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My Aunt Had Polio for ~55 Years, until her death and it killed her husband too

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Author Topic: My Aunt Had Polio for ~55 Years, until her death and it killed her husband too  (Read 446 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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« on: April 08, 2012, 08:39:44 am »

Today Mr Alex Jones is telling us about his aunt who has been muscle-wasted paralyzed for decades.

Well he's not alone, my Aunt, Belle, was her name, Belle Stewart developed Full Blown Polio-Myelitis at around age 20, about one year after she married her husband, a Geology Graduate and later teacher at Technical College or grammar school, which, I forget.

Not all Polio is verifiable as having come from rogue vaccines, of course, and it's necessary to make that point. I believe Polio was originally an illness resulting from a Viral infection.

Belle was in a wheelchair from the earliest days till when she died in about 197. She required 24-hr care which her Husband, John, delegated to give her, during the time I was familiar with them and visiting with them at length, following the death of my Mother from Pancreatic Cancer no doubt which resulted from her civil servant chemist's job at the Ministry of War.

So, John her husband had to do all the lifting out of and into the car, as no mechanical hoists existed back then, and he had to lift her everytime she wanted to visit the toilet too, - one can imagine how many times a day. And you can picture the straining and suffering both of them suffered just getting by because of the totally disabling Polio which meant she was 100% immobile below the arms.

Indeed, it killed him too, some years after she died, and when I visited him in ~1990 he was taking Social Care helper visitors daily just to help him do menial tasks; for the decades of lifting had done so much irreversible spinal damage to him, that he was using large amounts of doctor prescribed Hydrocortisone Steroids injected into the vertebrae, and which eventually caused his Spine to literally 'Collapse'.

Polio.  It wasn't inherited, no-one else in the family had it. I have had relatively speaking 'mild' Neuropathic pain for a couple decades but I put that down statistically speaking to most likely environmental toxins or conjecturaly too, as a result perhaps, of a large number of vaccine injections I innocently took in preparation to an 'overland to india' trip I embarked on at age 18.

only perhaps since the Neuropathic pains occured some twenty-years after I received these innoculations, about 10 in total, - all at once, ranging thru the whole spectrum of Yellow-Fever, Cholera, Malaria, Thyphoid, The Hep' - you name it.

But I'm not in too bad a shape overall, relatively speaking. Just a 9-stone weakling that's all, but I always was.

 So as you read this, then it's worth considering that if you are actually of the Homo-Biped stock, and if YOU ARE just another Moron Underling, Unter-Gorilla, Shaven-Skull employee of 'Xe', then it's probably best to take most if not all vaccinations, as frequently and as often as possible, to prove your point, precisely.
Please Follow my example; doing as I say and do as I did, because My Genes are way more resilient than yours, it seems.

For, Seeing as how you lot will most probably be remembered only by another block of unmarked graves in some suburb, in some Eastern-Block country, ...

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