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GADDAFI Aggressively Defends his country against Al'Qa'eda Led Rebels & 'Allies'

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Author Topic: GADDAFI Aggressively Defends his country against Al'Qa'eda Led Rebels & 'Allies'  (Read 615 times)
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« on: August 22, 2011, 04:27:07 am »

Overnight, or this morning, a convoy with BBC and other journalists, and security personel approaching the Capitol, Tripoli, was beseiged by Gaddafi loyal troops firing 20mm AA (anti-aircraft shells). That's either a sign they are running out of conventional bullets or they're intent on scaring you, big-time, and doing maximum damage.

I'm in Britain and this illegal invasion by our 'Coalition' will ferment an excuse for revenge attacks on our nation by some unfortunate bipartisan Rebel Led Government 'Coalition' from Libya, in the future. That's what this is about really: making Britain once again part of a hostile, and Al'Qa'eda Rebel Led invasion of this time, Gaddafi's Nation.

It's a reliable model of the illegal overthrow of Governments. The Third Reich could tell you that.

What's more, after the PAN-AM FLIGHT 103 affair, transcended the riidicule stage and FAMILY MEMBERS became highlighted last year or two, with their requests for an 'INDEPENDANT ENQUIRY' into the whole FIASCO, Well then this ALLIED Forces led ILLEGAL INVASION of GADDAFI's nation, led by our Bestest, Mostest Reliable Friends in Al'Qa'eda, has served to distract completely and bury completely the concerns of the FAMILY MEMBERS - EVEN CONDEMNING THEM TO BEING SEEN AS COMPLICIT, (by any conscience bereaved computer[) as GADDAFI SYMPATHISERS, Yes!.

Not maybe, certainly. That's how the Gormless media work, I'm afraid.

This whole thing, is becoming a habbit, a very dangerous habbit that asks for sympathy from nations like Syria and Iran to be given to Libya, which they dare not of course, thus bolstering anti-typical 'ALLIED FORCES' confidence, whilst laying the future game-plan wide open to expansion of our ILLEGAL INVASION ambitions.

I'm just voicing the opinion and unheard voice (sic) of hundreds of thousands of normal, British members of the Public, who see the same problems, the same issues with these illegal invasions of yours. This is how bad things have got by Britain's Elite, Military Stooges, and Political Mindset allying itself with what the bible describes as 'A people having nothing but wicked thoughts, all of the time'.

Laugh on. Because you're about to awake from the mass-hypnosis induced by the Church and State, only a mad person who is totally DIVORCED from REALITY would think is 'the real world'.

It gets a lot worse soon by the way. Remember the British invented the Concentration Camp.

DIVORCE from COMMON SENSE and REALITY is not cool.
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
Prov 29:2

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