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Title: Take the Atheist Challenge!
Post by: Joe(WI) on October 03, 2010, 10:43:46 am
If you can find where God forces me to do something(or stop), I will become an atheist.
If however, you cannot find it, you become a Christian. Deal??

I think we need to fight things on their terms and win, because I think there's no way to lose. And they have no way to win.

How many times have I heard the whine "...made me... ...would make me..."? Too many! I think the put up or shut up time has arrived.

Everything that happens isn't because God made you anything. Deal with it. You do it-you did it. No flying spaghetti monster needed.

Don't you wish everything was that black and white?

Title: Re: Take the Atheist Challenge!
Post by: Amazon on October 04, 2010, 10:57:48 am

I, too, have reached the end of my tether with these fundie so called Christians
who seem to have an answer for everything.
They have NO place on a forum like GlobalGulag,
condemning others
and preaching conversion to small mindedness religious bigotry.

I was in a religious christian school for 8 years of my life and NEVER heard
that God makes you do anything !
That was what the gift of free will is for,
which also implies taking responsibility for my own actions.

Those fundies think I am a demoness because I practice the WRONG flavour .
Well, my flavour says we all have an opportunity for an afterlife,
that people discover the Divine in various ways
and that we each walk our unique paths to become more complex human beings.

Give me Christmas!
And easter!
And all the wonderful holidays that celebrate our humanity intermingled with the Divine .

Title: Re: Take the Atheist Challenge!
Post by: Bad Penny on October 05, 2010, 08:51:36 am

Aha!  So you are a Universalist!  I'll not judge you.

I have a favo(u)rite relative who is a Christian of the variety who follows a Man of God with (not literally, I'm just using an illustrative stereotype here (i.e., this is the beginning of a sarcastic rant on my part)) a huge hairdo and a pot belly and a green suit with an orange tie, who is so holy that he would never lay eyes upon a maiden, but would rather spend large amounts of time with the handsome and wholesome young men of the megachurch community.  This Man of God is, of course a committed Republican, who preached the Christian all-American virtues of the NYC first responders who so nobly rallied in the face of Islamic aggression until they began to get sick, which revealed to the Man of God that these so-called heroes of 9/11 did, in fact, comprise a sinister diabolical force calling into question the very values which makes America great.

And, what are the Republican values that make America great?

They are founded upon the great Constitution of the United States of America, which enshrined in eternal holiness the legitimacy of the US Federal state, and which gives divine sanction to that state's call upon the duty of every American to grant unquestioning faith in her statements, obedience to her chronic demands for tax revenues and for the surrender of our people's youth as cannon-fodder for the military machine, and for our grateful acceptance of the badges and incidents of slavery as indicators of our proper appreciation of the safely which our governments provides us.  Should these great Republican ideals become onerous to us, the evil, liberal, un-Christian, anti-American Democrats will take power so that we Republican Christian Americans can blame our frustrations on the Communists in the ultra-liberal, pseudo-intellectual Democratic administration, while we work for the restoration of Republlcan rule which will replace Obama's never-ending war in Afghanistan and Iraq with a Christian crusade against Islam in Afghanistan and Iraq, and will replace Obama's toleration of illegal immigration with a recognition of the need of American business for fresh blood uncorrupted by native-born American working-class laziness and greed.  Whereas Republicans rightfully call for punishment of those incredulous of the claims proffered by America's noble security forces, Obama and his evil Democratic minions want to enforce ideological conformity!  And while Obama and his Democrats are constantly yelping about that Osama bin Laden guy, our glorious Republican genius and gifted orator George W. Bush reminds us to concentrate on tracking down and punishing those responsible for the attacks of September the 11th.


[Sarcasm over.  Sincerity from here on.]

PS: I personally like Bush's challenge better, and I think that we in the 9/11 Truth movement have enough evidence by this point that we might want to consider emphasizing the slogan: "Prosecute 9/11!" even as we continue using the slogan: "Investigate 9/11!".

Yours truly in Christ,


(although I'm not exactly a Universalist: I believe that some human souls freely choose eternal separation from God, and that such have created their own eternal hell whose cheap, cruel, and tawdry amusements appease their foul appetites in a manner for which God's heaven rightly refuses to provide.  I can only hope that I'm on the right side of that divide.)

Title: Re: Take the Atheist Challenge!
Post by: Dok on November 05, 2010, 09:32:30 pm
I, too, have reached the end of my tether with these fundie so called Christians
who seem to have an answer for everything.
They have NO place on a forum like GlobalGulag,

Ill keep that in mind and pass it on to all my other "fundie" friends.