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Title: -"The Negro had a Helicopter Accident, fell on his Head; - BUMP!" —Aldous Huxley
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on November 06, 2012, 08:41:01 am
Direct quote from 'BRAVE NEW WORLD'.

 - By Aldous Huxley.

But as all Peace-Officers turned Bad-Guy will tell you: - 'The End justifies the means.'

Yes, after decades of JB's Conscious and Deliberate purging of even the slightest vestige of racist attitude He might have been under-priviledged inheritor to, or exposed to the influence of, the O'Bummer Presidency and the threat it poses to the future of a recognisable or intuitively evident improvement for the ascendent aspirations of Western Mankind, has finally and possibly irrevocably reversed, at least in political context, many of these personal efforts.

COLGAN 3407 - the final resting place for one resilient restless anti-gitmo and patriot, a week after she held personal council with O'Bumma.

Unlike BNW by Huxley; - You can't make this stuff up: