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1  The Wall / Off Topic / Whining / OT info on: March 22, 2011, 09:06:32 pm
In case any one is wondering why im not in chat, or on the boards.  My computer is down.  Will be back up soon folks.  I miss you guys!  Take care! 
2  General / General Discussion / Re: AP: Earthquake Swarm in AR. Me: Related to Bird Deaths? on: February 22, 2011, 02:24:50 am
No way would I live around the New Madrid fault.  That place is over due for a bad earthquake.  It will be this year they have a bad one.  The last Madrid Earthquake was so bad to where the Mississippi River flowed backwards for two hours.  It was felt ALL over the east coast except for Florida.  Yes those earthquake swarms could be related to the bird kills, and even the fish kills.  Gas can come up through lakes, streams, rivers, or through cracks in the ground.  The thing that bothers me though is the fact these kills are all over the world.   
3  Health, Family & Eugenics / Alternative Health / Natural Food / Re: CURE TINNITUS - by 're-booting' the brain on: January 25, 2011, 12:40:10 am
textile working around weaving machines.
4  Health, Family & Eugenics / Alternative Health / Natural Food / Re: CURE TINNITUS - by 're-booting' the brain on: January 23, 2011, 03:12:01 pm
I have severe tinnitus.  Which means I have more than the ringing, hissing going on at once.  I actually have ringing hissing, roaring all at the same time.  I can't sleep without noise in the room to mask it.  I can't hear certain people on the telephone.  I can't hear people talk in crowds.  A soft voice person I can't hear all of the words they say either if they are talking to me directly.  I have actually asked certain people on the phone not to call me again cause i can't hear them.  I have asked them to have someone else call if the call is important. If it was a individual, i asked them to speak up.  I have had hearing test also, and failed miserable on high tones.   

It's very annoying.  My jobs did this. 
5  General / General Discussion / You need to know whom... on: January 20, 2011, 12:06:33 pm
This section is for educating the public on important people past and present.

First up is:
Justice Hugo Black

Quote: "The press must be left free to publish whatever the source without censorship, injunction or prior restraint.  The press was meant to serve the governed, not the governors."  ~Justice Black~

Justice Black is often regarded as a leading defender of First Amendment rights such as the freedom of speech and of the press. He refused to accept the doctrine that the freedom of speech could be curtailed on national security grounds. Thus, in New York Times Co. v. United States (1971), he voted to allow newspapers to publish the Pentagon Papers despite the Nixon Administration's contention that publication would have security implications. In his concurring opinion, Black stated, In the First Amendment the Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in our democracy. The press was to serve the governed, not the governors. The Government's power to censor the press was abolished so that the press would remain forever free to censure the Government. The press was protected so that it could bare the secrets of government and inform the people. Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. […] The word 'security' is a broad, vague generality whose contours should not be invoked to abrogate the fundamental law embodied in the First Amendment.  —New York Times Co. v. United States, 403 U.S. 713, 714 (1971)

Today the New York Times Co. v. United States case is used as a means for Press to fight in court.  Often winning.

As soon as Black started on the Court, he advocated judicial restraint and worked to move the Court away from interposing itself in social and economic matters. Black vigorously defended the "plain meaning" of the Constitution, rooted in the ideas of its era, and emphasized the supremacy of the legislature; for Black, the role of the Supreme Court was limited and constitutionally prescribed.

During his early years on the Supreme Court, Black helped reverse several earlier court decisions taking a narrow interpretation of federal power. Many New Deal laws that would have been struck down under earlier precedents were thus upheld. In 1939 Black was joined on the Supreme Court by Felix Frankfurter and William O. Douglas. Douglas voted alongside Black in several cases, especially those involving the First Amendment, while Frankfurter soon became one of Black's ideological foes.

He rejected the idea that the government was entitled to punish "obscene" speech. Likewise, he argued that defamation laws abridged the freedom of speech and were therefore unconstitutional. Most members of the Supreme Court rejected both of these views; Black's interpretation did attract the support of Justice Douglas.

However, he did not believe that individuals had the right to speak wherever they pleased. He delivered the majority opinion in Adderley v. Florida (1966), controversially upholding a trespassing conviction for protestors who demonstrated on government property. He also dissented from Tinker v. Des Moines (1969), in which the Supreme Court ruled that students had the right to wear armbands (as a form of protest) in schools, writing,

    While I have always believed that under the First and Fourteenth Amendments neither the State nor the Federal Government has any authority to regulate or censor the content of speech, I have never believed that any person has a right to give speeches or engage in demonstrations where he pleases and when he pleases.

Moreover, Black took a narrow view of what constituted "speech" under the First Amendment; for him, "conduct" did not deserve the same protections that "speech" did.[66] For example, he did not believe that flag burning was speech; in Street v. New York (1969), he wrote: "It passes my belief that anything in the Federal Constitution bars a State from making the deliberate burning of the American flag an offense."[67] Similarly, he dissented from Cohen v. California (1971), in which the Court held that wearing a jacket emblazoned with the words "**** the Draft" was speech protected by the First Amendment. He agreed that this activity "was mainly conduct, and little speech."

As a Justice, Black held the view that the Court should literally enforce constitutional guarantees, especially the First Amendment free speech clause. He was often labeled an ‘activist’ because of his willingness to review legislation that arguably violated constitutional provisions. Black maintained that literalism was necessary to cabin judicial power."

In a 1968 public interview, reflecting on his most important contributions, Black put his dissent from Adamson v. California "at the top of the list, but then spoke with great eloquence from one of his earliest opinions in Chambers v. Florida (1940)

Black's absolutism led him to enforce the rights of the Constitution, rather than attempting to define a meaning, scope, or extent to each right. Black expressed his view on the Bill of Rights in his opinion in the 1947 case, Adamson v. California, which he saw as his "most significant opinion written:"

    "I cannot consider the Bill of Rights to be an outworn 18th century 'strait jacket.' ... Its provisions may be thought outdated abstractions by some. And it is true that they were designed to meet ancient evils. But they are the same kind of human evils that have emerged from century to century wherever excessive power is sought by the few at the expense of the many. In my judgment the people of no nation can lose their liberty so long as a Bill of Rights like ours survives and its basic purposes are conscientiously interpreted, enforced, and respected... I would follow what I believe was the original intention of the Fourteenth Amendment - to extend to all the people the complete protection of the Bill of Rights. To hold that this Court can determine what, if any, provisions of the Bill of Rights will be enforced, and if so to what degree, is to frustrate the great design of a written Constitution.

Adamson v. California
Chambers v. Florida:
6  General / General Discussion / Re: John P. Wheeler III, CFR Member, Mitre Corporation Consultant Assassinated on: January 04, 2011, 10:26:36 am
They didn't hide kill this guy because if they had of, a lot of heads would of turned.
7  General / Chat Rooms / Chatroom bloopers on: December 30, 2010, 06:41:19 pm
[07:30:34] <@David40> did ya see the news?
[07:30:41] <@Route24> yup
[07:31:05] <@Route24> Been following that boner thread
[07:31:14] <@Route24> *stoner
[07:31:18] <@Route24> LOL
[07:31:35] <@David40> .......ooooooopsy Wink
[07:31:37] <+gh0stmaster> um no comment
[07:31:42] <+gh0stmaster> lol
[07:32:01] <@Route24> *stoned bonehead?
[07:32:09] <+gh0stmaster> uh
[07:32:26] <+gh0stmaster> I dont know if that will save your ass or not
[07:32:34] <+gh0stmaster> lol
[07:32:39] <@Route24> *hides
[07:32:42] <@David40> >.>
[07:32:43] <@David40> <.<
[07:32:56] * +gh0stmaster points at David40
[07:33:02] <@David40> hi '-'
[07:33:19] <+gh0stmaster> you see the post i know you do
[07:33:21] <@David40> `-`


[07:33:54] <+gh0stmaster> oh we should have a place on the forum for posting the bloopers
[07:34:01] * @Route24 is hiding, can't see it
[07:34:28] <+gh0stmaster> im sure everyone would enjoy Route24's blunder
[07:34:47] <+gh0stmaster> lol
[07:34:51] <@Route24> uh
[07:34:58] <+gh0stmaster> heehee
[07:35:34] * +gh0stmaster runs to forum
[07:35:49] * @Route24 sticks foot out
[07:36:04] <@Route24> *trips gh0stmaster
[07:36:26] * +gh0stmaster flys off
[07:36:40] <+gh0stmaster> shall i start it under "Satire/Cartoons/Parodies"
[07:36:47] <+gh0stmaster> Huh?
[07:37:07] <+gh0stmaster> Or chat rooms?
[07:37:37] <+gh0stmaster> Caht rooms it shall be
[07:38:04] <@David40> ...there's a chat rooms board?
[07:38:17] <+gh0stmaster> uh huh

thus we have this place to post the bloopers.  Smiley
8  The War Room / 9/11 Material & Research / Muslims Against Terrorism on: December 25, 2010, 08:11:41 pm
This research article contains many Qur'an verses, links, quotes, news articles, poems, and lots of reading for those that want a heads up on this topic.  I tried to post as much as I could, so you would have a good view on this topic.  I could not post it all.  There are plenty of articles online covering this topic not covered here.  The best way to find this online content is to do a search on "Muslims Against Terrorism".   History topics can also be found online by "History Muslims Against Terrorism" or just "History Terrorism".
9  General / General Discussion / article: When Hate Blinds on: December 20, 2010, 01:40:53 pm
This is a very touchy subject that has gotten very little review since 2001.   For years now Countries all over the globe have been perplexed in how to handle extremist.  I realize many don't want to touch this subject.  But you can't hardly deny what's happening to the planet when you have people that don't like what a country stands for, or even a certain type of person.  Maybe they don't like how they live.  It could be their religion.  But it's hard for me to believe one book created strife in our world.  Or that a few men wanted to make a few extra bucks.  Meanwhile the whole world has turned a blind eye to it all.  One could say "Man is his own enemy." It only takes one to create war, and a few to idolize it, and or ignore...

Article written by Ghostmaster and Donnay

Read more:
10  General / Ridiculous News / Oddball Stuff / The ghost towns of China: Amazing satellite images show cities meant to be homes on: December 18, 2010, 06:11:56 pm
You would think China would halt construction, and wait and see what happens to the vast number of cities that have already been built.  This is not the case though. 

These amazing satellite images show sprawling cities built in remote parts of China that have been left completely abandoned, sometimes years after their construction.  Huh?

Elaborate public buildings and open spaces are completely unused, with the exception of a few government vehicles near communist authority offices.   Roll Eyes

Some estimates put the number of empty homes at as many as 64 million, with up to 20 new cities being built every year in the country's vast swathes of free land.  Huh?

The photographs have emerged as a Chinese government think tank warns that the country's real estate bubble is getting worse, with property prices in major cities overvalued by as much as 70 per cent.   Shocked

Read more:
11  General / General Discussion / Re: Hey Slaves, You Cannot Live on Your Own Land and Stay Off Our Control Grid! on: December 17, 2010, 12:47:53 am
When I get my slice of land, I will assert allodial property rights...

Allodial title constitutes ownership of real property (land, buildings and fixtures) that is independent of any superior landlord. In common legal use, allodial title is used to distinguish absolute ownership of land by individuals from feudal ownership, where property ownership is dependent on relationship to a lord or the sovereign. Webster's first dictionary (1825 ed) says "allodium" is "land which is absolute property of the owner, real estate held in absolute independence, without being subject to any rent, service, or acknowledgment to a superior. It is thus opposed to "feud." In the United States, all land is subject to eminent domain by the federal government, and there is thus no true allodial land. Some states within the US (notably Nevada and Texas) have provisions for considering land allodial under state law, but such land remains rare.

Our founding fathers gave us this privilege from what I understand.  I just don't understand their reasons for taking this land away from this man just because he lives simple.  Perhaps there is a reason underneath that has not quite made it to the surface?  Maybe someone wants the land and can't claim it as eminent domain because that would be illegal?  I say look at the land the man is on.  Then look to the city, and county and see if there is a underlying reason for them wanting him off the property. 

I also wonder if this could be it, and they knew he wouldn't put up much a fight over it because not only is he a simple man, but he is not really bright when it comes to knowing exactly that he maybe sitting on a maybe gold mine.  City/county is about broke they need the land, and will get it any means they can with in their means money wise.   How long has he lived there I wonder?
12  General / General Discussion / Re: When the economy falls - What you need to know on: December 16, 2010, 11:24:07 pm
When the economy falls

I believe that is what they had a problem with I believe their argument is maybe it should of been:

If the economy falls

But still...
13  General / General Discussion / Re: When the economy falls - What you need to know on: December 16, 2010, 11:06:53 pm
I don't know the reason for the change myself.  Maybe they thought with the title I had I was giving in to big Gov?  I really was not, I was using my wits, and my strengths and thinking ahead.  I don't want to be a user, or called a lazy no good for nothing if anything bad should happen.  I want to shine, and hopefully show myself as a good example for others to follow.  The best way to do that is to help as many as I can now.  Plus help myself.  I really hope our future is bright and prosperous.  All the stuff we save for hard times, will be just stuff we can use, and save a few pennys during our months ahead because we want too.  Not because we have too.  Hopefully we have many optimistic people here, instead of pessimism people.
14  General / General Discussion / When the economy falls - What you need to know on: December 16, 2010, 11:47:29 am
When the economy falls
Certain items become commodities well sought after because they can be used different ways.  such as... have healing properties, or is just simply a needed staple many did not count on needing later on.  keep this on your mind when you store items for later use.  Items that do well can be used for many things, or just are a item that is expensive to make, or could be a combination.
Don't store everything in the same area.  You never know if down the road a flooded basement, a ant infestation or some type of bug or rodent infestation could cause you to loose it all.  This is more prone to happen during trying times.  So never store everything in one spot.  Choose your items wisely.  It is better to a few items below of each, and possibly a lot of a couple items.  During trying times you want to become known to barter, but you don't want to bring the wrong attention to yourself.  In other words making outlandish demands on neighbors just because you have the only maple syrup for miles will get you no brownie points, and may even cause you to be robbed.  The idea is to barter, not cause strife. If you have 100 containers of salt, keep your stash in different areas, and NEVER tell anyone you have extra stored.  Stick to one storage area till it's empty, then move on.  Keep your barter items separate from your households.  This means one house hold could have up to five storage areas.  Some even buried in backyards, fields, etc.  If you barter, keep items you was shared separate from items you keep in the home, or have stored.  It was a known fact during the depression times people bartered certain items that later were found to be bad, full of pest, expired, etc.  You don't want to take a bag of rice from someone that could have pest, and store it in your only stored area you have containing your flour, or sugar.
White, brown or powdered, it will never spoil because it doesn't support bacterial growth. The challenge with sugar is to keep it from hardening into hard 5 pound blocks. To keep sugar fresh, store it in an airtight container or plastic bag. If your brown sugar has hardened, you can revive it with just a minute in the microwave on low heat. You can also store brown sugar in plastic bags.  Storing one cup each in one bag is a good rule of thumb instead of large quantities of two or more cups.  You will be able to barter this commodity because after a while people will grow tired of certain items they tend to use time and time again.  So brown sugar will be a treat, but regular sugar will not be, it will be a high end commodity sought after.
Molasses can be a commodity stored on the side for future use.  It is the staple of the item used in brown sugar.  You can stock up on regular sugar, and just stock up on molasses you can't go wrong.  People have a sweet tooth, that will never go away.  This will make a good barter ingredient.
Pure vanilla extract
If you have pure vanilla extract you also have a sought after commodity. It lasts forever, and  is more expensive than its imitation counterpart, but its shelf life certainly outweighs the extra cost. It too can be used to barter but not right away.  Keep a hold on it.  After a while you will see what a great commodity you have.  Keep that vanilla flavor at its best by sealing the bottle after each use and storing it in a cool, dark place. Because this is expensive you will be able  to sell or barter this maybe by the teaspoon.
White, wild, jasmine, Arborio and basmati rice all keep forever so there's no need to throw them out. Brown rice is the one exception because it has a higher oil content so store it in the refrigerator or freeze it to maximize its shelf life. Once you've opened a bag or box of rice, move it to an airtight container or resealable freezer bag to keep it fresh. In the beginning rice is not a good bartering product.  As time goes by it becomes one because you can cook it in any type container with just water.  People will want it because it fills a empty stomach.
Flour and Corn starch
You can thicken gravies and sauces for years with just one box/bag of corn starch because it will keep indefinitely. Store this kitchen staple in a cool, dry area and be sure to reseal it tightly after each use. Flour will become a sought after item because it is used for breads, gravies, deserts, and or fill in inert ingredient to make a meal go further.  It is also a staple item, and prices tend to rise on this item.
Whether you use it in your tea, on your toast or as an alternative sweetener, that jar of pure honey is good forever.  You can help keep it fresh by storing it in a cool area, and you can improve the quality of crystallized honey by placing the jar in warm water and stirring it until the grainy parts dissolve.
Hard liquor
Neighborhood Liquor Store, or bar been looted?   Nothing you think is left?  Distilled spirits like vodka, rum, whisky, tequila and gin don't ever spoil — even after opening. Keep the bottles tightly closed and store them in a cool area away from direct heat or sunlight.  High end content alcohol products will be sought after because of their nature to keep things sterile, clean, disinfected.  If you have any that are not opened hang onto them for medicinal purposes the higher the alcohol content the better.
The contents of your salt shaker will never spoil, regardless of whether it's basic table salt or sea salt. Simply store it in a cool, dry place and salt will keep indefinitely.  You also need to know salt will be a high end product sought after during times of depressions.  Yes it makes a good food staple.  But it also is one of the main ingredients of home made cleaning products. It also is used as a preservative. This is a high end commodity.
Maple syrup
What good are flat cakes, bread, pancakes or waffles without maple syrup? Luckily, this flavorful syrup will never spoil if you refrigerate it or freeze it. For long-term storage, seal it in an airtight plastic container and freeze it.
Distilled white vinegar

This product can be used for everything, from making marinades and salad dressings to cleaning house and doing laundry. But the best thing about distilled white vinegar is that it lasts for years. Simply close it tightly after each use and store the bottle in a cool, dark place.  This will be a good barter product simply because it is so versatile.
Other things
Toilet paper, Band-Aids of different sizes.  Even certain medications will be sought after.  Personal products also will be sought after, like razors, shaving cream female products.  Tylenol, aspirin, pepto. antibiotic creams. Bleach is another item you may want to store.  You may just want to store a years supply for one family instead of trying to barter this item.  It takes up lots of space.
Seeds is another item that will be sought after.  Non hybrid non Monsanto.  Keep in mind also a veggie that can be grown fast, and produce a lot, seeds saved easily,  literally pest  free will be the most sought after in your area.  Think locally, not markedly.  Just because there is a market for it does not mean you need to grow it.  What you will depend on the most is how easy for you to grow. Is this seed a local product from seed to market?
Try to grow tomatoes varieties from your area because most know this is a fruit and in times of need may be the only one you can find.... Can be grown inside, and outside... But also because the leaves of the tomatoes plant can be used as a pesticide.  (leaves soaked in water for days, strained, and put in spray bottles and bartered) Help to keep pest away from home, and even on your person, because the tomato plant in not harmful to humans.
Homemade Toilet bowl cleaner!
Baking soda and vinegar becomes "scrubbing bubbles".  Wet the sides of the bowl with a toilet brush. Liberally sprinkle the sides with baking soda, then splash on some vinegar. Instant foam! Scrub clean. The baking soda is also a terrific deodorizer.
Homemade Tile cleaner!
All you need is a sturdy sponge, a bowl full of white vinegar, and some salt. Soak the sponge in vinegar, sprinkle with salt, and scrub away the toughest grime. Rinse clean. You can help keep soap scum at bay between cleanings by spraying your wet tile with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water.
There are many other products to think of saving.  Some you just may want to save because they are easy too save.  Many products not even listed here will become bartering agents simply because you just happen to have the "right" item at the time.  No one can guess all the items, and some items will be more popular for certain regions only because those areas already depend on certain items being readily available.  Best way is to visit local markets instead of grocery chains.  They don't grown, and serve to the market unless there is a need for the item in your area.
One more item you may not of thought of, but you really need to consider getting now!
A wind up radio.  Preferably one that can use batteries, electricity, or wind up.  Don't get one that only gives you one option.  This will be your lifeline to the rest of the world.  Shop wisely. More than one option in case one option on the radio gets tore up.  Yes this is a expensive item, but consider it a must.  If the power goes out, and you have bad weather on the way, you must know what to expect.  It will also be your lifeline to know what is happening on a City, State,  Country level.
Authored by Ghostmaster

NOTE:  Members are encouraged to add their own important information below that would benefit the readers.   
15  General / Art / Satire / Cartoons / Parodies / Grandma Got Molested At The Airport – Funny Video on: December 10, 2010, 11:36:07 am
Grandma Got Molested At The Airport – Funny Video
16  Science & Technology / Internet / Internet II / Re: Internet 2 - Planned Total Control of the Web on: December 05, 2010, 03:07:56 pm
Many of these counterfeit and pirated goods are made in China.

Just stop doing business with China, until they clean up their act.  Or so that is how other countries deal with bad countries.  Funny how the USA puts up with them. 

As far as the Internet 2 goes...

Launch Internet 2, and months down the road you here new Internet users have to be put on the the Internet 2 because there are no more IP addys for the old one.  Slap new users on Internet 2 IPs with the new spyware/censorware in place.  User doesn't know what hit them. 
17  General / Wikileaks operation and the concept of controlled opposition / Re: Wikileaks Julian Assange accuser is CIA Operative on: December 05, 2010, 02:47:23 pm
sex crimes charges against him in Sweden are a smear campaign
18  General / International News / Re: Ron Paul stands up for Assange on: December 05, 2010, 02:44:17 pm
Very good.   Considering Assange has the top security people of many nations after his butt.  What a shame even the nations crying free speech are showing their true colors.  Just goes to prove there is no free speech in this world. 
19  Health, Family & Eugenics / Eugenics / Depopulation / War On Family / Re: Sterilization camps EXPOSED! on: December 02, 2010, 12:53:35 pm
20  General / Introductions / hello on: November 30, 2010, 08:29:51 am
Good morning everyone. 

This is my very first post.  This post may be a bit much for some, so just bare with me.  I always wanted to have my own website that was initially run by the members.  I always wanted to be able to chat also about things that mattered to me, and the onslaught of stuff that was hard for me to understand.  I am a member of the Prison Planet board.  Not a long time member, but still doing my best to post the important stuff as I see it.  I created the website I always wanted but was hesitant to create because so many of these websites end up in the abyss because if they do have great content, or become popular it tends to **** off those trying to send out disinformation.  I am not sure how far this website will go.  But I wanted it to be cool, and fun to visit.  I do occasionally do webmaster work for people. So I thought I would give it a try myself, and create something that even the members could be proud of.  Thus Captive Planet was born.  I also found the chat room I could enjoy which in my opinion has a great bunch of staff running it.  That chat room is here on GlobalGulag.  If you have not visited the chat room as of yet, then please check it out.  I am sure you wont be disappointed.

Information on the website...

The website is run by me, and by many of the members here at GlobalGulag. 

We are people just like you that have a open mind.  We dissect all information we receive.  Research as much as we can within our time restraints.  Then we present the cream of the information for you to read, and or watch.  We hope that you can learn something new, regardless if it is something found not to be fact, or fiction.  Or something found to be true, and straight forward in it's entirety.

We have a section devoted to Alex Jones that is available for registered users only.  This websites works on the model that members control the content.  Members can earn different medals. Some are hard to come by, others are easy.  We have different categories/sections some are not covered by PP.  Membership is based on a tier.  You start out as just registered, and the more active you are the higher your rank becomes.
Registered - Author - Editor - Publisher

main page:
Captive Planet

Here is the support and documentation page:

If you have any question then please reply.  Let us know what you think. 
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