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Title: The Sadistic Autistic "No-End in Sight Business as usual". Media Barons Disagree
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on December 21, 2012, 02:03:25 am
It's end of the world day.  

 But don't despair, it's only 7.30 AM, JG Universal GMT time.  

    It might still happen ...

        Or consider this. For Aspergers's and Autistics Broad-Spectrum ...

             The World-Over, life as normal; as it should have been, ended long-ago.

                 We even it seems have a Star-Trek like   planet of our own, namely: 'Aspersia' . Even Better!

Let's count down those last moments, as You Political Bankers rub away furiously at those genie-lamps ..

... And at this very same moment an Evil Autistic-Savant plans to detonate a Nuclear-Bomb somewhere in the endless spirals of the CERN Taurus, Switzerland, the explosion set to coincide with the very moment the Quantum Physicists intend to open up a miniature Black-Hole; later today.

That's right! It's a REAL THREAT that Infoworriers world-wide needed to be woken up to.
So I did! I betrayed my people ...!

"Oh, The Judas within ..."

... All Because I love my Country and the Lady Loves Milk-Tray SOOooo Murch!