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« on: July 13, 2010, 07:26:14 am »


Subject Line:Was Obama given the noble peace prize to wake people up?
Barack Obama was given the noble peace prize.  Lots of people have been questioning what Obama has done to earn the noble peace prize.  I think that the noble peace prize has unintentionally woke up a lot of people in the international community about how little Obama has accomplished.  Could it have unintentionally helped wake people up?  What do you think about this?  

Yeah but at the same time they might just "direct" the "woken-up" people into thinking that the "new" Republicans (or something) would just swoop in and fix what George Bush AND Barrack Obama did...

Hell -- maybe they'll just make a controlled libertarian the president this time...

But besides all of that, the "MainStream" (Because the mainstream way is the "proper" and "politically correct" way for doing anything -- or is just supposedly supposed to be...) way of looking at Obama a while ago was that he was good and that he would fix everything...

In a way -- everyone -- even the mainstream news -- is going to look at this and go "Well wait he hasn't done much good"...

But they're only going to expose what he's done to a point.

They're going to blame Obama -- the controlled, teleprompter-reading moron who doesn't control anything.

They're not going to say that he's controlled -- they're not going to say he wasn't a legal U.S. citizen -- they're not going to bring up any issue of true significance.

They're only going to say that he's done bad and then do a ton of "gatekeeping"...

If ANYONE, no matter who they are, exposes Obama PAST that "certain point" that the mainstream media exposes Obama, then they who expose Obama PAST that point are automatically radical and extreme conspiracy theorists.

Only the mainstream media exposes Obama in a limited way, and anyone in the alternative media who goes beyond that mainstream limit is automatically a conspiracy theorist.


So now the mainstream media is trying to give the impression that they're exposing Obama -- they are trying to give a false sense of being fair-and-balanced.

But they are only going to say that Obama is "bad" for all the wrong reasons.

They will gate-keep. They will try their best to give some information in order to keep everyone from finding out ALL the information.

And they will "twist" and "spin" the limited amount of information that they give out.

It's mind control.

And as a direct answer to the question in the Subject line:

I think that this was just another stupid event to make him look good. Despite the fact that the mainstream media is going to look at it and say "Wait he probably doesn't deserve it."

But then again the mainstream media was probably meant to backfire because the public is so brainwashed that they think Obama really did deserve it so it makes him look even better since the evil mainstream media is criticizing Obama.



It's society's "common sense" that non of the claims having to do with "2012" will
come true.

But they throw 2012 and the alternative media into the same category and put them under the same label of "myths and disinformation".

Much of the information that the alternative media has presented has turned out to be true despite the mainstream media's denial.

I can only figure that this movie will be used for the purpose of psychological warfare to influence the unsuspecting public viewers that watch it into thinking that 2012 is some kind of mythical conspiracy theory, so they can dismiss other topics that have nothing to do with 2012 when those other topics are given the same label.

And by "same label", I mean the falsely given label of "myths and disinformation".



I am so wiped out from this.  

How the hell can your congressman tell you they have read and understood enough to vote on this frigging bill, when I am not done with it?   Cool

Really, tho.  What is up with this?  I know what it is, they are not reading it.  Maybe their staff members are reading it and gisting it for them, or they are merely being paid off to pass the bill.

It's obvious that the entire government of the United States of America as we're supposed to know it and think of it is just a puppet government. But I am not exactly sure about how the heck the shadow controlling government is going to make it look like a sufficient amount of senators legitimately voted for the bill without being influenced or pressured in any way...

It seems that not all of the congressmen are controlled -- but only enough to maintain the illusion that the Legislative branch of government was never compromised.

Now that the United States government has been compromised, the shadow controlling government will try to maintain the illusion that every single person in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government operate completely independently and aren't controlled or directly influenced by anything externally.

And while the public of both the United States and the world is focusing on the attention-drawing compromised false puppet government, the shadow government will implement it's plans for the United States in their own, advanced, separate way, while the puppet government gives the illusion that it is their doing.

The United States of America is not the only country or nation to have a compromised, false puppet government or a shadow government of it's own. Each controlled country & nation has an individual shadow government controlling an individual single puppet government. The individual separate shadow governments of each controlled nation and country are all managed by an even higher single underground government.



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NOTICE: The visit-count varies from time to time, so these statistics could the different at the moment.

Well anyway, in a detailed explanation:

  • Google is starting to regulate certain content from appearing in it's search results.
  • YouTube is well-known for it's various types of censorship. COINTEL PRO submits many videos filled with counter-productive disinformation.
  •  (Or "Google Video") has been known for resetting & "freezing" the view counters for most of Alex Jones's major documentaries and also for removing various videos from the Top 100. Now Google Video is not accepting video-uploads from Internet Users.

  • FaceBook falsely labels and describes websites such as "".
  • MySpace has been known for automatically censoring various website links & words and has also been removing accounts. It has implemented a limit of 2000 characters in profile-comments.
  • MyYearBook is almost COMPLETELY corrupt. Disinformation is usually posted on the "News & Politics" Forum in the "MyMag" section of the website. Also there are many trolls that will ENDLESSLY debate anyone in a TIRELESS effort to prove all "conspiracy theories" wrong no matter what. The website administrators have "featured" over 50 posts one after another within the last year, talking about the topic of "2012" so that people who look at the main page after logging in could see them without having to go to the forum to find them. (most of them having nothing to do with the movie) The MyYearBook website administrators also "feature" posts that are illegitimate, posts that are generally based on disinformation, or posts that are about issues of no real significance. The Posts that are "featured" on MyYearBook are usually unproductive, non-progressive, and not based on critical thinking. The MyYearBook website administrators and moderators are also known for removing certain posts from the "News & Politics" Forum. On the "Causes" Webpage of MyYearBook, the list includes: "Fight the Spread of AIDS", "Autism: Help Solve the Puzzle", "Help Cure Cancer", "Support Our Troops", "Cure Diabetes", "Fight Disease: Supply Clean Drinking Water to Fight Disease", & "Fight Global Warming".

  • DeviantArt's Forum also seems to have trolls and many people who bring up "alternative issues" in "purposely-discrediting-ways", trying to give the illusion that they are legitimately alternative in order to "pre-sabotage" any potential future efforts that could be made by anyone who TRULY knows what they're talking about. If some new event happens there will always be someone who will try to bring up the topic first so someone else can't -- if someone else brings up the same topic it could be deleted and they may simply be told, "Don't spam, post in the thread that already exists." -- The creator of the topic is able to easily "steer" the entire thread in a certain direction.
  • DeviantArt is also corrupt in general, and has kicked out the original creator of the website. You might find that if any type of political or "conspiratorial" (for huge lack of better words) photography, art, or literature ever shows up on the front page, it will surely be about either disinformation or misinformation.

  • BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)
  • CNN (Cable News Network) is obviously well known for simply saying whatever they are told to say and pushing propaganda.
  • FOX News is obviously well known for having it's radio and television talk show hosts engage in psychological warfare, and many different, various forms of hit pieces against the Alternative Media. During most debates and seemingly legitimate 'discussions', they read off of a teleprompter and both sides of whatever opposition are regulated to give the illusion of being legitimately fair and balanced.
  • CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel) covers the and the economy in a non-thorough way, purposely leaving out certain information that, if included, would change the outcome of the equation & algorithm of everything they cover.
  • MSNBC (Microsoft Network/National Broadcasting Company) is the same thing as FOX News for the liberal global warming and increased spending on domestic issues agenda. Both FOX News and MSNBC agree that illegal wars are great.

  • Disinformation
  • Organization-Destabilization
  • Progress-Prevention
  • Potential-Intervention
  • Capability-Regulation

contexan, you are bending over backwards to support her even though the evidence keeps pouring in. I am in agreement with Brocke on this one. Attacking CPAC who is waking up as proven by the overwhelming support of constitutionalist Ron Paul is an odd way to try and say Medina has not been co-opted.

If you have an actual logical argument please present it. Thanks


You made me think of something..

Have you ever noticed that despite a constant stream of evidence pouring in.. despite evidence being mentioned over and over again, some people act as if there was no mention of evidence in the first place, as if no link was ever given..

Some people would even QUOTE SOMEBODY but then act as if certain words or entire sentences were missing from the quote in their reply to the quote and they don't address the quote in a completely and ultimately thorough way...

It's like you can throw something in their face -- links, evidence, whatever -- and they'll be oblivious to it no matter how obvious it is.

They still pretend that the evidence that was given in the quote is invalid, null and void, and sometimes, as if you never mentioned it at all, as if it's not even THERE in your post... SOMETIMES THEY DON'T EVEN ADDRESS THE EVIDENCE...

Entire 15 or 30 page threads PLUS throwing links and evidence that were mentioned about 5 times in their face where they can easily see it and people STILL act oblivious in certain situations as if they've never thoroughly read through the thread OR the post that you just gave while quoting them...

And when you throw the most **** STUFF IN THEIR FACE:

A. They won't budge at all and say you're wrong
C. Their chance of even CONSIDERING it goes up by like 1% but they still do not agree no matter what.

And if someone has to reply to me, please quote and reply THOROUGHLY, don't ignore 1 sentence in this post because nothing I said in this post was insignificant...

It's as if people have SUCH HUGE BLIND-SPOTS for these things...

Note to Sane: I wasn't talking about you, but rather the person who you were quoting..... and actually several other cases where people would strangely enough say illogical stuff IN SPITE of the CONSTANT STREAMS OF MIND BLOWING, SMOKING GUN EVIDENCE......

I mean, most of the time people say certain things that COMPLETELY contradict things that were already ESTABLISHED beyond controversy...

Like, WTF? They proceed to make controversy about things that are established beyond controversy.

So then the controversy about the already established things BECOMES the main center of attention and then we wind up focusing on the illogical, pseudo-intellectual controversy ABOUT the already established non-controversial thing too much to focus on the newer constantly pouring in evidence...

And despite one new established piece of evidence pouring in after another, there is almost ALWAYS someone trying to make controversy about each new non-controversial piece of evidence!!!!!!!!

...They give an argument that is LACKING already established evidence in order to come to an illogical conclusion that just doesn't add up when compared to an argument where ALL of the established evidence available is used!!!!!!

UGH!!!!! >_<



This is the entire reason for the Cass Sunstein provocateurs today and everybody knows it.

They are pushing through eugenics legislation and bailouts for the banksters/insurance companies.

Everybody knows that the entire congress is being threatened by apocalyptic scenarios if they do not vote to kill grandma.


That should definitely be a key point in all of this that everyone should be aware of...

So far from what I can tell, certain people actually think that the Insurance Companies are all against the bill and that they didn't even write the bill...

I'm sort of in shock and awe right now though with the entire situation.

There are alot of points (in this case the "cons") that the mainstream news won't bring up when it comes to pros and cons and so-called "Fair and Balanced" coverage...

The absolutely indisputable fact that the Insurance Companies wrote the bill is not being brought up in discussions -- (correct me if I'm wrong)


Everyone has to make so much noise that we drown out the figurative sound of the MainStream Media, making true & unregulated opposition to the bill the MainStream...

And don't forget --
Everybody knows that the entire congress is being threatened by apocalyptic scenarios if they do not vote to kill grandma.

The congress is totally being blackmailed -- the LEGITIMATE sections that are even LEFT of this particular government are being blackmailed and threatened to vote and act against what the majority of the citizens of the United States are demanding, and if everyone doesn't do something to COUNTER the illegally extreme pressure (blackmail & threats...) that is being cast on congress -- If everyone doesn't let Congress know that the majority of the United States KNOWS that this is all complete fraud and that the majority of the United States DOES NOT WANT THIS BILL TO BE PASSED, then it will only make it that much easier for them to FORCE this bill into law against the majority BY blackmailing and threatening congress...

The only way they are going to get this bill passed is with BLACKMAIL AND THREATS TO CONGRESS.

It is a FACT that they are trying to get this bill passed with BLACKMAIL AND THREATS TO CONGRESS.


P.S. Please correct me if I have made any inaccuracies or errors in this post.


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