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 on: January 05, 2013, 06:42:44 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
 Well surely!
 During the Pre-WWII Spanish Civil-war some 20,000 Scotsmen signed up for volunteer duty against Franco's Nationalists. And they went there to do their duty too. What with the former 'Special' and now 'Essential-Relationship' between the UK's Separatist states and The United States of America, it's almost certain that a large volunteer contingent would appear to fight against Government Forces and the Shadow Agencies such as FEMA.

 Some will say it's imminent, others will say a forgone conclusion, others that it will never happen and that Americans will give up their guns and roll-over with a whimper rather than die with a bang. JG tends to the latter.

 Nonetheless, - even the French Students and Unions' Up-Rising of 1968 managed to be not given a mention that JG can remember one jot of ... and he was already 12 years of age.
 I think you'll find that once the round-ups and sporadic firefights over gun-seizure break-out across the 'New-World'; - the BBC and most other Organs of Sedate Propaganda will 'Go Very Dark' indeed on the issue.

 Like it never happened, that's if it ever does.

Personally speaking, JG will be volunteering to help at one of the Recruitment Centres UK-side, and adds ...
"Let's get these Small Gene-Pool Provincial Charlies out on the front, and as soon as possible."

 on: January 05, 2013, 06:41:37 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy

 Except when they're owned and deployed by fecking idiots. And unfortunately the only three Occassions JG has encountered guns being used outside of the Hunting in Rural France scene; on those three occassions the guns were being used to threaten either JG or others in the immediate vicinity. Like er Hippies and New Age Travellers Man! Dig it Man?

So actually, in Europe, I'd say the number of guns held legally by anti-social, paranoid and probably sociopathic types is likely quite high.

Not definitive proof of anything, of course; - just a series of observations involving just three gun encounters over ten-years or so.

 on: December 29, 2012, 10:38:16 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
 JG downloaded and then uploaded from the BBC News, for the A&E Scrutiny, Snooping Headline & Story.

Thu Dec 27, 2012  TODAY- 6am News insert
 A&E Scrutiny
              Right Click » Save As:
 Thu Dec 27, 2012  TODAY- 8am News insert
 Big-Brother Watch interview.
              Right Click » Save As:

Thu Dec 27, 2012  TODAY- 8.30am News extension
 Dr Simon Eccles scheme Inventor Interview.
              Right Click » Save As:

 Is this all about me? No! JG of course has never had any kids and at age 56, things don't look too god do they, short of an UNEXPECTED turn-around in GLOBAL priorities?! Besides, if you're not some Lancashire Twat on a bicycle with the new-year's honours OBE, I don't expect you're considered as much 'of a catch' by this generation of drunks that pass for young-women ... And JG don't do charm for people he's never met or can't see.

 on: December 29, 2012, 01:29:48 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
The Prima-Façie! Which means primary evidence to be presented in a law-courts sense!
Deal with the Devil secures ex-STRATFOR intern the Editor-in-Chief job at INFOWARS?
JG thinks he may be closer to the bulls-eye with this, than you might at first scope-it!

For a Kick-off; - JG (the 3rd Person) thinks there's a reasonably good chance Jones has been diagnosed at some point in his life as 'Borderline' Something or other, Autistic, Certainly Obsessive Compulsive and probably as a child; - and this is the Bargain with the Devil to keep it quiet, and to allow Jones to keep his guns if the law toughens up on others with a Diagnosis.

The Prima-Façie Evidence states that in the 'Deal-with-the-Devil' a Stratfor CIA sponsored Intel Source gets the CHIEF JOB at INFOWARS hence also PRISONPLANET and PROPAGANDAMATRIX by extension.

This gives the Infowars/Prisonplanet World Domination Enterprise the opportunity required to take the high-ground in so-called Conventional Political Events Interpretation & then respond in kind with their own version of Strategic Global Think. Or whatever it is they can conjur from up inside their sleeves!

Jones still gets to run his AUTISTIC prejudice storylines as explanation for Mass-Shootings and w.h.y, as normal and as part of the deal, whilst people like JG get to remain a target of that prejudice & their voices marginalised. Mr Jones may even have a little insight into his condition, which helps him sound officious on the subject of 'It's got to be Mentally Ill People on Medication'.
He knows what it's like to be more than a bit cranky with a gun; - remember the waving the hand-gun around in the Studio ....
It's a WIN or LOSE situation, and Jones on prinicipal would have had absolutely no other possible choice!!!

As for the rest of you! No change! You don't think his Audience are smart enough to figure out that they're just beginning to be not able to cope with this Grandest of all Dissonances? They'll just carry-on towing the line until they can no longer cope living a double life! Then they'll either walk away from the Bomb site or start seeking a shrink's help.

Infowars still gets to run the 'Drugged Autistics behind Bombings' headlines because that's not being in denial of your own personal condition. One person's diagnosis has absolutely NOTHING to do with anyone else's diagnosis in the Professional Psychiatric World. It's ALL ABOUT YOU, and how well you're coping with the pressure.

You get a diagnosis when YOU'RE IN DENIAL; when you're not dealing with it or not having the opportunity to.

Remember it's all about Jones and his show. That's what people in MEDIA are about. It's all about themselves.
And the subject is: Who is to blame & who is not to blame; who is 'The Good-guy' & who is the alleged Shooter.

To Boot! It's not a very popular PR/MEDIA image for a Political-Talk Radio-Jock to have a Diagnosis!!

From SourceWatch:

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Stratfor -- also known as Strategic Forecasting, Inc. -- is a private company that provides strategic and issues management intelligence analysis to corporations and governments.

The company, founded in 1996, is based in Austin, Texas and boasts that it has "an intelligence network located throughout the world."

"Stratfor is the world's leading private intelligence firm providing corporations, governments and individuals with geopolitical analysis and forecasts that enable them to manage risk and to anticipate political, economic and security issues vital to their interests
," it states on its website. [1]

The particular individual cited as the Stratfor informant/Mole though actually now Editor-in-Chief at infoWARS is a M.Maroney whose CV was on until this whole business hit the fan. Now that content at Scribd has been removed by none less than a one: M.MARONEY.

Screengrab from

"This content was removed at the request of M. Maroney."

Comedy Logo built on the Infowars/Stratfor inferred links from

 on: December 28, 2012, 02:07:00 pm 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
Hospitals in ENGLAND & WALES have been empowered by Laws proposed and passed solely it seems by Nick Clegg of the 'LIBERAL DEMOCRATS' according to THURSDAY 27 Dec's BBC RADIO 4 FM NEWS in which the NHS WILL NOW INFORM LOCAL SOCIAL SERVICES if you turn up at ACCIDENT and EMERGENCY with your children who have suffered ANY KIND OF INJURY.


The Radio News Item went on to describe that the purpose of sniffing around, snooping, surveilling and then reporting ANY and ALL kiddy's injuries to SOCIAL-SERVICES is so that the SS can determine (No doubt with the Police's Help - So there's a statistically very small chance of it being a fair assessment) whether or not you've beaten up your own child.

The news item blatantly and rather mercilessly inferred that the purpose ultimately of having SOCIAL-SERVICES present would be to evaluate the Parent's Suitability to continue to be allowed to be in custody of their own CHILD. Presumably and by inference from previous behaviour of the SS viz the Independance Party Kid Grabs just before Xmas, the Possibliity of having your Child TAKEN IMMEDIATELY AWAY FROM YOU and INTO CARE is a very real possibliity based upon the CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE gathered by the Police and SS or whoever is attending.

HOW VERY RE-ASSURING FOR EVERYONE CONCERNED. I Hope you'll all be very happy together wherever you go!

Already turning up at A&E anytime is an open invitation to ABUSE by IMMIGRANT Staff who will no matter what has happened to you TREAT YOU LIKE RABID SCUM found in the gutter. When JG turned up at D&G RI in 2002 XMAS with a Broken Leg after being attacked he was treated like that by a Black Worker who accused him of having TAKEN DRUGS, when all I had in me was lungs FULL of the Nitrous-Oxide (commonly known as 'Laughing Gas') from the 13-mile Ambulance journey.
This helps kill the pain; - it's an inhaled type of Morphine substitute which doesn't require prescription or permission of anyone above a Paramedic.

Ambulance workers and Paramedics are all 'Over-Worked' haters of humanity these days. When I was attacked inside my house in 2011, the ambulance staff treated me like the perpetrator of a crime, not a victim. The Ambulance staff, both twitchy and febrile women were rude, Unhelpful, suspicious, and moaned about "how we've been at work since 6am". I slammed my house door and sent the Godmamned lot packing. They were RUDE, UNHELPUL and thier visit Purpseless.
And it only got worse from there until JG went to bed nursing a broken face and swallowhing half-a-dozen Anti-Inflamattories. I nver heard from them again. USELESS!!!!!

So! IT GOES FROM DREADFUL Treatment to even WORSE!:


THIS WAS ON BBC RADIO 4 FM News on Dec, 27th 2012. Wake up you MORONS!

But there's NO MENTION ON THE WEB! AH, a prelude to the nightmare of what will happen if the web should be SHUT DOWN TOO.


A Whole New VISTA of possibilities is OPENING UP FOR YOU; - er, Sorry For US.

Boy, are you civilians who want kids, in this Bravest of BRAVE NEW WORLDS in for a Hell of a WAKE-UP CALL IN 2013/4!

Whatever is coming, it's going to make 'The Hobbit' (an unexpected Journey) Look like a day at the Kindergartten. But remember, the Public are presumed to not care about any such Legislation.

And that's very true!

(+ Sucks Like a LEECH Smiley Face)

JG would have posted this in disgust and with a Sickness in his stomach yesterday, but He was at The Kinema watching 'The Hobit' in 3D ..... Boo Hoo

Oh but dry your eyes Dears, IT ONLY GETS A LOT WORSE; - OBVIOUSLY!

The SYSTEM MIGHT AS WELL BE BEING TUNED For the Amusement and entertainment of PREDATORS.

And that's why you won't find any of this on PRISONPLANET or INFOWARS.

They are a kind of farming operation for The Predators; - actively seeking to divide-out the masses into easy-breeding divided classified-groups and a sub-culture of differently-flavoured meats ....!

 JG lives on his own so he can raise his voice in anger, in privacy and without danger of some idiot calling the SS.

You were warned! And now soon enough I expect; - the Storm. Enjoy!

 on: December 28, 2012, 11:19:44 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
 Though why not hedge your bets Doctors, since the 'Insight' JG has to hand, is that there's going to be a fecking Great-War breaking out in 2014, to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Greatest War of all Great-Wars, that was 'THE GREAT WAR' or 'Wall Ward One'. War Walled Won? (See the Goons and Spike Miligan).
Pre-Meds or Med students will know it as:
 - "Say What?   "Is this guy on psychotropics, hallucinogenics or what?"

 So, maybe you won't have to go anywhere far out of your tiny little minds to get all the Trauma & Burns 'hands-on' you could possibly ever dream of in your sweet little cotton socks ....

 Though I'd sign up now, and get the paper-work out of the way, just to be sure of getting a place in the action.

 on: December 28, 2012, 07:21:23 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
So what's it going to be for 2013/4 doc! Mutton dressed as lamb, or The Wolf Revealed?

British NHS Doctor, Dr Harold Shipman.
The World's most prolific Serial-Killer EVER; - accused of & tried for up to 500 intentional Murders.

 A long life, or no life? It's all in your incompetant yet seemingly efficient NHS hands.
  Another year at the NHS? No wonder the over-fifties folks not only prefer BUPA private Clinics but are CONSTANTLY BOMBARDED by Advertising from Private Health Care Hospitals and Insurance for Schemes.

  And good-luck with the Happy-New Year Baloney too! What of JG's new Local ROYAL-INFIRMARY (General Hospital)!? What will that £25-30 Million Overspend Under-Budgetted Fiasco turn-out to be other than a Massive CCTV, Private-Security Run Surveillance Hit-Job more interested in trying to Criminalise the In & Out-Patients, rather than being actually able to provide an EFFICIENT and RAPID-DELIVERY top-end Health-Care Provision?
— No doubt; - worst case scenarios being the DEFACTO DEFAULT position across the board today.

 — You Tangled Burocratic, Pencil Scribbling, Suspicious, Unempathetic, yet pathetically ego-inflated British National Health Service. You Doctors need a spell in the Armed forces in Afghanistan or Iraq; - in any other of the Axis of EVIL countries to give you a pointer in getting your sense of 'priority medicine' compass sorted out so you recognise what provision of 'Front-Line Services' means!

 Pick a side! Are you with the People or against them? And make your Answer Known through your Works.

 The Sadistic Autistic has spoken. The clouds are rent and the Rain; Yeah - Man it cometh!


 on: December 26, 2012, 11:33:23 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
Whilst PrisonPlanet is Busy Banning my comments, literally just now, (Amazing, What a Great Guy!) I received this message reply from Prof Mark in reply to a general question on the development of this field !!!

I am more than happy to talk with radio/astronomy enthusiasts about hardware, experiments and practical challenges. They often understand things better than the pros! I attach a copy of the Nature letter in case you have not managed to get your hands on a copy.

There are also an “intro” to the technology and a lecture (for a general non-specialist audience) on youtube that you can watch

Please note that, at present, the pentacene maser (as reported above) only amplifiers in the L-band at near 1.45 GHz (near the 21 cm hydrogen line), with a bandwidth of a few MHz, and in pulsed mode.  I am currently doing research towards improvements that avoid these limitations: CW operation, at other frequencies (UHF to C-band) and somewhat greater bandwidth –though still nowhere as broad as what GaAs or InP HEMT-based amplifiers offer."

 on: December 26, 2012, 07:07:52 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
“Black Marble”: Stunning Views of the Earth at Night
Thu Dec 13, 2012

This composite image of the world, called the “Black Marble,” was taken with the day-night band of NASA’s Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS). The day-night band sensor in the instrument was designed and developed by SRI using the latest extended dynamic range charge-coupled device (CCD) technology that can capture the finest details, even in low-light conditions.

These stunning images allow us to study in detail the impact of global climate change. Atmospheric scientists can use this new capability to observe and catalog changes that were once lost to darkness, such as weather patterns and clouds at night. The technology can help scientists to observe active wildfires, vegetation and ocean color changes.

View more Black Marble images on NASA's website.

Is this also about viewing the Idealist DIMMING of our PLANET, as the lights of CIVILISATION GO OUT?
The scientific observation is all about a 'measurement' of infra-red heat and/or ambient heat emissions from seas, lakes, atmosphere but by simple inference also from cities, and industrialised areas.

SRI is a $585Million/yr, 2500 workforce strong Non-Profit Organisation taking just 1% of NSF funding for an Admirable(!) 90% of DoD and Federal Government financial Awards!
JG often gets a sick to his gut feeling when reading about America! I'm either jealous, or it just turns my stomach!

(JG is a Lancashire-born Electronics/Physics/Computing/Telecomms/Polymath Autodedact Nurdy Guitar-fiend & Major-League Loser, with own telescope & sandwiches.
He fell off the Earth around 1981 & was not seen again until found in his Deceased Dad's bed in April 1993

What a life they made for JG! Yippee! JG sees why some would clasify 'Science' as ELITIST. He did just now.
That's the problem!!! True science can be brilliantly satisfying as we've seen with JG's news about the MASER
discovered by a man using eBay parts and his spare parts box, albeit at our National Physical Laboratory. That, if applicable could utterly revolutionise our abilities for even amateur astronomers with small dish antennae to listen into deep space, hear the quasars, and pulsars and what-not.

Looking for signs of intelligent life in all the wrong Places? - Arecibo, Puerto-Rico.

Technology is what defines Mankinds' adaptation to his environment and advancement of technology has taken us from living under cow-hides in a field to planning settlements on other worlds. It's inevitable and it's GOD'S Gift to us.

Science has been Hi-Jacked by POWER-AND-CONTROL FREAKS, Ego-maniacs, Government & Bankers and in particular the Military who finance so-called 'civilian oriented science' whatever ... It's heart-breaking actually for JG. But JG has "the healthiest heart ever seen in this hospital" according to the Cardiac Surgeons at the Local Royal Infirmary when he went in with chest pains in 2009. And they both were from Eastern-Europe. Musculo-Skeletal pain that's all. And I believe them. There's no stopping me. I know this. I feel that. Something has got to happen. And happen pretty soon.

— He's qualifed enough and smart enough? Perhaps! "Small-steps, sparks, small-steps".

The human race truly is "capable of such beautiful visions, but such terrible nightmares".

 on: December 26, 2012, 04:05:34 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
Using spare chemicals, a laser bought on eBay and angst from a late-night argument, BRITISH physicists have got the world's first room-temperature microwave laser (& µwave amplifier) working.

The full paper, 'Room-temperature solid-state maser', was published in Nature on 16 August 2012.

The achievement comes nearly 60 years after the first clunky versions of such devices were built, and could revolutionize communication and space exploration. The work is published in August, 2012 in Nature.

Conventional MASER technology works by amplifying microwaves using crystals such as ruby - this process is known as 'masing'. However, the MASER has had little technological impact compared to the LASER because getting it to work has always required extreme conditions that are difficult to produce; either extremely low pressures, supplied by special vacuum chambers and pumps, or freezing conditions at temperatures close to absolute zero (-273.15 °C), supplied by special refrigerators. To make matters worse, the application of strong magnetic fields has often also been necessary, requiring large magnets.

Now, the team from NPL and Imperial have demonstrated masing in a solid-state device working in air at room temperature with no applied magnetic field. This breakthrough means that the cost to manufacture and operate MASERs could be dramatically reduced, which could lead to them becoming as widely used as LASER technology.

Oxborrow enlisted two colleagues — materials scientists Jonathan Breeze and Neil Alford from Imperial College London — and got to work on testing this suggestion. He borrowed some spare pentacene from a lab at Imperial, and cooked it with another organic molecule known as p-terphenyl. The result was a pink crystal a few centimetres long.

Mark Oxborrow shows off the homemade kit for purifying p-terphenyl

Next, the team needed a powerful laser. Oxborrow located an old medical laser on eBay and drove to a warehouse in north London to pick it up. But the researchers were filled with doubts — the whole thing seemed too easy. Oxborrow admits that he was skittish about the experiment. "For about three days, I could have done it, but I didn't have the nerve to switch on that button," he says.

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