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Logs N Stuff.. (bottom to top order: bottom=first, top=last)

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Author Topic: Logs N Stuff.. (bottom to top order: bottom=first, top=last)  (Read 785 times)
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« on: August 07, 2011, 04:53:17 am »

NOTICE: Read from the bottom to the top to read these messages in the correct order.

@PoetryHound The room they showed was enough evidence that a multible killing and fierce gun fight DID NOT TAKE PLACE.Run along your disney channel awaits you

@PoetryHound TRANSLATION: You said there are never pictures to prove conspiracies,but you won't look,because you're just a troll that has no credibility.You're not an american so get lost in your own little world

@Americaisdying Translation: You tried to support one claim with an unrelated claim. LOL! You are terribly confused. You're good for comedy. Nothing else.

@PoetryHound You are the most stupid canadian alive.You cowards rolled ovver and let your government screw you up the ass along time ago and just jealous because we will not roll over

@KurosawaKerricki Yep, these conspiracy types are parrots who are spoonfed conspiracy nonsense. They think the government is so evil that they'll swallow any rumor about government misdeeds. Everything's a hoax. Everyone is lying. 9/11 was an inside job, the moon landings were fake, blah blah blah. They're good for one thing: comedy.

@PoetryHound Info****s have a hard time dealing with these things. So they wrap themselves in the flag, the constitution, and they barf bile. They are essentially parrots for someone who has manipulated their disenfranchisement. Alex Jones is making all of this up, folks..and the sheeple-warriors are out in force. :ppl at Americaisdying's name, after all. Or that "The osama killing hoax took place" scientific or political merit here either, just Alex Jone's mindcontrol.

@PoetryHound You idiot you ask did iraq vets have pictures of the war.There are plenty of pictures of the room osama was supposed to be killed in as well you clown.So you hate clowns.Go join the circus it may solve your fear of clowns you bozo

@Americaisdying You didn't look carefully. My profile picture has a line through the clown. The clown would be you.

So Captain Eric May has photos of the the Bin Laden compound? Why do you confuse two different things? Is it because you are confused? Looks that way.

@PoetryHound Yes they do have pictures and film.You can visit the site of captain Eric May THAT IS DYING FROM UNKNOWINGLY USING DEPLETED URANIUM IN THOSE WARS FOR OIL.The government are killing our own troops but you don't care.I guess you live in canada.Canadians never were that bright.And i'm arguing with a person with a clown as a profile picture.LOL

@Americaisdying What? Iraq vets have photos that back up what you're saying? What are you talking about? You're jumping all over the place. Typical. This is why people laugh at you. Go back to chanting at your conspiracy cult meeting. LOL!

@Americaisdying .."and some get murdered" who? You've got the sword of Damocles and you just kinda describe it like a Sunday afternoon picnic..."omg iraq vets told me teh truth bout MAMERICAN wars..oh btw they was all kilt tlololol for yelling the troof keke ^.^"

@PoetryHound I listen to what iraq vets coming home say as well.They are tewlling what's really going on there and some get murdered.Are you calling thousands of vets liars too?You are a poor excuse for an mamerican and a human being as well.Run along to your childhood video games and leave the real world to adults

@AmericaRise Don't you just wish it was only the government and fox news that dismisses your nonsense? It's not. It's all the media in the world, both mainstream and non-mainstream. All you have is Joe Blow's unaccountable, piece-of-**** conspiracy web site to spoonfeed you your delusions.

@PoetryHound <------ hey retard, do your home work, why are you posting on this video anyway? Yea, your interested alright and curious to the false flag events because your not buying the story they pumped out, your just a small minded flake buring your head in the sand. No one listens to you retards anymore...the majority are past goons like you that try to discredit the truth. Either stand up and learn, or go watch tv.

@PoetryHound Do you look for evidence yourself? The problem with Alex is he has too much evidence

I love how the conspiracy kooks complain there's no pics to support the OBL story, but then they make up BS claims and have no pics to support them. LOL!

@talltommy46 Yes, everyone is a paid government employee. No, it's not that people just disagree with your Alex Jonestown's kool-aid drinking, antiscientific, vast oversimplications about geopolitics and covert operations, you and Alex Jones are pay-tree-its and we who disagree are NWO scumbag shill government trolls. I got some more koolaid for ya.

@NebelwerfenZex Whats wrong with having joined the military in 2010(Or 2009)? Are you in? I'm not. But I don't go BLAHAHaHAHaHa about it.

@NebelwerfenZex Oooh..I just checked your 'channel'..abunch of Alex Jones videos and.."FREE OR SLAVE, YOUR CHOICE!"...another mind-control conspiracy puppet, a perpetual zombie-troll hybrid..created not by the Illuminati **** Reptoids, but instead by...get this, a fat sweaty guy in the back of a car in Austin, Texas. Hahahaha!

@kozarac5 Oh, I'm so impressed.. LOL!

@NebelwerfenZex - Correction : I was sworn in on July 7th, 2009.

@kozarac5 Since 2010??? Ahhhhhahahahahahahaah! Too funny!

@kozarac5 You threaten to shoot the person.I wish i was in front of you to make that threat.You are the one that is a danger to america's freedom.You support a tyrant government.Go ride obamas nutsack kid

@Americaisdying - I never made a death threat. I just simply stated that since he's "declared himself an enemy of the state", then he can by all means stand IN front of us. I said that I would "gladly" put a 7.62 through his skull. As for your childish comments, I'm not a "basement dweller" like you. I've been 11B in the Army since 2010. Waiting to deploy to Afghanistan anytime now. As for you, go back to make your false accusations, boy.

@kozarac5 So you make death threats on the internet? You are very brave sitting in your momma's basement kid.You would **** your pants if you actually fired a gun

@talltommy46 - What the hell are you talking about? Just because I'm arguing with someone about how ignorant they are automatically makes me a "Govt. Paid Employee"? Get your head out of your ass, you idiot. You've declared yourself an enemy of the "slave state"? Well by all means sir, if you don't want to stand behind us, stand in front of us. I'd gladly put a 7.62 right through that thick skull of yours.

@kozarac5 <<<<<<LOL! Told ya folks I can smell em!

@talltommy46 - Stop making generalizations you dirty ****.

@kozarac5 Now you REEK of a Govt Paid Employee.. I can smell ya from here..

@kozarac5 You started with the name calling so don't start crying now idiot.You are the poor excuse for a human being,because you are a coward

@Americaisdying - What's with you and your childish comments? Am I supposed to feel offended by that? Just like Alex's "secret, deep sources", you're full of ****. Run along and be another pack mule to the conspiracy theorists, you pathetic excuse for a human.

@kozarac5 I don't need alex to know truth.60% of americans know what's really going on and have your little pictures.You are just too much of a coward to face reality.Run along your disney and dancing with the stars shows awaits you

@kozarac5 Thank god. Some intelligence life on the interweb.

@Americaisdying - Of course you can't provide factual evidence, you idiot! It doesn't exist! Stop pulling these stupid accusations out of your ass because the only thing you're doing is putting more money into Alex's pocket. He's profiting off mule's like YOU who will believe anything he says! Why can't you provide any factual evidence?

@PoetryHound How can i give you pictures? Research yourself lazy.There are plenty of pictures and film of the room where the osama killing hoax took place,but you won't research,because you are afraid of truth.You are afraid of the real world like a child

@Americaisdying Just as I thought. You have no pics to support your claims. I can always tell when someone lacks substantiation for their claims. They think insults are a substitute for substance. That's why you'll remain a tiny minority that most people laugh at.

@AsmodeusOfTheDesert You're just a braindead zombie that believes anything the government and fox news tells you like a good sheep slave. Like i said i knew about all the corrupt crap that goes on since JFK and was living at the time.I don't need alex for real news.People like are just too much of a coward to face realitly.You were raised by parewnts that sugar coated the world for you and cut your meat on your plate for you until you turned the age of 10

Quote from: AsmodeusOfTheDesert
@Americaisdying You've been drinking out of the conspiracy world view pot of tea for too long. Conspiracy Theories are on the fringe. Using the term 'tin foil hat' doesn't make one a government agent it's a jest to poke fun of illogical beliefs. Not everyone swallows the tripe Alex Jones spews out and aren't afraid to point out the flaws in his reasoning.

@AsmodeusOfTheDesert I'm not a follower.And i do research.I've known about how corrupt the government has been since the 70s kid.First thing a government troll says is "tin foil hats" The government lies alot,but are terrible at it.The blind such as yourself vote every four years for just another criminal.I'm not sure about the chopper crash,but i do know the bin ladin killing was a hoax.Dr. Henry Lee would laugh at the governments story soon as he walked in that room

Quote from: YoshimitsuBloodPedal
@Americaisdying lulz that's always the common response from Alex Jones fanboys. You should do your own research and come to logical conclusions based on all the gathered evidence instead of taking some guy on the radio's word for it.

@AsmodeusOfTheDesert You are a government troll

Quote from: YoshimitsuBloodPedal
@AsmodeusOfTheDesert Exactly I had no idea who this guy is until i saw this on facebook.

Quote from: AsmodeusOfTheDesert
So let me get this straight you tin foil hats. If the Illuminati was willing to bump off Princess Diana who was far, far, really far more famous than Alex Jones. Why are they allowing Alex to live? He says it's because he's too well known but really? If the Illuminati bump off world leaders and not care why wouldn't they hesitate to go after him, he's a nobody in world popularity. He's just making stuff up and getting money in the conspiracy niche market. You're all suckers. PT Barnum was right.

@ColtraneTaylor Yea,actually I did.How much does alex jones really know? He can't even pronounce Taliban right.He doesn't know anything about DEVGRU.Most conspiracy theorists think of these stupid war crimes,'cause they don't know a thing about the US Military.

@USNNick Your commanding officer huh? Brilliant. So you have learnt the truth about this and perhaps the ladin killing straight from current navy sources. How utterly objective your "facts" must be. Someday you'll have to grow up like many in the forces have.

@ColtraneTaylor Really,no info? I'm actually in the ****ing Navy you moron.I know more about how the Navy works than anyone you've ever talked to.I knew about this hours before you guys.Our commanding officer told us everything about it.I got it straight from a top source,not what the internet tells you.

@USNNick You talk about Alex lack of knowledge but you have no ****ing info of your own. He actually talks to top sources now and again. Ignorance is not sanity, fool.


Ryland: A Sibel Edmonds 'Bombshell' - Bin Laden Worked for U.S. Until 9/11


Why does Sibel Edmonds have a gag order on her? Why did Sibel Edmonds break her gag order to tell us these completely insane whacky mentally ill delusions? Uh, I mean conspiracy theories..

@ColtraneTaylor You guys make quite morons out of yourselves.You sound ridiculous to us sane people.Take a minuet and listen to yourself.

@USNNick Denial can't last forever. If you're not mad at the government, just wait.

Oh and,it has been confirmed that none of the SWO's that died today,were involved in Neptunes Spear,they were just part of DEVGRU.

Alex Jones,your a stupid ****er.You have no knowledge.Get out of your moms basement and stop being mad at the government.

plausible deniability.

@lordretz What's weird is they always will come back and say you are wrong no matter what..

Yeah if you have a problem with the government just move somewhere else. Just like we did in 1776... oh wait. The whole -"if you don't like America, you can geeeet out"- cliche is the dumbest, most hypocritical, coward-**** statement an American can make.

You ignorant, bleating, ****ing sheep are a god damn parody of yourselves. Instead of considering what is logical, you'd believe that a man with end-stage renal failure can survive for 10 years in a cave. Brilliant.

@amayzen139 @packers445 you really think alex reads these comments? Ha keep dreaming he probably doesnt even upload the videos. Have you ever seen him comment back ? no he doesnt give a **** about anyone but him self. He makes these video for his little followers. who believe absolutely everything this irrational piece **** has to say. If you have such a problem with out government then move somewhere  else. Move to north korea maybe youll be happier there?
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« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2011, 01:21:46 am »

I guess she didn't know jet fuel ran all the way down one elevator shaft to the lobby. Same principal as a gun. Ignite one end, charge comes out other end.

@bonsai108 I guess you don't know that claim is ridiculous. Multiple witnesses report explosions before the plane impacts. There's video of the ground shake of a massive explosion BEFORE the first impact. The seismic data shows massive explosions BEFORE each plane impact. Your claim requires that the "jet-fuel" time-travelled back in time to BEFORE THE PLANE IMPACTS.

You are an idiot.

@bonsai108 was it supposed to explode, because the lobby is way down, before the fuel can reach it would end up half away, ok i get it the fuel may did it, what cause the explosion and fireball when the plane hit it

@idrismetalcore From what I understand there was 3 fuel tanks full to capacity. The gas molecules have to be interacted with oxygen to burn. They gas that was still surrounded by it's own self would continue to flow until it was touching oxygen and fire to combust. Gallons of jet fuel flowed down the elevator shaft and the fire from above lit it. Since most of the gas in the shaft was at the bottom that fireball blew out to the lobby. Gas went out and down both exploding.

and then you can look at building 7 (which held important government documents btw) No plane hit it, but it still collapsed the same way. Is that not odd?

@xPinto182 Read about the power plant in the basement. It collapsed bottom to top. Twin towers were top to bottom. The top of the tower continuously hammered the bottom into the basement. Overloaded power plant transformers could easily have blown the base into the hole it was built over. Imagine all the electrical loads from the severed dual 110 story buildings, each floor being an acre in size.


when you watch how the towers fell to me as a professional builder I see an engineered inplosion the towers fell on themselves

Well then you're either lying about being a "professional builder" or by "professional builder" you mean that you build little houses and have no experience in commercial buildings at all...

...interesting how the people that actually ENGINEERED, SUPERVISED, and BUILT the WTC have never said the towers were imploded or that they shouldn't have fallen the way they did...but we should believe a self-professed "professional builder", right???


@CrazyRay7979 I go by physics, you go by fairytales. Thousands of experts have publicly stated that the destruction of those buildings could onlybe controlled demolitions. Nothing in the stupid government fairytale can be true, because ALL OF IT is impossible and ridiculous. You must be one of those true morons, sucking up what they tell you to believe on the idiot-box.

Get a llife, and stop spouting this nonsensical belief in a fairytale that's only bull**** served with an official stamp.

@majwing1 The buildings fell upon themselves because they were built with a rail system for the cores of the building. The person who called CNN who was in it at the time (and died) said the core was gone on his floor. Read about the core and the floors expanding out. Each beam held 3 floors and they broke at the welds.

Comment removed

@bagintree Because it's far from the only one where witnesses reported powerful explosions in the lobby/basement BEFORE each plane impact. It matches with video evidence and seismic data, also showing that extremely powerful explosions happened before each plane impact. Let's not forget the Israelis caught with a van PACKED WITH EXPLOSIVES as well. Unlike with OBL the FBI did indeed link these Israelis to the 9/11 attacks. Thousands of Israelis were deported soon after. Then that was hushed up.

Keep in mind conspiracy theorists the ways of brainwashing used to get people to fly planes into buildings. If you cannot understand airplanes bringing down the towers after everything we've witnessed then maybe they have figured how to brainwash you against your own country.

I believe the problem is that many people out there dont believe that we could get attacked in this manner So they come up with all these elaborate conspiracy theories about bombs and explosives and govt coverups. It blows up their belief that we are invulnerable so it must be the govt. Its a new day and everybody's fair game. I guess Oklahoma City was an inside job also. Wake up. There were so many warnings of what was to come(check FBI). That video with those office workers was edited.
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