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Title: The Fake-Arrest of The 'Raw Milk Salesman' - The very reason why we need Guns.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on July 27, 2012, 01:05:18 pm

Public vigil red alert:
Raw milk advocate James Stewart seized by armed bounty hunters driving unmarked vehicles with no plates

Mike Adams
Natural News
July 27, 2012

James Stewart, the 65-year-old raw “milk man” and founder of Rawesome Foods, was assaulted near his home today by three armed men driving unmarked luxury vehicles with no license plates. Carrying firearms on their hips and dressed in gangster-style street clothes, Satanic T-shirt imagery and tattoos, they claimed to be making an “arrest” and verbally assaulted James, forcing his head against a car and screaming, according to witnesses, “You better listen to me or you’re gonna have a bad f*ckin’ day!”

James Stewart’s cell phone was on the entire time, and a phone witness told NaturalNews the arrest was conducted “**** style.” Meanwhile, James was screaming to anyone who would listen, “HELP ME! HELP ME! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?”

A partial video of the incident was captured by a witness. That video link is here:

James was wanted on $130,000 in bail by Ventura County, which had originally put him on $1 million bail — an amount usually reserved for murderers, rapists or serial killers. James, accused of selling “unpasteurized milk” through Rawesome Foods, was made the target of an FDA-funded and politically motivated attempt to destroy the raw milk industry in California. He has been charged with financial crimes by Ventura County even though there is literally no legitimate evidence whatsoever linking James to any such crimes, and the entire case is already in the process of being unraveled.

In the Ventura case, there is no crime, no evidence, and not even any justifiable reason to arrest James and put him on bail in the first place! The entire thing was utterly fabricated as a publicity stunt to attempt to intimidate would-be raw milk producers.

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Satanic T-Shirt: Unmarked Plates, but did they carry guns? This is why the public need to be armed.
And this is why the public need to be tutored in the benefit of the right-to-bear-arms in self-defence, against illegal abduction, false-arrest by 'self-appointed' thugs and revenge on the truther's style-attacks.