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The Prima-Façie! — Maroney ex-STRATFOR intern now Editor-in-Chief at INFOWARS !

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Author Topic: The Prima-Façie! — Maroney ex-STRATFOR intern now Editor-in-Chief at INFOWARS !  (Read 2348 times)
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« on: December 29, 2012, 01:29:48 am »

The Prima-Façie! Which means primary evidence to be presented in a law-courts sense!
— Deal with the Devil secures ex-STRATFOR intern the Editor-in-Chief job at INFOWARS?
JG thinks he may be closer to the bulls-eye with this, than you might at first scope-it!

For a Kick-off; - JG (the 3rd Person) thinks there's a reasonably good chance Jones has been diagnosed at some point in his life as 'Borderline' Something or other, Autistic, Certainly Obsessive Compulsive and probably as a child; - and this is the Bargain with the Devil to keep it quiet, and to allow Jones to keep his guns if the law toughens up on others with a Diagnosis.

The Prima-Façie Evidence states that in the 'Deal-with-the-Devil' a Stratfor CIA sponsored Intel Source gets the CHIEF JOB at INFOWARS hence also PRISONPLANET and PROPAGANDAMATRIX by extension.

This gives the Infowars/Prisonplanet World Domination Enterprise the opportunity required to take the high-ground in so-called Conventional Political Events Interpretation & then respond in kind with their own version of Strategic Global Think. Or whatever it is they can conjur from up inside their sleeves!

Jones still gets to run his AUTISTIC prejudice storylines as explanation for Mass-Shootings and w.h.y, as normal and as part of the deal, whilst people like JG get to remain a target of that prejudice & their voices marginalised. Mr Jones may even have a little insight into his condition, which helps him sound officious on the subject of 'It's got to be Mentally Ill People on Medication'.
He knows what it's like to be more than a bit cranky with a gun; - remember the waving the hand-gun around in the Studio ....
It's a WIN or LOSE situation, and Jones on prinicipal would have had absolutely no other possible choice!!!

As for the rest of you! No change! You don't think his Audience are smart enough to figure out that they're just beginning to be not able to cope with this Grandest of all Dissonances? They'll just carry-on towing the line until they can no longer cope living a double life! Then they'll either walk away from the Bomb site or start seeking a shrink's help.

Infowars still gets to run the 'Drugged Autistics behind Bombings' headlines because that's not being in denial of your own personal condition. One person's diagnosis has absolutely NOTHING to do with anyone else's diagnosis in the Professional Psychiatric World. It's ALL ABOUT YOU, and how well you're coping with the pressure.

You get a diagnosis when YOU'RE IN DENIAL; when you're not dealing with it or not having the opportunity to.

Remember it's all about Jones and his show. That's what people in MEDIA are about. It's all about themselves.
And the subject is: Who is to blame & who is not to blame; who is 'The Good-guy' & who is the alleged Shooter.

To Boot! It's not a very popular PR/MEDIA image for a Political-Talk Radio-Jock to have a Diagnosis!!

From SourceWatch:

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Stratfor -- also known as Strategic Forecasting, Inc. -- is a private company that provides strategic and issues management intelligence analysis to corporations and governments.

The company, founded in 1996, is based in Austin, Texas and boasts that it has "an intelligence network located throughout the world."

"Stratfor is the world's leading private intelligence firm providing corporations, governments and individuals with geopolitical analysis and forecasts that enable them to manage risk and to anticipate political, economic and security issues vital to their interests
," it states on its website. [1]

The particular individual cited as the Stratfor informant/Mole though actually now Editor-in-Chief at infoWARS is a M.Maroney whose CV was on until this whole business hit the fan. Now that content at Scribd has been removed by none less than a one: M.MARONEY.

Screengrab from

"This content was removed at the request of M. Maroney."

Comedy Logo built on the Infowars/Stratfor inferred links from
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2

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