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Paedophilia: The Hollie Greig Scandal, Dunblane Massacre & The Scottish Cabal.

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Author Topic: Paedophilia: The Hollie Greig Scandal, Dunblane Massacre & The Scottish Cabal.  (Read 953 times)
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« on: July 24, 2012, 12:59:22 pm »

Paedophilia: The Hollie Greig Scandal, The Dunblane Massacre & The Scottish Cabal.

Who is this 'Owen Mark Le Winton'. Another link on the web to disabled YouTubes states ...
"'Owen Mark Le Winton'An impostor and obstructionist ...

Moving on:
A List of Ring members and victims, As published in 2010 by the author, in the Palestine Telegraph:

Aberdeen Paedophile **** Ring
Scottish Government Cover Up of Hollie Greig Part 1 - How it all came to light

Denis Charles Mackie

Greg Mackie

Graeme Mackie

Gillian Mackie

Jack Buchanan

Evelyn Buchanan

Sheriff Graeme Buchanan

David Smith

Wyn Dragan

Terry Major (Police Officer, Grampian)

Sylvia Major

Helen MacDonald (Carer for Hollie Grieg)

Ian MacDonald

Carol Low


Known Victims


Hollie Greig

Richard Dragan

Katherine Major

Jennifer Major

Two children of Ian and Helen Macdonald

Two children of Graeme and Gillian Mackie

Scotsmen & Women of the agencies: 'Yeah, but what are YOU going to do about it?'

Well how about we start a glorious war with Establishment Scotland's COSY and SYMBIOTIC relationship with it's criminal civil fraternity for a starters! This phenomenon is as witnessed even in America is now real, where local judiciaries are being leniant with house-breakers, junkies and 'other common civilian scum', thus giving their symbiotic relationship influence and power, like a mafia, in each affected local community. Moreover, it fits very well with the traditional 'Clan' or 'Feud Lord' (The Laird) Mentality of provincial Scots people. - The Police refer to it as 'their mindset' - a thing the cops view as a lost cause if it comes down to hoping it will change.

It's all very 'Beowolf'! Namely, - the Traditional Anglo-Saxon Fable/Myth set in a Danelaw Landscape and culture, with Grendel - a son of Cain, and his Demonic Mother, trying to overthrow the supposed happy thriving social-order, with infighting and murder. — Some contemporaries now insist, 'it's who we are as humans', but since these same ones too probably would deny progress, repentance, The Christ, and the rest in the name of keeping things as 'they're supposed to be', that would be no surprise. Don't rock the Feuding Jumanji Boat!

And if irresolvable feuding and interminable strife is 'the order of things', then you will get yours too, all in due course.

Sure, you'll find it everywhere now, but in Scotland it's particularly rife, and it involves a lot of 'backscratching' and 'turning of the blinds' eye'. It's deeply institutionalized corruption, but rather than deny it, if it's pointed out, as the English would, the Scots would and often do recognize their own failings, for some reason I can not fathom. Maybe they're just cowards doing dirty jobs for dirty people who can't do it themselves.
But either-way, a war against this incipid Scots Corruption does need to be met, sooner rather than later!

It should be an easy battle to engage especially with God's love of his children and his adults on side!! It's complacency the weakness of these people. They have NO motivation in life than to make it through one more day.
In their own eyes they are safe and secure, tenacious, organised. But the majority of these type of people just live from day to day, believing it's just one more opportunity to prove what they have to prove, ie; that they can get away it for one more day. And when they get caught, - they don't even care. I've seen it for myself. They even want to got to prison! ! A guy who assaulted me, breaking into my home, with a sex offender accomplice; finally turned up in court with his suitcase wanting to go to prison; - expecting to.

It may even be possible that some of these kind think that they're the sane ones, and their perception of the world is correct; meaning that it's the rest of disapproving society, who are mad, because of our different 'way of looking at things'. I've heard talk like that amongst the broad and ever growing nexus of low-life. And when they Get Masses of Social Services Pandering to, appeasing them in effect, then their dillusion may well be reinforced. There will have to be a sorting out, whether it comes from the heavens or the depths of the earth. It's a joke to Social-Services who ensure their jobs for just one more day, and it's an habitual lifelong joke to the strident and committed perp/prevert! You see! Even I can logically break the situation down now. It's become so blatant and openly 'hidden in plain view' for anyone with a conscience at all.

[Worst Case Scenario?]
Because the AGENCIES ARE now shaped up for TESTING the RESILIENCE of society to implosion by Deliberate tolerance of Criminality, actively encouraging it's acceptance, pro-actively seeing to the full 'equalisation' and equilibrium of Crime, as just another 'human Behaviour'; then Pædophilia, House-Breakers, Major drug-dealers, Paranoid Homicidal Maniacs and their Scottish Establishment-Sanctioned and Rewarded Punishment crimes are destined to become the HALLMARK of the New Society. How Ironic!

'40% of Violent Crimes in Scotland are committed by Defendants out on bail, awaiting Trial/Sentence'.
 - Scots Daily Mail, 2011

— It's how the new 'Society' will be run and the people employed at Social-Services, being ALWAYS ATHEIST or deliberately malitiously anti-GOD, with Marxist, Fabianist Values to fill the void. Arrest the lot of 'em, interrogate them and find out that they themselves, conveniently, have absolutely no long-term visions, other than that 'the human race will be extinct, I believe, within 30-years' as one ASBO officer told me in my house a couple/three months ago. So this ASBO team individual to me, epitomised both Useless-Eater (Fat), and Useful Idiot, (Stoolpigeon) at the same time.

Quite an achievement to be both at once, Yes!

I've since, last week infact had words with him about his 'attitude', and you can bet I'm the only person within 50miles of his home or Office who gives a fecking damn, about anything he does. And that's why these parasites get to have an easy & cushy, well-paid, 'we'll be back tomorrow' job, in this world of crap.

How can you possibly be actively employed in helping anyone with a core belief like 'humans erradicated in 30yrs'?!

It's more than a mindset,for these people; it's a whole inheritence. It won't be easy getting them busted though, because the whole corrupt establishment sees itself as representative for their 'human-rights' whilst if they were interested in 'Human-Rights' then surely they'd express through their actions and deeds an equal interest in the 'human-rights' of victims and the innocent. But they only pay lip-service here.

The Establishment's weaknesses are its complacency and arrogance and overt (if you're looking) partisanship with crime. A Dark-Knight is indeed always rising from this Feudalist Model of society, always a new saviour, though the new saviour must by definition be a raving madman or other lunatic with grandiose visions of saving the criminal world from exposure.

And a word in your ear, It's not over till the pædophile ring sings ....
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2

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