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Title: Are BBC Demi-Insane Journalists Attempting to lead a Populist ANTIEURO Stampede?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on August 09, 2012, 02:05:54 pm
 Come On BBC!!!
   on Radio Four FM this morning during the longer than other normal News Broadcast at about 8 am, I heard it.
It went:

"Euro Ministers are asking for 16 Billion () because as they explained: 'Because of the Collapse of the European Financial System" (or Eurozombie Zone).

I heard it with my own eyes, OK! It's very early in the Morning!!! But was this just more PSYCH-NEWS to get early risers and particularly London commuters as mad as crazed Cannibals before they leave the house?
Because the only reference to 16Billion I have found is a:

"Find another 16billion in cuts, ministers are ordered ...", from the Daily Snail and dating from 22 April.

Read more:

It's all a joke to you anyway you half-insane BBC twerps! What you don't know is that Rupert Murdoch and NewsCorp are going to BUY UP THE BBC within the next 37 months, and by the way, Al'Qa'eda are the NEW GOOD GUYS On THE BLOCK.

SO, if you want something done to fix the EUROZOMBIES, just pay Al'Qa'eda ... don't resurrect Xombie News from 4  MONTHS ago to get people antagonised before they're out of bed. That's to FECK People's heads up so they have Nervous Breakdowns, eventually, due to the cumulative effect and end up losing their Job and finding themselves Screaming Blue-Murder in the JokeShop (Job-CentrePlus). OK?