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Two Tenners: I've Just Figured Out How To Conquer England: BLACKPOOL!

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Author Topic: Two Tenners: I've Just Figured Out How To Conquer England: BLACKPOOL!  (Read 1235 times)
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« on: March 19, 2011, 07:38:51 am »

Earlier this evening I looked on a map just to see where Blackpool was, and, when I saw the lay of the land, my amphibious mind caught fire and the following operational plan literally threw itself together inside my head.

Let's say you're a proud and happy citizen of the Jeffersonian Ron Paul/Alex Jones Republic of England, and I'm the God-Emperor of the Holy New World Order North American Union.

As long as I control Ireland (hardly difficult, as one can always use the immaturity of Irish political discourse to pit one group of Irishmen against the rest, and the additional advantage of Irish-American numerical superiority (thirty million Irish-Americans as opposed to six million Irish-Irishmen) and financial clout (OK, so Irish-Americans are largely working-class (as am my own little German-Polish-American self), but the nickles and dimes of thirty million working-class Americans would certainly constitute a proper financial sledgehammer within the context of Ireland's financial reality) would certainly allow me to gain control over that country), I could land the cargoes of my trans-Atlantic convoys on the west coast of Ireland for overland transport to the east coast of Ireland (centering on Dublin rather than on Belfast, which is hemmed in by Scotland and the Isle of Man).

My assault across the Irish Sea would then begin with the landing of the 101st Air Assault Division within the triangle LONGRIDGE -- GREAT HARWOOD -- INTERSECTION M6/PRESTON NEW ROAD.  The division would then concentrate upon INTERSECTION M6/PRESTON NEW ROAD.
This would be followed by a landing by the 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized) landing along the right bank of the River RIBBLE  from the point due south of LYTHUM SAINT ANNE'S ranging five kilometers inland (i.e., eastward) along the RIBBLE Estuary.  This landing area will be designated BEACH ROCKEFELLER.

Now, this presents me with a conundrum, as I can either defend an initial perimeter along the right bank of the River RIBBLE (which would allow English forces to establish defensive positions along the left bank of the River RIBBLE, possibly blocking any southward advance), or charge aggressively across the River RIBBLE to provide myself with a staging area for subsequent southward advances.  My solution: why should I be happy with one option when I can choose both: hold the right bank of the RIBBLE Estuary defensively as far as the point directly opposite the confluence of the River RIBBLE with the River ASLAND, eastward of that point crossing the River RIBBLE in the southward direction from that point eastwards to the western outskirts of the city of PRESTON, establishing an initial defensive line along an axis MOUTH OF ASLAND -- WALTON-LE-DALE.

Simultaneously with the landing of the 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized), the 1st Marine Division would land in that little bay due east of FORTON (this landing area will be designated BEACH MORGAN), advancing therefrom in divergent fashion upon DOLPHINHOLME and GARSTANG, interdicting the M6 and the canal connecting CARNFORTH with PRESTON.

Subsequent operations would involve the landing of the 3rd Armored Division upon BEACH ROCKEFELLER, advancing inland along divergent southerly axes upon LIVERPOOL and MANCHESTER, subsequent operations contingent upon further developments.


So, whaddya tink?

Waddi Tank?

For a start the River Ribble has Northern and Southern banks, not Western & Eastern. I launched my first assault on the Isle of Anglesey (Wales) at the tender age of 19 in a home-built 3-masted cutter, (converted Marine Scouts rowing vessel of 33' length) in ~1973 from this very location. I can supply a picture of our boat (1973).

If you wish to take Lytham-St-Annes I strongly recommend taking the route round Anglesey via the Menai-Straights.

The ever calm waters and blue skies over Anglesey.

This route is too constraining for the manoevers necessary by any challenging British Naval power(s) and will assure this plan goes without hitch.

It's the route navigated by the 1970's Trans-Atlantic 100' master NYC to Lytham North-Atlantic Racers. The Biggest Race in the world at the time, quite possibly. So what could possibly go wrong.

This will assure you see a safe and unhindered passage for your planned invasion which is nothing short of a wonderful idea. I can only say: Good luck & may the God of the Wind be with you.

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