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Title: What's up with JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES 'Apostates are Mentally Diseased' statement?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on August 06, 2012, 10:38:58 am

The official magazine for Jehovah's Witnesses has described those who leave the church as "mentally diseased", prompting an outcry from former members and insiders concerned about the shunning of those who question official doctrine.


An article published in July's edition of The Watchtower warns followers to stay clear of "false teachers" who are condemned as being "mentally diseased" apostates who should be avoided at all costs.

You also have to understand that the Biblical Defintion of 'mental disease' which is referred to in the Bible at 1 Timothy; 6:4, is probably not the same as the clinical definition of mental disease(s) as we know it today ...

If they found themselves in The High-Court under accusation of being illegally discriminatory or similar, then they'd just excuse themselves initially with quotes such as "The Biblical Definition of Mental Disease refers to a 'Spiritual State' of Mental Disorder". Or maybe they're not even that smart, and I can say for sure that they do expect to be persecuted, and sometimes float information into the public domain to see how resilient they are to condemnation ...

But as regards the courting of controversy. Firstly, you lot out there, in the greater society, are hardly the ones to be judging anyone else for 'Mental Illness', because I can guarantee you, it's not one of JW's number who will be breaking down your door with an axe. Or maybe you're one of those who have seen enough action movies, and read enough Daily Mail to know that such behaviour is indeed 'the new normal' and should be viewed as a hallmark of the 'socially-accountable & responsible'?!

Mental Illness is indeed on the rise and is the prolific hallmark of normality in this 'society' in which I find myself incarcerated. So, perhaps, it is no wonder that Religious groups might, which a touch of the sardonic criticism almost, want to reflect the message that anyone who, from their governing body point-of-view, wants to leave their organisation to seek a life 'out in the world', might very well be reasonably considered to be 'Stark-Staring & Raving Mad'.

I certainly find repeatedly as years pile-up for that to be the case, and I'm not even a JW!