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Title: JFK-II (90 mins doc)
Post by: EvadingGrid on November 18, 2010, 01:05:15 pm

JFK II is an incredible documentary film that totally destroys any notion of Lee Harvey Oswald being responsible for the murder of ... all President John F. Kennedy. Packed with original and new footage, JFK II provides strong clues as to who was really behind the assassination.

Title: Re: JFK-II (90 mins doc)
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on November 18, 2010, 02:43:49 pm
I have the documentary investigation that came with the JFK Movie, by Oliver Stone in a special two Program edition of the Film.

What bugs me is the speculation. It's clear that Multiple shooters were involved. That's how even amateur crime-family evil minds work. I've had it on me. They have complete cover stories with masqueraders to take flack for the actual attacker. Several layers of patsies if you like. CIA/Mafia work by laying multiple false trails, all convincing. Grassy Knoll shooter was for real or was he ...?

Then there's the james earl files interiews available on youtube. From prison he claims to be a Grassy Knoll shooter ... There was more than one I think and they had helpers to take away the rifles ...

The effectiveness of this cover-up is what spurred me on, when I first got into 9/11-Truth to say that in 25 years time they will still have a complete command over the events of September 11. I wish I felt differently ...

I'm afraid, after all we've seen, I don't feel differently ...

Title: Re: JFK-II (90 mins doc)
Post by: EvadingGrid on November 19, 2010, 04:56:15 am
E Howard Hunt....

I am assuming you're all familiar with his deathbed confessions and aware of who he was !!!, if not then you need to play catchup and find that we now know an awful lot of the answers. If you put it all together you'll realise why the cover up continues to this day.

Incidentally, my nephew did the JFK assination as part of his history at school, and I'm itching to quiz him to find out what he was told, and what he thinks. Santa Claus might well be slipping a copy of JFK-II into his christmass stocking this year.