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The Olympiad MARATHONIC Battle for Hearts & Minds reaches the British Hedgerow!

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Author Topic: The Olympiad MARATHONIC Battle for Hearts & Minds reaches the British Hedgerow!  (Read 524 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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« on: June 15, 2012, 09:52:05 am »

Intro: Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike the Military. Far from it, I have to honour my parents, both of whom were in the employ of the Ministry of Defence and formerly on my Mothers' side, the Ministry of War. Got a nice ring to it hasn't it. I think so. But don't be tempted. And I wouldn't say my folks had their fingers on the Big Red Button.
This isn't about how you're not going to be affected by the BIG CHANGES in Global Governance coming in. Military Government under the auspices of the United Nations is going to be used, eventually, and wisely so, soon enough to eradicate Criminal elements of corruption, fakery, insider Trading and Slandering/Backstabbing and the hatching of plots from behind closed doors, right across society; across the board. Sound cool? You better get yourselves straight then, anyone with er, what shall we say -
"Plans for Your Future Criminal Activities".

—  Who am I to stand in the way of Progress. Believe me, I wouldn't even if I thought I could.

 In the twisted world view of The Faustian Trade-Off deal that is daily life in The BBC Production Suites and Editorial Cupboards, the mindset this season is one of diverting anger from the BankerGate EU-Zone Financial Hijackers and stirring up a projected backdrop to all your woes, of some antiquated Gladiatorial Brinkmanship with weeks of Daily 'Running Up to ...', and Godless Pagan Crowd divested ritual, as we follow the witless British Public's Bus Queue like struggle to get a turn on being the 'would be local village idiot' or 'elitist' prannock who gets to carry the Flame of Enduring National-Socialist Myth that is the Olympian-Torch, across their 'home-town' today!

Maybe they hope that all the Serial Criminals, Housebreakers, would-be Mafioso Junky halfwits and their Social-Services Nannies, will break off from being glued to their Television Coverage of the events, and will respond to the Pepsi soaked commercial Prompts, waking from their catalepsy to see the Olympics as a rallying-call to go forth and mess-up society some more ... in the best of old tradition associated with Drunken Feuding and Sectarian, Nationalist Puffed-up, Jacked-up and Jumped-up fake Patriotism that their Establishment Drug-Effusions convince them they are experiencing when they see 'a New Flag' being hauled up every day ...?

News Headlines reflect a public view that the Olympics was turned into a National Farce the Minute the National Security Strategy was linked to its' primary exploitative yet vital military component of Protection for the Olympic Stade from the dreaded scourge of Al'Cuc'koo terrorist attacks whether from the Air, Sea, or Land. This has manifested with the sudden appearance on High-Rise Flat roof-tops of a series of MoD Ground-to-Air Missile launchers, with no more pre-warning or wrangle with the Tenants than a leaflet through the Door. "You are going to have an Al'Qa'eda Missile Launch Enclave on your roof, - for the duration of the Olympiad Torches' flame." ¿How very British!

Just living up to the Olympic motto: 'faster, higher, stronger'

Read full REALWORLD articles:

'Don't got it', yet?!
What the Sports Afficianado nor the Sedated lover of Bravado and one-up-manship who prefers either the warm comforts of his TV lounge or the unigue blandness of The Prison-Cell won't get , I swear to God is, that this display of grand-standing is an introduction, by stealth, surrepticiously for the average brain to Martial Law. ¿Much needed at this time of Economic Crisis?
Either it's the one thing, or it's a first tentative go at hijacking an Olympiad and building it into an extension of London's Annual ARMS FAIRS. Where we sell to all comers. A Particular favourite this season are or were at least, The Exocets usually sold to the Argentinians just before a 'conflict' over the Malvinas kicks off, which interestingly back there in the Alpha-Quadrant on the Satanic-Planet, is in the British Press again today, on the BBC news no less. A relevant link to the news is:
Britain Threatens Nuclear Attack on Argentina: How little islands are causing big problems…again

It's ALL GRANDSTANDING Isn't it. But it does sell bombs, Yeah, Have no fear brothers, of little men, of cowards and the Little Promises Nations Threaten one-another with.

"War is Good For Business, Peace is Good for Business." :Laws of Acquisition: 34 & 35!
— Don't it just make you want to throw a Hand-Grenade.

— But The Police, Local Government and less so, Big Government, propped up by BRITISH MILITARY JUNTA just Indulge and adorn themselves in preparations for some non-event, and Love preparing some Godless Act of perversion against the last vestiges of hope that might dare to emerge from Britain's Hedge-rows, where we are presumed to hide, like so many Badgers, with their false-flag TB;- hiding from the 'Battle-for-Hearts & Minds'!?

And that my Children; that's why we look to the heavens! Good Night, Don't have nightmares.
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2

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