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Title: JB Denies "Reality"; - Asserts Mainstream are Servants to The Poison Dwarf's Pen
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on November 07, 2012, 02:10:33 am
 In the UK, we have a glut, a real lack, that is, of old FM style radio. JB gave up listening to any NEWS long ago. Because JB believes in his gut that it's all BAD NEWS designed to psychologically manipulate and control the gormless plebs, as JB's Ministry of Defence Father might have said
... All gone digital, so all JB gets, fortunately is about 4 FM Broadcasters.

 And that is already ENOUGH, because they ALL UNFORTUNATELY believe they HAVE A SPELL BOUND DUTY TO PROPAGATE so-called 'NEWS' as if it was Seed to the Birds, and as frequently and as monotonously as is inhumanly possible. So many Human Bird Like Creatures, pecking away, making it through one-more-day of brain stiltifying Propaganda and human loathing before their brains finally develop Dementia.

 Here's some evidence for my argument, viz the Title of this post.
 Because the Lame Stream News media are getting wise to the fact, that people, sensible enough to be, as no doubt the Jews did in the Ghetto, turning off their radios, when the news broadcasts arrived every 30 mins or so, in order not to hear the Satanic Propaganda from the Poison Dwarf,
 - the MSM lameheads are now sneaking it in, at odd interals ...

 I have no idea, and have no desire or curiosity to learn, - if a Jug-Eared Jungle-Bunny, Taff, Jock, Nip, Al'Qa'eda or rag-head is in the Whitehouse, and we don't wants to know precious no we don'ts wants to know
 .... G.o.l.l.u.m ...
Because master knows, yes, master knows what is going to happen to you all ... Yes .... 
I'll feel sorry for you, how about that!?

 So the Lamestreading Media Twats lump THEIR TROUGH SWILL in at odd intervals around the clock, in an attempt to catch JB unawares ...
News ALWAYS was reserved for on the hour and on the half-hour spots; - THUS IT ALWAYS WAS.
- Now you'll hear:

 "It's ten minutes to eight and time for a round-up of the front-pages of today's newspapers"  - or
 "It's eight-forty and here's a summary of today's news headlines"  - or
 "It's seven-forty five and today's headlines"  - the latter barely giving JB a chance to reach for the 'fade-control'; though one always manages still but because the ultimate button pushing BLANKER, that is JB, is always so quick on the draw, JB still gets to not know what the FECK THE POISON DWARF at the Ministry-of-Information has got in store in the way of ULTIMATE BAD NEWS for my mind to have struggle with RESISTING before it's even had a crumpet and jam to help it cope.

 You know the rest, JB's only and final remaining last ever comment to the Braindead twats in charge of The POISON DWARF'S Mainstream News Chanelling:
"Go Sell Crazy somewhere Else, we're all Stocked Up".

JB has just announced to the world watching with incredulous data gathering capability that he reckons he can get through November Seventh 2012  without ONCE, finding out which Gormless Subhuman Twat or Shariah-Law Ragheaded Gonk has made it to the OVAL OFFICE for a four-year term of self-aggrandisement through Satan-Worship or worse ...

And JB says he's got a 150% chance of not finding out! JB is extremely experienced in preparing for the day when all the Fecking Morons acting as repeaters for Satans's Broadcast Empire have been evicerated from the entire planets' surface ...

 And he also looks forward to a day when all the Criminal Lovers and Wops live on a Slave-Labour Planet of their very own  ... in perpetual Bliss ...

Now Go Jump off a Fecking Roof, and give me a laugh before I get out of bed.


And if JB does find out that things are just the same after as they were before the latest edition of The Idiot's Newsround, so he tells me; there'll be a Price-to-Pay, Probably A TV-Licence fee. Ha, Ha, Ha! Suckers!