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1  The Wall / Off Topic / Whining / Three Reasons Why I Love Physics on: November 08, 2011, 12:44:50 pm
Digital imaging is providing physicists with images of atoms, molecules, rays, planets, galaxies, and the entire universe!

Here are three digital images which shed light on my interest in physics!

Here's Amy Mainzer of the CalTech/NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory:

Here's Michelle Thaller of CalTech:

And here's Ellen Stofan of University College, London:

2  The Wall / Off Topic / Whining / Actual Fenwick Arms Gravy Recipe on: November 08, 2011, 11:01:04 am
Quite some time ago, in a move inspired by Chef Gordon Ramsay's episode involving a place in the north of England called the Fenwick Arms (remember the "Campaign for Real Gravy"?), I was trying to figure out how to make Yorkshire Pudding with a proper gravy.  I couldn't find this recipe online, so I simply waited for the episode to be repeated on my local cable system.

Well, it's replaying right now, and here's the recipe for real, honest British gravy a la Fenwick Arms:

Pan with roast beef fond

Deglaze with oil

Add: sliced carrots
       sliced leeks
       sliced celery
       beef stock

Stir until roast beef pan is completely deglazed, then strain and serve.
3  General / General Discussion / Re: Eating Some Crow Right Now on: September 08, 2011, 05:52:19 am
Just the Globalists trying to subdue Libya cuz Quadaffi tried to form an African currency without the approval of the Globalists.

I know.

Like I said, I was hoping the Libyan people would be able to pull their butts out of the fire on this one (who knows, maybe they still can), but the attacks against Libya's black population has left me with very little hope.

Maybe we can just use this example to point out Obama's support of a genocidally anti-black regime.
4  General / General Discussion / Eating Some Crow Right Now on: August 22, 2011, 04:38:36 am
This is with reference to my earlier thread:,1061.0.html


It appears I was wrong, as this amateur army wound up defeating Gaddafi's professional army.

Obviously, NATO's direct military support for this operation leads to great concern as to the true nature of the new regime.


I'm way no suporter of Gaddafi, but this is just too much a military miracle to be a miracle, in my opinion.

Let's just hope the people of Libya hold onto the power which they (I hope it was them!) took yesterday.
5  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Stephen Hawking Screws Up Royally on: August 07, 2011, 11:41:10 pm
I've always admired Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics at City College, and star of several science TV shows.  I've always noticed that we seem to think alike in a lot of ways.  Well, tonight I found how much we think alike.  I was watching "Curiosity" with Stephen Hawking and I wrote a critique of his conclusions, which I then posted onto a discussion board.  As soon as I'd posted it, Professor Kaku shows up on the screen and says, in slightly different words, exactly the conceptual content of my critique.  It was almost spooky.

The gist of my critique (of which this is actually an expanded version, as my original had to be posted quickly to make sure I received proper credit for originating my ideas (and a good thing, too, as the date-and-time stamp clearly proves I'd posted my piece before Prof. Kaku said his spiel on TV)) is as follows:

Professor Hawking seems to be confusing necessity and possibility, to the extent of deducing that, if it is unnecessary to posit the existence of a supernatural creator, then such must be impossible.  His major error is to point to the lack of existence of time in our universe to show that there was no temporal dimension which would allow for the existence of a creator deity, which, by assuming the existence of our universe to be unique, dismisses the existence of the multiverse, the existence of which I consider to be proven fact.  A theory which requires the dismissal of proven fact isn't science at all, but irrationality bordering on insanity.
6  The Wall / Music / Leisure Activities / Fun & Games / HOW ON EARTH COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN THIS IMAGE? on: August 07, 2011, 11:13:15 am
Here 'tis:

7  Science & Technology / Tech Talk / A Fair Critique of the de Seversky Combat Plane on: August 06, 2011, 04:47:41 am

Alexander de Seversky was best known as a pioneer aviator and as the originator of the concept of the "Combat Plane", which is a strategic bomber with range, armor, and armament sufficient to enable deep=penetration bombing raids into enemy territory without need of fighter escort.  While many consider this concept to have been foolhardy in the light of the experience hard-gained by air forces during the Second World War, I believe the experience of Eight United States Air Force over Central Europe during the last two years of the war validate the concept of the Combat Plane, however lacking in reality the overall concept of the ability of strategic aerial bombardment to eliminate an enemy's ability to wage war eventually proved to be.

While it is true that most attempts to implement de Seversky's Combat Plane concept failed (largely due to the design of the aircraft intended to implement this idea (i.e., the Consolidated B-24 Liberator and the Avro Lancaster)), the combination of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (with her famous ball turret emplaced so as to cover the plane's ventral aspect) with Curtis LeMay's "Combat Box" formation, designed to give every machine gun aboard every plane a clear field of fire into airspace beyond the box itself, as well as to facilitate a concentrated drop zone for the bombs and to keep the trailing planes free of the wake turbulence of the planes ahead of them, did, in fact, prove the validity of de Seversky's fundamental concept of the Combat Plane.

The proof went to the extent that the US deep-penetration raids against Berlin in the spring of 1944 were, fundamentally, not actually intended to damage Berlin, but, rather, to attract German fighters which would be forced to defend the Capital, the specific purpose of this deliberate baiting being to clear the skies of German fighters in time for the invasion of Normandy.  The German fighter force in the West was still formidable when the raids began, but virtually non-existent on D-Day, due to the effectiveness of the B-17 formed into the Combat Box as an anti-aircraft platform.

The truth is that the B-17 accounted for more German aircraft than any other type in the ETO, fighters included.
8  Science & Technology / Tech Talk / Did Curtis LeMay Discover Fractal Geometry in 1942? on: August 06, 2011, 02:21:57 am
In attempting to arrive at a fair critique of Alexander de Seversky's "Combat Plane" concept, I discovered something unexpected about the "Combat Box" formation developed in late 1942 by then-Colonel Curtis LeMay.

In particular, the numerical and spacial organization of the Combat Box involves the repetition of a single fundamental structure in three-dimensional space to build larger and more complex structures which, in turn, recapitulate the spacial form of the fundamental structure.  In other words, Col. LeMay's geometric concept is fractal.

Obviously, dire operational necessity in a lethal environment dictates that perfection in fractal geometrical form not be a priority, but just look at how close this formation comes to such perfection:

Standard Group Combat Box Formation of 20 Aircraft - August 1943


Obviously, a more perfect fractal form would require a nine-plane squadron of three flights of three aircraft each, as part of a three-squadron group of 27 aircraft, with no Tail-End Charlies to protect the swallow-tail-shaped opening at the rear of the box from enemy fighters attempting to break up the formation from six o'clock level, but, once again, wartime necessity obviously militates against such theoretical perfection in favor of operational practicality.  But the basics of fractal geometry are clearly present in Lemay's ideas, much as Pythagoras is wrongly credited with having discovered his eponymous theorem when he merely rediscovered what a group of tax-cheating Greek farmers had clearly figured out earlier.
9  The Wall / Music / Leisure Activities / Fun & Games / More Cool Diner Images on: August 05, 2011, 10:11:32 am

And, last but hardly least, here's "Flo on the Go", the waitress that makes the whole thing work:

10  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Re: FIRST PHOTO OF MERCURY FROM ORBIT!!! on: August 05, 2011, 08:10:55 am

So hang out with your Venusian friends and leave me alone.
11  General / General Discussion / Caught USA Racists in Yet Another Racist Lie! on: July 31, 2011, 02:28:32 am
Read this at the USA racist website "Project Schoolyard USA" at:

"Fayetteville, NC - Two white women, Tracy Lambert and Susan Moore, are carjacked by a group of seven blacks and Hispanics and shot execution style in the head. This murder was part of a gang initiation. The bullets found in the victims’ heads were painted blue, the Crips’ gang color. This was not investigated as a hate crime."


No kidding it wasn't investigated as an anti-white hate crime, seeing as their first victim in this spree, Debra Cheeseborough, was an African-American woman!

It seems to me to be much more significant that all of the victims were women, seeing as the Fayetteville Crips were led by Christina Walters, who is, well, look at her picture and you tell me:

12  The Wall / Off Topic / Whining / How to Get Rid of Bedbugs on: July 30, 2011, 09:01:04 am
A Project for the Defense of Human Habitation Against Blood-Sucking Bedbugs

The extent of my apartment’s bedbug infestation is, by now, known to many of my neighbors.  What may be less well known is my method of dealing with this infestation.

My method is based upon the fact that bedbugs cannot survive exposure to the temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit.  Exposure to this temperature does, in fact, kill bedbugs at all stages of life, including the eggs, which are the most difficult to kill.

My method also includes this observation: there’s an old British Army saying that time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted, and, my personal history of battling bedbugs proves the truth of this adage.  Besides squishing every bedbug I see (and, it’s really difficult to squish a bedbug crawling on your wall, as their bodies are already so flat that your finger pressure simply will not suffice to crush them, so that you must first squish them and then, while maintaining pressure, drag the squish across your wall so that friction can rip the bug’s body apart), I watch their comings and goings so as to locate their nests.  Once I find a nest, I go into my kitchen and, in my microwave oven, I boil a mug of water (actually half a mug, for safety’s sake) which I then pour upon the nest.  If the nest lies deep within the crevices of my furniture, I soak a piece of paper towel in the boiling water and shove the soaked paper into the crevice. (WARNING: this process is painful and potentially injurious!)

Bedbugs also love to build nests in books, which fact leads me to the realization that we should “Cook the Books!”, that is, once we’ve located a nest within one of our favo(u)rite books, we should deal with the problem by, first, preheating our ovens to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and, then, inserting our books (one small batch at a time) for a period of ninety minutes.

Some of you are, no doubt, asking “Why ninety minutes in the oven for books as opposed to just pouring boiling water on bedbugs to kill them instantly?”  This happens to be a matter of physics; water is much more dense than air, and is a much better conductor of heat.  This is the reason why one can thaw out a frozen turkey more quickly by putting it in the sink under cold running water than by sticking it in a hot oven.  As you don’t want to ruin your books by throwing boiling water on them, the oven method works best.  But, to avoid fire hazard, monitor the cooking of the books VERY carefully, and have a mug of water or a fire extinguisher immediately to hand in case things go bad.

My final observation is that, once I thought I’d really eliminated my infestation, I noticed bedbugs crawling up the wall in one certain corner of my bedroom.  Just as I was trying to figure out how this could be, I saw a mouse coming out of my register very near to where this parade of bedbugs seemed to originate.  As cute and sweet as mice may be (and I personally love the stuffing out of them!), mice just happen to be a primary vector for the introduction of bedbugs into human habitations.  Tragically, mouse control must be a part of any serious attempt at bedbug extermination.

If anyone else has any ideas concerning bedbug extermination, don’t be afraid to speak up!
13  The Wall / Music / Leisure Activities / Fun & Games / Re: The American Diner as the Perferct Setting for Sci-Fi/Horror Fiction on: July 25, 2011, 05:37:58 pm
The above post was actually inspired by my having seen, this morning, an episode of the 1980's revival of the "Twilight Zone" series entitled "Nightcrawlers", which I've just viewed again.  While it's not quite up to Lovecraft, it comes close, and it makes me realize that, given the limits of my own writing talent, I would most likely best serve myself by sticking to spoofing this genre.  Besides, there's enough scary crap in the news these days that maybe a little spoofing of horror fiction would provide readers with welcome relief.
14  General / General Discussion / Re: Norway Attacks: Kitbashed From Earlier Deeds and Plans on: July 25, 2011, 04:36:46 pm
I'm aware of the martial law aspect of this: read my last shout.

The American aspect of me may be up to my ankles in it, but don't forget my time in a city where those little German amphibious jeeps (I forget what they were called) with soldiers in field dress running through the streets (they seemed to be on their way to and from CFB St. Hubert (which is HQ, Mobile Command (Mobile Command being, in essence, those Canadian ground forces not committed to NATO)), and riding the metro with young cadets from the Black Watch of Canada, once again, in field dress.

Also don't forget my visit to my old neighborhood in NYC, where my old bank branch (now a drug store) seemed to have at least four (apparently) armed soldiers (I'm still not convinced they weren't carrying rubber guns, as the outline shape of what they were carrying seemed, to me, to be a highly antiquated version of the M-16) standing at the subway entrance in front.  When my father saw that setup, he laughed and called it "the best-guarded drug store on earth".
15  The Wall / Music / Leisure Activities / Fun & Games / The American Diner as the Perferct Setting for Sci-Fi/Horror Fiction on: July 25, 2011, 02:06:34 pm
Right now I see myself as being in competition with the greatest writer in the history of my beloved and ancient city of Providence, Rhode Island, USA., that being, of course, the great Howard Phillips Lovecraft.  This is not to say that I am claiming to be his equal (hey, I know I'm a crap writer compared to him), but I still think I can stake a certain claim as his runner-up by trying my best with one of the greatest (and spookiest) American institutions: the traditional American diner.

For those of you non-Americans who may not know what a diner is, allow me to explain that it's a small restaurant, whose design is based upon that of a railroad dining car, which serves such classic American meals as hot open-faced turkey sandwiches with a side of cranberry sauce, cheeseburgers deluxe with a side of fries, and, for dessert, pies of all kinds, particularly banana cream pie topped with a huge pile of meringue.

Here's a floorplan of a typical diner:

This American institution has much in common with the British pub, except that the British pub serves as a center (OK, centre!) of community unity among those whose families have known one another for centuries, whereas the American diner attracts a MUCH more diverse and transient crowd (i.e., families in transit to vacation (OK, OK, holiday), gangsters, serial killers, drifters, shady ladies, and, according to the "Twilight Zone" television program(me), even outer-space aliens!  There's even been a Canadian mini-series based on this idea called "Nightmare Cafe".

The truth is, they're beautiful places that serve simple (but delicious) food to wholesome families during the day, and, at least in the popular imagination, to some pretty tough customers during the night and very early morning..  But the best thing is that, while Lovecraft limited himself to Arkham, Massachusetts (which is actually the East Side of Providence rotated 90 degrees), the diner can be located anywhere, from a lonely road in the middle of a forest or a desert to the waterfront of a tough city, so it's much more versatile.  It's a cliche that, unlike the donuts in a diner, never gets stale.

16  General / General Discussion / Norway Attacks: Kitbashed From Earlier Deeds and Plans on: July 24, 2011, 05:57:50 pm
Just had this idea:  The Norway attacks seem to have been kitbashed from two earlier incidents: the Fort Hood shootings and an aspect of 9/11 that, for whatever reason, didn't occur: the detonation of a car bomb outside the State Department.  (See live coverage videos between 10:15 AM and 10:30 AM.)  Also note the second incident as evidence of pre-scripted media coverage.
17  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Dark Matter/Dark Energy Hidden Within Alternative Temporal Dimensions? on: July 24, 2011, 05:16:03 am
Let me begin by stating that, by no means do I claim that the mysteries of quantum phenomena need be, nor can be, resolved with reference to alternative temporal dimensions; indeed, I emphatically DENY the validity of any claim of alternative temporal dimensions as a possible explanation for such phenomena, and fully realize that we just have to sharpen our pencils and figure out the math in order to resolve these issues.

This one-sheet exclusively concerns Dark Matter and Dark Energy, and constitutes my attempt to suggest further inquiry into the realms in which they may be hidden.

This idea originated in the course of my preparation of an argument against someone else to remind him that physics, ultimately, is the study of motion.  Motion being the translational displacement of matter/energy through space over time, it occurred to me that, were a universe with three spacial dimensions to exist without motion (and the such is NOT possible: this is a thought experiment, not an hypothesis), there would be no need for time.  Since motion is the product of energy, time is the product of energy.  Therefor, if Dark Matter/Dark Energy exists (as it certainly does), then the alternative Dark Energy can only be driving an alternative temporal dimension.  (Note that I am NOT claiming that there is only one Dark Matter/Dark Energy driving only one alternative temporal dimension (there may be one, a few, or many).  Neither am I claiming that there are no alternative spacial dimensions within our universe: there may or may not be, although it's tempting to point out that Dark Energy/Dark Matter appear to occupy most of our three spacial dimensions, so there's no need to posit the existence of additional spacial dimensions.)

Please note that I'm here making no claim concerning quantum nonlocality, which is the concept of the translational displacement of information across space requiring no passage of time.  Obviously, information is fundamentally different from matter/energy, and its translational displacement does not constitute motion, but another phenomenon known as Quantum Linkage.  This, in turn, suggests the existence of at least one non-spacial, non-temporal dimension.

What to call alternative temporal dimensions?

I suggest Dark Time.
18  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Re: FIRST PHOTO OF MERCURY FROM ORBIT!!! on: July 23, 2011, 11:56:39 am
That's not science.  It's pseudo-science.  You're hurting yourself by reading that trash.
19  General / General Discussion / A Mass-Mailing Email From My US Senator, and my Response! on: July 21, 2011, 08:26:34 pm
This is so totally obscene, I would love to be one of those who refuses to believe it. But, having had the experiences which I've had, I have no choice but to believe it. (Plus, it comes from my own United States Senator, which is not to say that credibility should be granted this statement on that account, but constitutes definite proof of knowledge of the mistreatment by the United States of her most loyal and gullible servants.

Here's the email:

Dear Robert,

Our troops are fighting for us abroad. They deserve to know that we are standing up for them at home.

That’s why earlier this year, I wrote you about legislation I introduced for our troops - The Protecting Servicemembers from Mortgage Abuses Act of 2011.

And I wanted to keep you up to date on the progress of this bill.

Following my testimony to the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, the Committee agreed that we need to give military families more time to get back on solid financial ground and help them keep their homes.

To that end, the Committee passed a bill that will protect military families from foreclosure for one full year after they complete active duty.

My testimony was informed by stories from across the country. If you have a story about military foreclosure, please take a moment to share it here. Your input will be invaluable in encouraging my colleagues to extend protections for our troops.

We all know that our troops face countless threats every day; this is an important step to make sure that foreclosure isn’t one of those threats. I look forward to working with the Veterans’ Affairs Committee to get this bill turned into law.

Best regards,


And here's my response (which I actually emailed to Senator Whitehouse!!!):

I actually know noone who has personally suffered the loss of a home due their involvement in the many wars the US is currently fighting, but I would like to indicate the fact that this is absolutely the type of treatment which can be expected from a criminal government, such as that which currently rules the US: criminals will always decline responsibility vis-a-vis their victims for the consequences of their own criminal conduct. The truth is that I am absolutely sympathetic to the plight of those Americans who were deluded by the unelected Bush Administration's attack upon my former workplace (that would be the World Trade Center) to fight in a war whose primary purpose seems, to me, to be the preservation of Afghanistan as a haven for the cultivation of opium, which is a source of narcotic drugs capable of destroying entire societies. The Obama Administration, having refused demands to investigate the Bush Administration's exhibitionistcally blatant criminality, has cheerfully donned the wardrobe of criminal guilt for the murders of thousands of Americans (most of whom worked in my former workplace (i.e., the World Trade Center)), and millions of people overseas.

I support those Americans who are being so brutally punished for the sacrifices which they've rendered to the United States by our sadistic, criminal leaders, which punishment derives purely from our criminal leaders' recognition and exploitation of these Americans' own moral innocence and consequent gullibility.
20  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Re: FIRST PHOTO OF MERCURY FROM ORBIT!!! on: July 21, 2011, 08:17:10 pm

I am a physicist.

In support of an extraordinary claim, I require extraordinary evidence.

Where's your evidence?

I have much more important things to do, so I might just as well inquire as to why you're wasting my time?
21  General / General Discussion / Re: AJ Needs a Little Education in Canadiana on: July 19, 2011, 03:29:23 am

You're very welcome!

Here's another little piece of Canadiana, which leaves me a bit confused, as it seems to me that the lyrics are a bit too erotically charged to be appropriate for a national anthem (which will, after all, be sung by little kids in school!).

Whaddya tink?
22  Science & Technology / Outer Space / CORRECTION Re: Pluto on: July 14, 2011, 07:57:14 am
Eating a big serving of crow right now.

It turns out that Kuyper Belt Bodies aren't rocky bodies at all, but are, rather, icy bodies.

Still, the declination of Pluto's orbit from the plane of ecliptic, combined with the eccentricity of her orbit which places her occasionally within Neptune's orbit, are strongly suggestive of Pluto's being a dud comet.

But, my certainty in my position has gone from 100% to 50-50.
23  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Science TV Screws Up Again: Pluto is NOT a Kuyoer Belt Object, But a Comet on: July 13, 2011, 06:53:53 am

I found yet another error in science TV, concerning the nature of our solar system's orbiting object named "Pluto".

I recently watched a show (the name of which I don't recall) which claimed that Pluto is a Kuyper Belt Object.

I totally don't buy that.

A typical Kuyper Belt Object is a rocky planetoid, and Pluto clearly doesn't meet the criteria for a rocky planetoid, according to my gravitational analysis.  (And, by now, you well know gravitation to be one of my favorite items of study).

As everyone who's ever studied gravitation certainly realizes, it takes a lot less energy to change the amplitude of any object's orbit than it takes to change the equatorial inclination of an orbiting object.
This specific understanding involves the momentum equation F= ma.  Now, since the gravitational equation F = G \frac{m_1 m_2}{r^2}\ clearly involves the mass of the orbiting object ONLY WITHIN THE CONTEXT of the object which it orbiting, any object whose mass is insignificant relative to that of the object which it is orbiting (as is certainly the case of Pluto versus the Sun) renders the geometrical aspect of the gravitation equation a nullity with respect to the momentum equation.  This is, to a far lesser extent, the case even with such massive objects as the planets Uranus and Neptune, if you consider the fact that the sun's gravitational attraction upon them is inversely proportional to the square of the radius of their mean sidereal orbital amplitude, which is obviously HUGE.

My point here is that the program pointed out the fact that Uranus and Neptune had obviously switched orbital radii as representing a completely confounding concept, while barely bothering to point out the fact that, in the light of the momentum equation, alterations in orbital amplitudet of planets the size of Uranus and Neptune requires no more posigrade energy than was supplied by the gravitational slingshot effect from the mass of Jupiter (analogous to the thrust from an airplane such as you and Uncle Roy are accustomed to flying), counterbalanced by the resistance (i.e., retrograde momentum, analogous to the aerodynamic drag which you and Uncle Roy would have encountered in your flying experience) they would have encountered by colliding with the escaping asteroids and descending Kuyper Bodies which pretty much occupy interplanetary space at that altitude.
As Neptune's mass is 1.02 x 10/26kg, whereas Uranus' mass is 0.868 x 10/26kg, inertia alone explains why they switched positions,

This not only fails to explain Pluto's position within the Pane of Ecliptec, it further fails to explain Pluto's LATERAL DISPLACEMENT FROM the Plane of Ecliptic, to the extent of 17 degrees from the Earth's equator.

The resulting analysis can come as no surprise:

The fact of Pluto's dramatic departure from the Plane of Ecliptic can only mean that the amount of energy capable of displacing the equatorial plane of her orbit 17 degrees from the Plane of Ecliptic must be a good deal smaller than the amount of energy required so to displace a genuine planet from that plane.

This can only mean that Pluto, approximately the dimensions of Earth's moon, must be considerably less dense than Earth's moon, (i.e., Pluto must be approximately the density of Ice 1).

This observation, combined with the eccentricity of Pluto's orbit (which places it within Neptune's orbit for a major proportion of Pluto's year), can only mean that Pluto is not a failing Kuyper Body, but a failing comet.
24  Science & Technology / Tech Talk / Re: Possible Explanation for 4/7/2011 Janan Earthquake "Blue Light" Phenomenon on: July 13, 2011, 06:36:00 am
Alex mention today that he is subspicous of all the nuclearr accidents, now it is getting to common.

I know.  I'm feeling the same way.
25  Science & Technology / Tech Talk / Re: Missed Opportunity on "Known Universe" on: July 13, 2011, 06:32:43 am
Mysteries have answers but the truth is so removed that you can't believe anything.

That's a poor attitude for a scientist to have.
26  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Re: FIRST PHOTO OF MERCURY FROM ORBIT!!! on: July 13, 2011, 03:49:51 am
I'm not sure: I think I got it from a news item.
27  The Wall / Off Topic / Whining / Italian-Jewish Cultural Merger in the Working-Class Neighborhoods of NYC on: July 06, 2011, 04:01:03 am
I've noticed that, within the working-class neighborhoods of New York City, the Italian and Jewish communities seem to be melding into a single ethnic group.

A great deal of intermarriage seems, to me, to be occurring, and intercultural influence is increasing.  One example of the latter: as a Roman Catholic, there are certain days when I'm not allowed to eat meat, except for fish, so, when I'm in NYC I know to go to a Glatt Kosher restaurant, almost all of which serve spaghetti with fishballs.  (This will, of course, be served on a paper plate with plastic utensils to avoid the whole milchik/fleischik deal, as well as the "touched by a Gentile" deal)  Even in a non-Kosher setting, there's a restaurant in Manhattan (owned by a Korean!) that serves only pizza and knishes.

Further, there's the Jewish singer Jay Black (best known as the lead singer of "Jay and the Americans"), born in the Bronx in the mid-1930's, who speaks English without the slightest trace of a Yiddish accent, but with just the slightest trace of an Italian accent, which indicates, to me, that this phenomenon has been going on for some time.  (By the slightest trace of an Italian accent, I refer to Mr. Black's insertion of very short voiceless vowels to break up consonant clusters forbidden by the phonotactic constraints of Italian, but permitted by those of both English and Yiddish, as well as his pronunciation of his dental stops (i.e., "d" and "t") as true dentals (as per Italian), as opposed to the alveolodental pronunciation of these consonants common to English and Yiddish.

Here's Mr, Black singing "Cara Mia" (and notice that the title of the song is "Cara Mia" rather than "My Dear" or "Mein Liebling"), which illustrates these aspects of his speech:
28  The Wall / Off Topic / Whining / Funny Piece for Canada Day on: July 01, 2011, 04:03:17 pm
Actually, it's not strictly true that these snacks are available only in Canada, as my own state of Rhode Island has a large French-Canadian population, and you can get many of these items here.

See it at:

O, Canada! Week: How to Snack Like a Canadian

Food Network – Wed, 29 Jun, 2011 1:48 AM EDT

One of the best things about living and eating in Canada is how easy it is to find unique snacks from around the world. From bubble tea, to decadent European pastries, you can easily find international delights at ethnic grocery stores and bakeries scattered throughout any major Canadian city.

But, have you ever stopped to think about what Canadian snacks a tourist might find unique? If there were a Canadian grocery store in Europe or Asia, what would you find in their snack aisles?

There are many snacks that we take for granted that our friends and family overseas, or even just across the border, might view as distinctly Canadian. A few of my favourites include:

Whenever I ask my American cousins if they eat the red ones last, they stare at me in bewilderment. That’s how I discovered that these colourful candies are more than just the product of a memorable marketing campaign, they’re Canada’s answer to the M&M.

The secret to how they get the caramel into the Caramilk bar is a national treasure worthy of protection behind lock and key.

Ketchup Chips
These sweet, yet savoury potato chips are as red as the maple leaf in our flag. Every Canadian knows the sweet pleasure of sucking their red fingers after finishing off a bag of these irresistible chips.

Cheese curds, french fries, and gravy--perhaps French Canada’s greatest contribution to our proud culinary heritage.

Swiss Chalet Sauce
Other countries around the world roast their chickens, but they don’t have the salty goodness of Swiss Chalet Sauce to dip their chicken in?

Laura Secord Chocolates
The Americans have their Hershey Bars and the Swiss have their Lindt chocolates, but no one else has the smooth, sweet and luxurious chocolates from Laura Secord.

Anything with Maple In It
From maple syrup to maple candies and cookies, Canada is the maple capital of the world... and I love it all.

Tim Horton’s Coffee
Although Tim Horton’s coffee shops have started sprouting up in a few American cities near the border, everyone knows that the distinct aroma of a double-double coffee was first brewed within Canuck borders.

So the next time you’re reaching for an impulse candy bar purchase by the cash register, or looking for a snack at your local mall’s food court, do your patriotic duty and snack like a Canadian!

Glenn Calderon is a Toronto-based writer and self-proclaimed "bachelor foodie." He enjoys trying new restaurants and writing about it. Currently, he is attempting to teach himself how to cook but always has a fire extinguisher nearby, just in case.
29  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Someone's Cosmology Appears Off-Balance on: June 30, 2011, 06:10:49 am
Last night's episode of the Morgan Freeman show featured an interview woman who, although she is certainly properly hailed as the mother of the theory of open vs. closed strings, seems not to follow through successfully.  Her primary observation on the program is that interuniversal space, which contains gravitational strings, is warped.  This is self-evident: gravitation's whole job is to warp dimensions, so her observation is like saying that water is wet.  She also states that the reason gravitation is so much weaker in our universe than electroweakness or strength is because some other universe is hogging all of our universe's gravitation.  Wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!!  If gravitation exists both in universes and in interuniversal space, then it must be a constituent part of the higher organizational node (i.e., multiiversal space), merely passing through individual universes.
30  The Wall / Off Topic / Whining / Nigerian Fraud Email on: June 30, 2011, 04:32:37 am
Here's the (redacted) text of the Nigerian fraud email I'm referring to:

Kindly read attach message and get back to me.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Alexander Jones



I didn't dare open the "attach" message for fear it contained a virus.


And, here's the heading:

Kindly read attach message and get back to me.
Mr. Alexander Jones <>


Anyone else here getting this email?
31  Science & Technology / Outer Space / In the Alternative... on: June 30, 2011, 01:41:07 am
It could also be (in fact, more likely is) that our universe contains ALL of the electromagnetism, weakness, and strength exsisting the multiverse, and that all the other universes' "stuff" is made of other configurations of dimensions.

But I stand by my idea that our universe consists of about a trillionth of a trillionth of the total "stuff" in the multiverse.
32  Science & Technology / Outer Space / The Scale of the Multiverse on: June 30, 2011, 01:29:37 am

If the gravitational force in our universe is only about a trillionth of a trillionth of the strength of electromagnetism, weakness, and strength, and if gravitation is a constituent part of the entire multiverse, then it stands to reason that our universe contains only about a trillionth of a trillionth of the electromagnetism, weakness, and strength in the multiverse.

Isn't that astounding?

Talk about the majesty of God!
33  Science & Technology / Outer Space / The Dimensions of Our Universe on: June 30, 2011, 12:12:43 am
On tonight's episode of the Morgan Freeman show, one of the physicists on the show observed that, at the scale of strings, the universe is one-dimensional.  Once again, electroweak and strong strings are just lines that vibrate (I'm excluding gravitational loops, as they're not bound to this universe (i.e., while they exist within our universe, they're not a constituent part of our universe, nor of any universe, but of multiversal space), which requires only one dimension.  Given that the universe seems to be very economical, logic dictates that, if only one dimension is needed, that's all there is.  Therefor, her observation is somewhat tautological.  But, in arriving there, she uses General Relativity in a manner which seems to strongly support the idea that our universe is a holographic projection from a two-dimensional universe.  This changes my whole thinking: I told you earlier that the chances between the universe being a holographic projection from a two-dimensional universe and being a universe with three physical dimensions was 50-50, but, after hearing her, I now rate those chances as 80-20.  This, of course, is invalid for interuniversal space (which MUST have at least three physical dimensions), and not necessarily valid for universes other than our own (as they may have different physics entirely).
34  General / General Discussion / Re: The Strange Tale of the Attempted Murder of Mr. Frank Rosenthal on: June 27, 2011, 12:40:25 am

When you got your words blocked, did you also get instantaneously flooded with cellphone ads as I did?  (Not just pop-ups, but full webpages!)

I've just sent EvadingGrid the following PM:


Someone has apparently reset this forum's family filter to a level which has interfered with the discussion on a thread I started.  (I'm here referring to the thread under "General Discussion" entitled: "The Strange Tale of the Attempted Murder of Mr. Frank Rosenthal", which thread I urge you to review.)

Could you, or whoever controls this forum's family filter, please lighten up on it?

35  Science & Technology / Outer Space / "Little Pop" Universes? on: June 26, 2011, 11:46:25 pm
I've been reviewing the work of Professor Laura Mersini-Houghton, and it dawned on me that nothing in her work precludes the possibility (the reality of which I strongly suspect) of failed or failing or otherwise non-thriving universes that began at too low an energy state to result in a universe of our scale and energy state, in other words, universes that began, not with a Big Bang, but with a Little Pop.
36  General / General Discussion / Re: The Strange Tale of the Attempted Murder of Mr. Frank Rosenthal on: June 26, 2011, 09:42:20 pm

Yes, that.s the guy.
37  General / General Discussion / Re: The Strange Tale of the Attempted Murder of Mr. Frank Rosenthal on: June 26, 2011, 06:45:00 am
Amazing phenomenon!!!

This post isn't as I'd written!

Every single time four asterisks appear, the word that I'd actually written was "casino"!

Isn't that funny?
38  General / General Discussion / The Strange Tale of the Attempted Murder of Mr. Frank Rosenthal on: June 26, 2011, 05:45:25 am
Frank Rosenthal was an old-style "Kosher Nostra" guy who actually hosted a local television program(me) in Las Vegas, Nevada, which program(me) was viewed, by some, as a high profile advertisement for Mafia involvement in the Las Vegas casino skim.

My native city's own Mr. Frank Peter Balistrieri blamed Mr. Rosenthal for the then-current law enforcement interest in Las Vegas casinos, which interest was, in fact, due to the involvement of the primary supervisors of the Las Vegas skim on behalf of the Chicago Outfit, Anthony and Michael Spilotro, in residential burglaries.  (Don't ask me why a white-collar criminal would insist on committing blue-collar crimes of a type which would pressure local law enforcement to investigate.)  Anyways, Chicago Boss Tony Accardo eventually figured this out and had the Spilotro brothers whacked (i.e., beaten into semi-consciousness and then buried alive).  Afterwards, Mr. Balistrieri was placed in charge of the Las Vegas skim.  FBI Special Agent Joseph D. Pistore (better known as Bonanno Family wiseguy "Donnie Brasco") tried to get the Bonanno Family involved in Mr. Balistrieri's skim operation, but Mr. Balistrieri somehow magically knew to steer clear of that deal.

Anyways, here's the story of the attempted hit on Frank Rosenthal:


Rosenthal survived an assassination attempt, in October 1982, after his car was rigged with explosives.[3] He survived because his car was a 1981 Cadillac Eldorado which had a metal plate under the driver's seat (GM installed it to correct a balancing problem) which absorbed most of the force of the explosion. While nobody was ever charged, Milwaukee Mob Boss Frank Balistrieri was most likely responsible. Balistrieri, who was known as the "Mad Bomber" to law enforcement, was heard via wiretap blaming Rosenthal for the legal problems the mob controlled casinos were having. Similarly, just weeks before the attempt, Balistrieri told his sons he intended to get "full satisfaction" from Rosenthal's perceived wrongdoing.[4] Other less likely suspects include Spilotro, and outlaw bikers who were friends of Geri Rosenthal.
39  General / General Discussion / New Info re: Mafia Narcotics Trafficking on: June 26, 2011, 04:51:29 am
I've just finished watching a special on the National Geographic channel entitled: "Inside the Mafia".

Someone on that program(me) (I didn't catch the name) said that Carmine Galante's autopsy confirmed the presence of five different calibers of ammo in his body.

The traditional story is that Galante's bodyguards had deserted him just before his assassination, but, seeing as only three gunmen were seen entering the restaurant (Joe and Mary's Italian-American Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY), the program(me) strongly suggested that the bodyguards were not only present, but served as extra gunmen.

This revelation has MASSIVE implications, as it demonstrates that the international narcotics smuggling ring organized by the then-leadership of the Luciano/Genovese Family, which actually bypassed their own family to install the Magaddino/Bonanno Family Complex (through Carmine Galante) as the primary conductor of Asian narcotics into North America, wouldn't tolerate any interference from native-born American Mafiosi in operations conducted by the Sicilian Mafia.

The deal is this: Carmine Galante wanted to be the sole drug lord in the United States, and believed himself to the the boss of the Magaddino/Bonanno Family Complex (now the Magaddino/Bonanno/Rizzuto Family Complex, due to Galante's Montreal connections), instead of the Commission-approved Phillip "Rusty" Rastelli.  Apparently, someone felt threatened by Galante's power-grab.

Or, perhaps, Galante, having organized the Mexico-to-Montreal narcotics trafficking corridor, was simply a man who knew too much.  The fact that his assassination occurred so soon after his release from prison lends credibility to this hypothesis.

I'm also wondering just why Stefano Magaddino considered it so important to keep control over the Bonanno Family of Brooklyn (essentially a daughter family of the Magaddino Family which emerged from the Castellamarese War, itself the product of interfamily animosity evident as early as the "Barrel Murder of 1903", committed by Giuseppe Morello (co-founder (with Vito Cascio-Ferro) of the Luciano/Genovese/Lucchese Family Complex)), to the point of allegedly kidnapping Joseph Bonanno in 1964?

Do you get my drift?

Once-warring Mafia organizations start turning buddies (even to the point of bosses betraying their own families on behalf of other, traditionally enemy, families) as soon as narcotics enter the picture, and once-esteemed Mafia bosses suddenly start getting pushed aside at about the same time.

Any thoughts?
40  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Re: Oops! I Maked a Big Mistook re: Stability in Interuniversal Space on: June 24, 2011, 04:45:58 am
Two Tenners:

I'm just making an honest attempt to get it right.

Can you lighten up a little?
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