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***ALERT! Japanese Nuclear Plant in Meltdown! Get Potassium Iodate Now!!!

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Author Topic: ***ALERT! Japanese Nuclear Plant in Meltdown! Get Potassium Iodate Now!!!  (Read 2255 times)
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« on: March 14, 2011, 06:39:44 am »

There's a lot of holding back and disinformation going on here ...

In 1986 with Chernobyl (25th Anniversay - I smell a rat, and actually thought something might happen) the news was thick but not unhonest and at least we were told there was a full blown meltdown. (It was just an massive fire in the core, pretty much as bad)

Therefore again, we've only had Partial Meltdowns so far: They are a different Category than a full blown one.

In a Partial Meltdown some of the fuel rods melt their contents and this can start fires in the core. Radiation is of course released through the venting of pressure episodes, when filters, ('Cockroft Filters' in chimney Stacks) can't cope or are damaged due to fire.

A full-blown meltdown has only happened at most once, Chernobyl, and even that was a massive explosion, but not all fissile materials being consumed.

The Hypothetical 'China-Syndrome' (a term coined after the Movie with Jack Lemon and that Work-out woman, does videos) anyway is when the entire core becomes a molten mass and goes completely wild.

That is very unlikely especially when your reactor is built right on the coast, with hard wired cooling water inlets ...

From INFOWorriers.

“TOKYO (Nikkei)–The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) said Saturday afternoon the explosion at the f*kushima No. 1 nuclear plant could only have been caused by a meltdown of the reactor core.

The same day, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501), which runs the plant, began to flood the damaged reactor with seawater to cool it down, resorting to measures that could rust the reactor and force the utility to scrap it.”

DO YOU THINK that whether water enterering the reactor, then rusting it and causing them to scrap something (that is going to cost billions to tear apart and bury) is relevant if there has been a meltdown? Rust will be the last thing on any serious reporter or technician’s mind(s).

Why would they be bothered about rust?

It is my strong belief, that there has been at most a partial meltdown, HARRISBURG style. The fact they are right by the sea should mean that Coolant Sea-Water was available sooner rather than later. I don’t buy this FULL MELTDOWN STORY AT ALL> IT’S AN EXPERIMENT to see how the Globalised Useless Eater Village Responds. IMO.

And I tend to be right about Reactor Incidents, since I have been studying them since the 1970′s.

This is a fake report. — Remember, we had no Internet in 1986 and everyone in MEDIA wants to experiment with Mass concurrent disaster News Prompts.

My advice. Go there and see for yourself.
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