole loft dafter than even the lowest-grade education couldn't provide you? Or is it an attack on the concept of Deep Space Travel, and that whole VERY POSSIBLE physical and Scientifically Verifiable Reality?

 It's a sort of SCAVENGER News Interpretation that they are constantly Repeating and Re-Creating.
 To what purposeful end?
 I can't tune in for 3 minutes without hearing some ABYSSMAL Garbage mixed in with Half-Truths.

 This is their Political Solution to understanding the UNIVERSE and JEHOVAH GOD'S CREATION as a MATRIX ILLUSION conjured by Occultist Clowns in some hidden secret society at Yale, no doubt!
 I'm sorry I listened! I promise I won't EVER AGAIN!

It's the Dream! People may be led to think it's still got a look in ...

And you will walk away, head blown up like a balloon, thinking:
'Wow, What a Great-Guy. Amazing!'

Yes! I do know!

 And JG so wanted to get something to eat today!
— Another Illusory Concept, this time in the Front Square 2-inches of his Hippocampus or Lizard Brain, no doubt!?
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2

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