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We gave you the Internet and we can take it away if we want to. STFU.

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Author Topic: We gave you the Internet and we can take it away if we want to. STFU.  (Read 644 times)
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« on: July 25, 2010, 09:45:06 am »

The internet was never yours.
It was always ours, and we had a plan.
We still do. Now STFU.

By Pilikia
July 24, 2010
Copyright Free

Here's the agenda we're expected to believe:
The dinosaurs of the media world, the AP, New York Times, Washington Post, et al, are terrified that they've become obsolete - no longer relevant in a world where information flows freely and widely at speeds that leave printing presses in the dust.

Just as Gutenberg and his press rendered scribes with pen and parchment obsolete, the internet has done the same in rendering print media and television obsolete. They simply can't deliver information fast enough, widely enough or with enough content to remain competitive.

They claim they're losing money because their content is being robbed and posted on the internet.

Well, ok, but that's only the cover story.

The globalists have enjoyed full control over the dissemination of information to the public for years. They've bought up all the media outlets; print, radio and television - and they have a well-oiled propaganda machine as a result. We have a mountain of evidence posted on this forum describing the information 'spin' and outright lies by the mainstream media as proof of this agenda.

But at some point in the past, when contemplating how to bring about a "New World Order", the globalists had to deal with a world where people in different countries would be able to conceive of themselves as part of a global community, instead of being part of their own local community or nation state.  

How could they introduce the 'need' for "global governance"
if people did not 'see' they were part of a global community?

A marketing problem, to be sure.  You must create a need before you can sell your product to meet the need.  So they decided to take the military's own network and open it up to the public. They decided to 'allow' us to use the internet; promoting it as the 'information superhighway' to make everyone aware of their place in the global community.

And sure enough, it wasn't long before people were reading and writing to audiences that stretched far beyond their own local communities, beyond their country boundaries. People were becoming aware of the world beyond what they had only glimpsed in newspapers or documentaries on television. It was a good thing, this awakening to the world at large. It was working well, according to plan. They started being more open about the "New World Order", now that they'd introduced us to global interdependence as a concept.  

They giveth and they can taketh away

They 'gave' us the internet because they needed a way to make the nationalistic masses realize they are part of a global community which, they would demonstrate with false flags, required global governing. They were successful - they gave us lots of reasons to show the need for global governance, including international 'terrorism', 'climate change' and the destruction of the gulf of Mexico as examples.  Yes, we all know we're part of a global community now --  we are part of humanity as it exists in every town, city, state and country on the planet.  

But they never intended that we would carry this information beyond their carefully orchestrated propaganda, in fact, pointing out their own words as proof of their deceit.  Their own hubris, their achilles heel, is that they can't conceive of our ability to understand what they have themselves been quite open about. Their own documents have been our primary sources in revealing their agenda.  They never anticipated we might actually READ their information and disseminate it, and explain it, and react to it negatively. They can't tolerate information being shared among people who are not 'on board' with the plan for a global government; the plan for mass culling of the population; the plan for realignment of the industrial sector to new geographic locations, movements of people based on how they will be allowed to participate in the 'new' world structure; the plan for controlling the very water, food and air we breathe.

So time is short - they are desperate to take this free and open communications resources away from us. They have to do whatever they can to shut us up. They are using copyright laws to do it at the moment, and we can see a cyber terror false flag on the horizon.

Because, we have built up great information outlets - libraries of content - and this forum is among the best on the internet. We have a digital library of information that can be used for research into thousands of different subject areas. They want to make us bend over and grab our ankles and be thankful that we can still see our favorite sites on the internet, that we can still post our opinions, and read about the 'truth' on sites like ppf.

But bit by bit they will strip each of our rights away, and we must resist them, as Michael Badnarik so eloquently explains in the following video.
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