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Five Valid & Documented Reasons to see Xmas for the Empty Pagan Festival it is.

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Author Topic: Five Valid & Documented Reasons to see Xmas for the Empty Pagan Festival it is.  (Read 1509 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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« on: December 08, 2012, 08:25:17 pm »

(1) Give XMAS up! Become a happier individual; able to give freely when you want rather than when you’re told.
Do you need your parents who are the Church & State to tell you when to ‘be nice’ to other people? But if it’s ‘the thought that counts’ so much, then why do you only think when told to by the waning Authority of your peer overseers?

(2)  Christmas is the result of the Christian Church's integration of age old pagan, yes heathen beliefs, that have nothing whatsoever to do with a Christ figure. from WIDE cultural diversity into a festival identified as " the Mass of Christ".
It's a Pagan. Shamanistic, Ritualistic animal sacrifice to an unknown God, all dressed up as legitimate Religious festival! And a load of old Phooey!
Plus, there is hard evidence that discredits the annual 'yule-tide' log burning tradition as nothing more than a Remembrance of ancient Pagan Mid-Winter festival highlights, when a human baby was thrown (undoubtedly by a contemporay priest of the time) onto a bonfire, again as a sacrifice to some unnamed 'god'. Strewth!

(3)  Despite virtually all Historians freely admitting that the Birthday of Christ is an unknown and that by the 18th Century every month of the year has at some time been associated with it, we are frog-marched by Church & State, you radical, into this: - A great way of wasting on Tit & Tat, all that money you so urgently need to keep you & your beleagered family warm this Winter.
It's totally eroneous to quote DEC 25 as The Christ's birthday since if you substract his age at death of 33 1/3rd yrs from the time of year he was impaled (so-called crucifixion was not a Roman tradition) both being facts available in historic texts, you conclude that he must have been born in either late September or in October.
'When shepherds guard their flocks at night'?
Israel's weather in December has always & historically been extremely cold. These same flocks would have already been taken 'in-doors' (barn or other shelter not requiring stewardship), before the onset of these annual extreme temperature lows.

(4)  It is common knowledge that Santa Claus is a Mythical character based on traditions associated with a 4th Century Bishop of Turkey. The 4th century is interestingly when the Churches of 'Christendom' first became seriously apostate, meaning they diverted from the original teachings of Christ.  This 'religious' Festival is also a derivative of Northern Scandinavian traditions, whereby an intoxicated Shaman interpreted his halucinations as flying. His dreams also included the ritualistic Scandinavian Reindeer and this led to a cult surrounding these Shamanistic icons & practices, that haunt us down to the present day.

(5)  Many people who for the rest of the year clearly have no 'religious' motivation to their personal lives, apparently undergo a 'miraculous' change when they are driven hypnotically en-masse to photograph their behinds on the office photo-copier. They may also adorn their houses with wreathes of holly & neon Santas. The Romans adorned their religious temples with such wreathes during the festival of 'Saturnalia', a festival of the equinox held around Dec 20 & known by European Pagans as 'the festival of the unconquered Sun'. This celebrated the apparent rebirth of The Sun.

etc, etc, etc, .... These are all FACTS, None of this was ever made up. Go verify! ....
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2

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