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Once Again: Will Alex Please Educate Himself Concerning the Canadian System?

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Author Topic: Once Again: Will Alex Please Educate Himself Concerning the Canadian System?  (Read 241 times)
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« on: April 27, 2011, 01:36:20 am »

What about Queen Elizabeth's having prorogued the Canadian Parliament three times in the last three years?

As I've already explained, the first and third of these incidents lay well within the proper Constitutional purpose of the prorogation of Parliament, which is, within the context of Parliament having been dissolved due to new elections having been called, to allow the Government of the dissolved Parliament to continue in a caretaker capacity.  Only the second of these three incidents of the prorogation of Parliament constituted an unconstitutional act establishing an executive dictatorship over Canada.  Even at that, it was limited to the 45-day period (which, once again, constitutes the Constitutionally permissible period between the dissolution of Parliament and the next elections)

I'm not here justifying the prorogation of Parliament in the absence of elections, and I've already indicated my opposition to the current British dynasty (in the context of it's apparent assignment, since the early XVIII Century, as the German guardian of the tyrannical, continental Bank of England), but what Canada's currently undergoing is the prorogation of Parliament in the CONTEXT OF DISSOLUTION OF PARLIAMENT, TO ALLOW THE OUTGOING GOVERNMENT TO CONTINUE IN A CARETAKER CAPACITY DURING THE PERIOD OF NEW ELECTIONS!

Alex, on today's program(me), complained about the Queen's having prorogued Canada's elected Parliament, which, in the instant context, ignores the fact that the current elections (believe me, they're really underway!  I've seen the debates!)  will create a new elected Parliament!  The Canadian electoral system, with paper ballots publicly counted, would be much more difficult to rig than the current US system of electronic voting machines built by politically connected companies.  And, I've already explained that the current elections were called (consequent to the dissolution of Parliament) due to the Government's having failed, due to the fact that the duly elected Parliament, through normal democratic procedures, have indicated their refusal to support the legislative program(me) of the current Government.  If Alex, in today's panicky response to the current Canadian political situation, denounces the Queen's dissolution of Parliament through preference of the continued rule of the failed executive power, he is, in fact, demanding the unconstitutional prorogation of Parliament, and the establishment of an executive dictatorship of the current failed Government over Canada!!!!

Would Alex PLEASE educate himself on the subject of the Canadian political system, and stop embarrassing me in front of my friends?  Will he please realize that Texas is not the whole world, and that tendentiously ignorant provincialism, although it may be seen as commendably macho within the context of Texan culture, is neither Jeffersonian (you'll notice that the US Constitution establishes the Electoral College with the specific purpose of preventing the success of any Presidential candidacy with exclusively regional appeal?) nor convincing?
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