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Title: BBC Prepping to Suppress any News of 2nd American Civil War to Deter Volunteers?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on January 05, 2013, 06:42:44 am
 Well surely!
 During the Pre-WWII Spanish Civil-war some 20,000 Scotsmen signed up for volunteer duty against Franco's Nationalists. And they went there to do their duty too. What with the former 'Special' and now 'Essential-Relationship' between the UK's Separatist states and The United States of America, it's almost certain that a large volunteer contingent would appear to fight against Government Forces and the Shadow Agencies such as FEMA.

 Some will say it's imminent, others will say a forgone conclusion, others that it will never happen and that Americans will give up their guns and roll-over with a whimper rather than die with a bang. JG tends to the latter.

 Nonetheless, - even the French Students and Unions' Up-Rising of 1968 managed to be not given a mention that JG can remember one jot of ... and he was already 12 years of age.
 I think you'll find that once the round-ups and sporadic firefights over gun-seizure break-out across the 'New-World'; - the BBC and most other Organs of Sedate Propaganda will 'Go Very Dark' indeed on the issue.

 Like it never happened, that's if it ever does.

Personally speaking, JG will be volunteering to help at one of the Recruitment Centres UK-side, and adds ...
"Let's get these Small Gene-Pool Provincial Charlies out on the front, and as soon as possible."